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Member in the Spotlight: Building Bridges Association

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...cial and legal empowerment of women. The association provides services and support to women's and children's victims of human rights'abuses. Furthermore, it Its target groups are: migrant and refugee women; women entrepreneurs; and men...


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International Women's Rights Day: Migrant and Refugee Women

Created by Susana Cereijo 1122 days ago

...ter of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation, will participate...erence on the occasion of the women's rights day, orgnized by Casa Turca Ba...he conference's theme will be migrant and refugee women, in order to highlight the difficult situation of women and girls in the humanitarian...


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From conflict to peace? Women's Voices: Recommendations on Preventing and Combating Violence against Refugee Women and Girls on the Move

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...dvocacy tools of the project #WomensVoices: Preventing and Combating Violence against Refugee Women and Girls on the Move, which wa...uropean Women’s Lobby (EWL),  Women Refugee Commission (WRC), and the European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW).The recommend...


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Booklet to accompany the exhibition ’Feminine Migrations. A century of stories in France’ / Livret d’accompagnement de l’exposition : Migrations au féminin. Un siècle d’histoires en France / كتيب مرافق لمعرض "هجرات نسائية. قرن من القصص في فرنسا"

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Génériques offers an illustrated booklet around the exhibition " Feminine Migrations. A century of stories in France "which deals with the place of these women in the national history. The exhibition focuses on the realities experienced by women who came to France from the...

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The Weakest Link: Migrant Labor in Domestic and QIZ Sectors in Jordan 2010 / Le maillon le plus faible : les travailleurs migrantsdans le secteur domestique et les zones industrielles à statut spécial en Jordanie en 2010 / الحلقة الأضعف: العمالة المهاجرة في القطاعات المحلية والمناطق الصناعية المؤ...

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The report addresses the status of both migrant domestic workers and migrant workers in Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ). These two groups are particularly vulnerable for legislative reasons, administrative practices and the actions of their employers. It introduces the legal framework governing ...

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Domestic Plight: How Jordanian Law, Officials, Employers, and Recruiters Fail Abused Migrant Domestic Workers / La difficile situation des domestiques: comment les lois, les fonctionnaires, les employeurs et les recruteurs jordaniens négligent les abus envers les travailleuses domestiques migrant...

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The report examines the gap between Jordanian laws concerning the rights of migrant workers, many of whom are women, and the protection measures actually adopted. This report, based on the research conducted in Jordan in 2009 and 2010, reflects the abuses endured by approximately 70,000 Indonesia...