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International conference: Masculinities and feminisms in the Arab-Muslim world

Created by Foundation's Team 1192 days ago" of so-called Arabo-Muslim masculinity. Is it really a crisis or an evolution of this kind of masculinity? Critical material discussing the role of women in the Arab world have always...

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International Women's Day: highlighting the role of women in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation

Created by Foundation's Team 1201 days ago

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day celebrated worldw...paign, under the title “Women, leaders of Euro-Mediterranea...sp;The postcards will feature women representatives of the countr...barriers that still exist for women to fully express their potent...

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Evidence and experience: Adolescent Girls'Education in the Generation Equality Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 1231 days ago

...To celebrate International Education Day, UN Women, France and Ireland are orga...tivists from around the world to highlight the role of education as a catalyst for...provide a space for adolescent girls and young women to share with experts and pro...

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ONLINE DEBATE - Women in a men's world: how gender defines the path to success

Created by Foundation's Team 1237 days ago

...termine societal responsibilities, roles and behaviours. In this cont...still an important social bias and women who aspire to have a career...tent to which gender interferes in women’s career development an...pecially cities and NGOs and their role in global governance. Elisa Ma...

Sana Afouaiz

Mediterranean Tech Women Week 2020

Created by Sana Afouaiz 1297 days ago

...opportunity of networking for women from both shores of the Medit...45h- Conference: Boosting the role of Mediterranean women in the...sector. 15.00h- 16.00h- The role of Women in the Mediterranean...h to 11.30h: Conference: Tech Women for Empowerment and Developme...

Maria Àngels Roque

UfM High-Level Conference, 16-20 November 2020 - Accelerating Gender Equality in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1319 days ago

...act of the COVID-19 crisis on women and girls and to highlight the key role played by women in needed to better value the role of women and foster women&rsqu...ere. Conference Themes: Women on the frontline of COVID-19...sectors and rural areas The role of youth in combatting gender...

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Covid-19 and Gender Justice: Feminists in MENA Defying Global Structural Failure

Created by Foundation's Team 1329 days ago

...arisation and securitisation of the virus; the role of the United Nations in conf...Salma Kahale, Dawlaty - Syria Randa Siniora, Women’s Center for Legal Aid...- Palestine Nada Nashaat, Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance - Eg...

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UfM Workshop:Tourism: Generating Jobs for Youth in the MENA Region

Created by Foundation's Team 1664 days ago

...urism. As tourism has an indispensable role in the creation of jobs for youth and women in the MENA region, the works...An entire session will be dedicated to Women in Tourism and will be create employment for youth and/or women, you provide a tourism servic...

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International Conference: More Women for More Peace

Created by Foundation's Team 1728 days ago

...the crucial and indispensable role of women in the establishment...ork of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (EMWF) wil...Syria), executive director of Women Now for Development, will focus on the role of women in the fight against...

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A dialogue on artistic expression and feminism with the winners of our illustration contest 'Drawing 4 Equality'

Created by Foundation's Team 1735 days ago

...who will speak about the important role of this organization to 4 Equality: Challenging gender roles on both sides of the Mediter...nd illustration to reflect current women’s issues and fight 4 Equality: Challenging gender roles on both sides of the Mediterr...