أحلام النصيري

Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED

Member since 9 April 2019 @ 1:27pm

...ulate recommendations for submission to the National Constituent Assembly. - Monitor the various elections that took place in Tunisia after the revolution, taking into account the gend...


The committee of vigilance for democracy in Tunisia (CDVT)

Member since 25 July 2017 @ 3:19pm was revoked in February 2017 thanks to the mobilization of civil society; Screening of the film "THALA my love" which describes the Tunisian revolution through the struggle of Tunis...




Created by MARIA JOSE MARTINEZ 489 days ago

...rently about an issue. It can be the route for change. "The greatest revolution in a country is the one that changes women and their way of life. You cannot have a revolution without women." (Oriana Falla...

Maria Alabdeh

10 Years Women Now

Created by Maria Alabdeh 533 days ago

...Ten years have passed since the establishment of Women Now for Development under exceptional circumstances following the start of the Syrian revolution. Throughout the years, the or...

Maria Alabdeh

16 Days of Activism: What is Violence to Me?

Created by Maria Alabdeh 856 days ago

...lgia, the violence of holding refugee status, the violence of displacement and forced migration, the violence of locations, the violence of post-revolution and mid-war relationships, th...


Foundation's Team

Mediterranean Tech Women Network Festival

Created by Foundation's Team 531 days ago

...elopment,” women now represent 33% of all scientific researchers. However, in the fields most important to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (engineering, computing, phys...

Leïla Tauil

Reflections on gender relations, from past to present, in the Mediterranean

Created by Leïla Tauil 1993 days ago

Are we at the time of a great anthropological revolution, of a major upheaval in gender relations? Are paternalism, machismo and sexism on the verge of giving up arms in Medit...

Maria Àngels Roque

Seminar Aula Mediterrània

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2239 days ago

...t research on various topics related to the Mediterranea region. Some of the topics related to this seminar are: "Women in Islam: a (spiritual) revolution?" "Revisiting forced marriage...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for Talents UN Women: Artivism for Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 1165 days ago

A single moment can spark a revolution, collective actions can transform societies and laws, an invention can alter the course of history, and creative expression can change a...

Foundation's Team

Call for Papers: Conference Women in Revolt (Univ. Paris 1, February 2021)

Created by Foundation's Team 1372 days ago

...research undertaken by Dream on revolts and revolutions, the conference seeks to clear that the figure of the revolted or revolutionary woman has more recently be...adical transformations of society, towards a revolutionary perspective that may not a...

Sana Afouaiz

Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program for Women during and after COVID19

Created by Sana Afouaiz 1443 days ago

...ring and after the CODIV19 crisis to escalate their engagement and participation in entrepreneurship and all aspects of the modern technological revolution. The impact of the program is...


Foundation's Team

Decolonising Women and Gender in Middle East Studies - podcast interview Nicola Pratt - ArabSouth

Created by Foundation's Team 1281 days ago

...use of feminist lenses to understand the history of Islam, the Arab world and the Middle East has enormously contributed to the post-orientalist revolution in the field. Feminist post-...

Foundation's Team

Combatting media disinformation about women: femfacts

Created by Foundation's Team 1791 days ago

#FemFacts is a project dedicated to track and debunk damaging misrepresentations of women in European news media. Media revolution has brought misleading content propaganda,...

Foundation's Team

League of Tunisian Women Voters

Created by Foundation's Team 3135 days ago

The League of Tunisian Women Voters is a feminist association founded in April 2011 following the revolution of January 14, 2011. This association is the offering of a meeting...


Foundation's Team

Women and Media: Libyan Female Journalists from Gaddafi Media to Post- revolution: Case Study

Created by Foundation's Team 2082 days ago

...tional media and how this status transformed from before to after the revolution of February 2011. This analys...e media. The regression of women’s conditions in the aftermath of the revolution confirms the thesis that the...

Foundation's Team

In the Core or on the Margin: Syrian Women's Political Participation

Created by Foundation's Team 2393 days ago

...atutory violence, political violence, sexual violence) and the first part of it discussed women’s political participation in the revolution and its revolutionary structures....

Foundation's Team

Religions politics and women

Created by Foundation's Team 2487 days ago

Some believe that the Iranian Islamic Revolution was simply aimed at sending women back to the home and tradition, but Chahla Chafiq explains in this interview that it was not...


Foundation's Team

The Women of the Midan : the female body as a site that shaped the revolutions in the Arab world from 2011 to this day / / Les Femmes de la place : comment le corps féminin a façonné les révolutions dans le monde arabe de 2011 à nos jourp

Created by Foundation's Team 1168 days ago

Association for Middle East Women’s Studies is co-sponsoring a book talk with Brown’s Center for Middle East Studies featuring AMEWS Book Award Honorable Mention Winner Sherine Hafez on March 5 at 12 pm EST: The Women of the Midan foregrounds the female body as a site f...

Foundation's Team

Call for Papers: Conference Women in Revolt (Univ. Paris 1, February 2021) / / Appel à Contributions: conférence Femmes revoltées (Univ. Paris 1, février 2021)

Created by Foundation's Team 1372 days ago

"Women in revolt. Mobilizations, pathways, imaginations – the Arab Mediterranean 1950-2020" Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Campus Condorcet/ Aubervilliers) 10-12 February 2021 The ERC Dream programme has launched a Call for Papers for a three-day conferen...

Foundation's Team

Gendering the Arab Spring / جندرة الربيع العربي / Gendériser le printemps arabe

Created by Foundation's Team 2128 days ago

The article discusses the gendered implications of recent political developments in the region. It argues that women and gender are key to both revolutionary and counterrevolutionary processes and developments and not marginal to them. It explores the significance of women’s invol...