Kholoud Faraj

Wojoud for Empowering Civil Society

Member since 15 December 2021 @ 4:10pm

...l Society Vision: Wojoud envisions a society in which women, children, and vulnerable sections of society are empowered and afforded all of the resources and opportunities they need i...

Gilles Barbier

Orbital Endowment Fund

Member since 17 December 2019 @ 5:24pm

...tal Fund breaks down its action into 3 programs: - Training: we suggest looking for the best program to acquire all the skills and give all the resources to implement a coherent entre...

نسرين صواف

The Egyptian Youth Council for Development

Member since 10 October 2018 @ 6:25pm

...hip and media. The Council also trained and prepared 523 young men and women on entrepreneurship, leadership skills, success factors and funding resources. It also trained 66 young men...


Foundation's Team

CLUSTER produces a Compilation of identified efficient practices aimed at tackling youth unemployment in 7 Mediterranean countries

Created by Foundation's Team 184 days ago

...bsp;RESMYLE and EGREJOB. The description of the good practices for all above-mentioned projects includes several elements such as resources needed, evidence of success,...

Ana Sofia Fernandes


Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 479 days ago

...De Viva Voz” project also encompasses the production of digital resources that articulate theoretical r...t newer generations and instigate debates on key societal issues. The resources’ versatility allows for...

Mohamed Zaari

The Zakoura Foundation celebrates 25 years of commitment to human development

Created by Mohamed Zaari 482 days ago

...p, empowerment, training and qualification social actors and decisive resources for improving learning will a...young people and women, and to support this dynamic, more than 7,130 resources have been trained. Website:...


Foundation's Team

20-21 July 2022 UfM-UNIDO Women Business Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 341 days ago

...and regional studies show that women in the MENA region face some of the highest levels of discrimination in accessing productive and financial resources. Behind this funding gender g...

Foundation's Team

Combating Violence Against Women and Girls: Human Dimension Seminar

Created by Foundation's Team 564 days ago

The Human Dimension Seminar is an opportunity to discuss the implementation of relevant OSCE commitments and international human rights standards to co...

Foundation's Team

UfM-EMUNI Webinar: Women in blue economy in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 626 days ago

...sought within improving structural barriers (incl. representation of women and decision-making); access to natural, financial and technological resources; improving capacity building;...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 604 days ago

...this affects Palestinian women and girls in particular, who are denied their right to a life free of violence. Tasharuk offers a wide range of resources, including films and document...

Foundation's Team

Promotion of sustainable water management among Bedouin women in Jordan

Created by Foundation's Team 1878 days ago

...Region, and it aimed at contributing to the conservation of the water resources of Qatrana through adoption o...h the objective “to contribute to the conservation of the water resources of Qatrana through adoption o...

Foundation's Team

Economic empowerment of rural women through access to resources and rights

Created by Foundation's Team 2931 days ago

...ty, illiteracy and unemployment (30% and 27%, respectively). As a result of the migration of men to towns, women began to exploit natural forest resources anarchically in order to ensu...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Senior Trainer, Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 613 days ago

...d delivery of a training course on “ Critical Thinking” for selected participants from the Mediterranean Region Develop a list of 5 resources on “Critical Thinking&r...

Maria Àngels Roque

Call for traineeships at the Gender Programme of the IEMed for the year 2022

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 620 days ago people with high education degrees in the following fields: Gender Equality in the Mediterranean; Euro-Mediterranean policies and EuroMeSCo; Resources, Euromed Survey and Yearbook;...

Foundation's Team

Team Leader on Communications at EIGE

Created by Foundation's Team 684 days ago

...obholder will contribute to producing engaging and innovative communications products, with an aim to make EIGE’s research, data and other resources well known and used by stakeh...


Foundation's Team

The Doria Feminist Fund seeks to create a feminist ecosystem in the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 592 days ago

...on has access to more and better funding and resources which enables the development...obilizes financial, political, and technical resources to give grants and offers clo...forced to stop their work due to the lack of resources. New feminist groups with fr...

Foundation's Team

Marsadnissa: An observatory of case law on women's rights in Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 731 days ago

...igation and the application of international human rights standards in domestic judicial decisions. You can heck their different activities and resources here: https://www.marsad...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

Promoting best practices in the state response to GBV in Morocco

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 775 days ago is critical that change be catalyzed at the grassroots level. The resources The International Center for...o reaching ever-growing numbers of the population. Check out the key resources issued from this initiative h...


Foundation's Team

The gendered impact of armed conflicts

Created by Foundation's Team 369 days ago

...nt of dedicated humanitarian, developmental, or peacekeeping/building resources that reach these fragile cont...that is essential to achieve gender equality within fragile contexts, resources must be appropriately mobilis...

Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 474 days ago

...ccess or control over various resources needed for production, including natural resources. In rural areas, where access...shaping the status of natural resources in the Arab region, in a special focus on natural resources: Goal 1, 2, 6,8, 10, 11, 12,...

Foundation's Team

Occupation, conflict and patriarchy: Impacts on Palestinian women

Created by Foundation's Team 600 days ago

...relations in Palestinian society, which determine specific vulnerabilities, limitations in the exercise of rights and inequalities in access to resources and opportunities due to ster...


Foundation's Team

Les expertes : elles existent, elles sont ici / / Women experts: They do exist

Created by Foundation's Team 787 days ago

Expertes Expertes est le premier annuaire gratuit, 100 % numérique, de toutes les femmes expertes françaises et francophones. Alors qu’en 2020, seulement 41 % des expert·e·s invité·e·s dans les médias français ont &ea...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 : Ressources, Initiatives, Campagnes, Pétitions, Appels à Projets et Contributions / كورونا (COVID-19) الموارد: الموارد والمبادرات والحملات والبيانات والمحتويات / COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 1144 days ago

 Nos Membres   Nazra for Feminist Studies, EGYPTE :     Déclaration pour la Journée Mondiale de la Santé 2020 et COVID-19 (anglais, arabe, français)    Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR), EGYP...

Foundation's Team

Women's role in protecting the environment in Lebanon: Focus on Tripoli / Le rôle des femmes dans la protection de l'environnement au Liban : Zoom sur Tripoli / دور المرأة في حماية البيئة في لبنان: عينٌ على طرابلس

Created by Foundation's Team 1483 days ago

This article focuses on women’s role and their involvement in the protection of the environment in the Caza of Tripoli, one of the six cazas that make up the governorate of North Lebanon. It is based mainly on a diagnosis produced by Donia for Sustainable Development Association, ...