Kassem Istanbouli

Tiro Association for Arts

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:05pm

...ion, Tiro Association for Arts has included gender equality and women’s rights amongst its core values. The...uch as: women’s freedom, their societal struggles, rape and nationality rights. They also produce films revo...

Samar Zughool

Sama Goods

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 3:39pm

Publications: 1.The Role of Women’s Rights Movements in Reforming Public Policies after the Arab Spring:...ties/ 3. The role of the Feminist Foreign Policy in supporting women’s rights movements in the South and No...


AWARE Services & Consulting

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 1:17pm

...t in all forms; • Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development; • Quality, Safety, Environment Management; • Economic rights, Labor law; • Gender, Diversity, Human Rights and the mechanisms for their...


Foundation's Team

Our Generation Equality: 7 thematic events within the framework of the Generation Equality Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 50 days ago

...ine a series of concrete actions to advance gender equality and women’s rights around the world. Our Gene...priorities: Gender-based violence (7 December) Justice and economic rights (14 December) Right to self-...

Mozn Hassan

Launching the campaign On Equal Basis

Created by Mozn Hassan 55 days ago pillars of Beijing’s work: violence against women, women human rights defenders and women in confli...s and introduces videos /clips for feminists, activists and women human rights defenders from our region to...


16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign in Morocco

Created by Samira MUHEYA 63 days ago

...scrimination against them. It is the result of the different forms of inequality that exist. It is one of the most widespread and persistent human rights violations in the world today...


Esther Fouchier

Online debate: Women of the Mediterranean, between violence and strategies for freedom

Created by Esther Fouchier 60 days ago

...he association Altafemina, the Information Centre on Women’s and Family Rights of the Provence-Alpes-Cô The objective of this debate is to discuss the progress of women’s rights around the Mediterranean at t...

Foundation's Team

DECIDES Europe: Final Conference on GBV

Created by Foundation's Team 80 days ago

...mplemented by Interarts and Trabe (Spain), Transcena (Romania) and Kvindemuseet i Danmark (Denmark). It is co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Pro...

Foundation's Team

European Gender Equality Week 2020 - October 26-29

Created by Foundation's Team 95 days ago

...ilestone provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the achievements and future challenges for the advancement of girls’ and women’s rights and gender equality. Therefor...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Croatia: Lobbying in support of women survivors of wartime sexual violence

Created by Foundation's Team 441 days ago

...   In 1992, a group of feminist anti-military women’s rights activists founded the Centre...ese efforts, along with unremitting lobbying from other women and human rights organization, culminated in t...

Foundation's Team

Imams, preachers and community leaders fighting GBV

Created by Foundation's Team 710 days ago

...e United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The project’s ultimate goal is to raise the community’s awareness on sexual and reproductive rights and health (RHR) as well as G...

Foundation's Team

AFIF: Literacy, Training and Employment for Women in Algeria

Created by Foundation's Team 1096 days ago

...conflict resolution, citizenship, the environment, and the family code. Most recently, the organisation has published a manual on prisoners’ rights and responsibilities. The AF...

Calls and opportunities

Susana Cereijo

Collage art contest: Collaging a Gender-Equal Future

Created by Susana Cereijo 43 days ago

...our work will be disseminated and highlighted in regional and international forums, conferences and meetings related to feminism and women’s rights. If you are one of the 3 fin...

Foundation's Team

Regional arts competition against Gender-based Violence

Created by Foundation's Team 90 days ago

...aign first aimed to draw attention to violence against women as a human rights violation at a time when such...lence against Women, while 10 December is International Human Rights Days and the anniversary...

Foundation's Team

Call for Legal Experts - Tunisia and Algeria

Created by Foundation's Team 132 days ago

...The African Legal Think Tank on Women’s Rights is looking for Two legal expe...the African Legal Think Tank on Women’s Rights obtained a grant from the Ass...the African Legal Think Tank on Women’s Rights will deliver a Comparative Ha...


Susana Cereijo

The Press and the Feminist Struggle in Morocco - Interview and Lecture videos with Fedwa Misk on 27.02.2019

Created by Susana Cereijo 73 days ago

...ccan journalist and women’s rights activist Fedwa Misk, who historical struggle for their rights since the middle of the last...or a democracy that provides more rights and justice for women. Howeve...uality but also not to lose those rights taken for granted. The event...

Foundation's Team

School for a Culture of Peace's report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding from a gender perspective

Created by Foundation's Team 144 days ago

...culture of peace, conflict analysis, prevention and transformation, peace education, disarmament and the promotion of human rights. Alert! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding (2020)...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 291 days ago

...Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR), EGYPT:   Se...quo; (French) Mobilising for Rights Associates (MRA), MOROCCO:&nb...tion Fund for Women’s Human Rights, Grants:  COVID-19 Crisi...h)  Feminist Alliance for Rights (FAR): Call for a Feminist...


Foundation's Team

Precarious work from a gender and intersectionality perspective, and ways to combat it

Created by Foundation's Team 21 days ago

This study, commissioned by theEuropean Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the FEMM Committee,...

Maria Alabdeh

The disproportionate impact of Covid 19 crisis on women and adolescent girls in middle Bekaa and Women Now for Development's response

Created by Maria Alabdeh 22 days ago

...lves between the hammer and the anvil, between fighting for their legal rights against constant threats of c...norms and exclusionary political forces, and the fight for their basic rights to life, safety, dignity and...

Foundation's Team

The Care Economy in the Arab States: Towards recognizing, reducing and redistributing unpaid care work - brief

Created by Foundation's Team 35 days ago

...l companion report to UN Women’s Progress of the World’s Women report on Families in a changing world: public action for women’s rights,” programme, which was...


Foundation's Team

Gender Justice and Equality before the law: Analysis of Progress and Challenges in the Arab States Region / Justice et égalité des sexes devant la loi : Analyse des progrès et des défis dans la région des États arabes / العدالة والمساواة بين الجنسين أمام القانون

Created by Foundation's Team 80 days ago

This report documents the progress achieved to realize the aspirations of the Muscat Declaration and analyzes the remaining challenges that States face in their ongoing efforts to make gender justice a reality for all. The report focuses on the laws and law enforcement practices that m...

Foundation's Team

Une étude sur les employeurs et employeuses des travailleurs et travailleuses domestiques migrant-e-s au Liban / دراسة عن موظِّفي العاملات/العمال المنزليين المهاجرين في لبنان / A study of the Employers of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon: Intertwined

Created by Foundation's Team 411 days ago

Cette étude se concentre sur le rôle critique des employeurs/employeuses dans le recrutement et la gestion de la relation de travail dans le cadre normatif actuel du Liban. Plus de 250 000 femmes migrantes sont employées par des ménages privés au Liban...

Foundation's Team

Crises de mariage: perspectives des femmes migrantes syriennes sur la guerre et le divorce / أزمات الزواج: وجهات نظر المهاجرات السوريات حول الحرب والطلاق / Marriage crises: Syrian migrant women's perspectives on war and divorce

Created by Foundation's Team 482 days ago

La guerre et les déplacements ont des effets durables sur les normes de genre dans les relations intimes. Cet article est basé sur une recherche sur les femmes et les couples migrants  syriens, examinant l’augmentation significative du nombre de divorces parmi l...