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Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario For The MENA Region ?

Created by Foundation's Team 192 days ago

...gion. Blogs and social media became tools of resistance for marginalised people, such...using digital tools to foster solidarity and resistance. Online initiatives are multi...o; full report “Spaces of violence and resistance: women’s rights in the...

Esther Fouchier

Coeur de Femmes - 4 and 5 March 2020 in Marseille

Created by Esther Fouchier 642 days ago

...women in order to combat the inequalities that affect them and the difficulties they encounter, as well as activities to make their capacity for resistance clearly visible. Program&nbs...

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Human Rights Day: The FFEM's contribution to gender and development issues

Created by Foundation's Team 1080 days ago

...gainst Women (CEDAW). In addition, it was celebrated that the issue of sexual harassment is now sanctioned in several Arab countries through the resistance and resilience of women&rsquo...


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Gendered Resistance: Academia and Activism

Created by Foundation's Team 216 days ago

The Arab Council for Social Sciences organises a conference entitled "Gendered Resistance: Academia and Activism” It will take place on Monday, May 10, 2021 a...

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Conference by Soraya al-Kahlaoui on women's land rights in Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 230 days ago

...i holds a PhD in sociology. Her research interests revolve around the resistance of populations situated on th...Morocco. She focuses on analysing the practices of space conquest and resistance carried out by inhabitants fi...

Maria Àngels Roque

Cinema discussion: Women, art, resistance

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 285 days ago

March 8: Women, art, resistance In the framework of International Women’s Day, Espai Aviny&oa...e films, with the aim of discussing cultural imaginaries and forms of resistance with a gender approach....

Shared practices

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Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 65 days ago

...Tasharuk [tasháruk], "sharing" in Arabic, aims to be a space for encounter, awareness-raising and dissemination on gender, culture and resistance in Palestine, exposing the in...

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Croatia: Lobbying in support of women survivors of wartime sexual violence

Created by Foundation's Team 755 days ago

...erienced during the war and the peace time, in both private and public spheres. The initiative also aimed at reinforcing women´s organized resistance to promote the culture of non...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for Entries - Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia

Created by Foundation's Team 622 days ago

...2020 edition envisages a gender perspective: FORMS OF RESISTENCE - Collective, private and everyday forms of resistance Participate with films that feature resistance to Power in all its forms; th...

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Call for Proposals - Conference: The Body at Work : Gender, Labour, Migration

Created by Foundation's Team 629 days ago

...ered experiences of migration - Sex, work and sex work - Trafficking and the rescue industry - Mobility and the global economy - Dignity and resistance within exploitative labour co...

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Writing fellowships for Arab scholars and activists on Gendered resistance

Created by Foundation's Team 1241 days ago

...field and allied fields. Submitted writings and papers must focus on resistance from gender-centered perspect...tural and social violence and different forms of oppression, but also resistance to these forms: What const...


Ikrame Moucharik

What is feminist self-defense?

Created by Ikrame Moucharik 291 days ago strong men who can legitimately exercise their strength and vulnerable women. and victims. Feminist self-defence uses the body as a means of resistance to oppression, it leads women...

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Videos of the symposium Altérités et résistances à l'épreuve du genre en Méditerranée

Created by Foundation's Team 612 days ago

...f confrontation, repression, adaptation, violence, accommodation and even innovation expressed in emancipatory or, on the contrary, conservative resistance practices, and on the North-S...


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The Current Faces of Arab Feminisms. Micro-Rebels, Art Activists and Virtual Heroines

Created by Foundation's Team 88 days ago

...ues of publicand private gender-based violence, legal discrimination and human rights violations. Despite their creative, visible and effective resistance, feminists today, like previo...

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Illegal Migration of Algerian Women as an Act of Resistance: A Sociological Study of the Phenomenon of the Harragat

Created by Foundation's Team 769 days ago

...number of ways. In this context, this study views illegal migration (al–harga), which some Algerian women began to undertake as an act of resistance, as a novel form of feminist...

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Women's movement and challenge of democracy in Morocco : the case of abortion

Created by Foundation's Team 818 days ago

...feminist protesting movements ? Is it possible to talk about an agreement in feminist activism regarding abortion ? What types of strategies of resistance are being adopted by women an...


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The Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia, with a focus on resistance / / Le Festival du film arabe et méditerranéen de la Catalogne, avec un focus sur la résistance

Created by Foundation's Team 404 days ago

The Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia reaches its 14th edition to keep giving voice to Arab and Mediterranean cinema. It will take place between November 12-15, 2020 entirely online, adjusting its format to the restrictions tied to the Covid pandemic. The topic chos...

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Arab Women: Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary Discourse / Femmes arabes: discours révolutionnaire et post-révolutionnaire / المرأة العربية: الخطاب الثوري وما بعد الثوري

Created by Foundation's Team 1437 days ago

In this article, Abunasser evaluates Arab women’s cultural production in the context of nationalist and official state discourses, which produced new forms of governmentalities that emphasised domesticity and mothering as the critical roles of women – limited roles that plac...