Maria Alabdeh

Women Now for Development

Member since 4 February 2019 @ 11:47am

...with UNSCR 1325, whether as decision-makers or upon decision makers. RESEARCH AND ADVOCACY: Document and co...iences and testimonials, conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative research an analysis, and raise local...

زينب الغنيمي

Centre for Women's Legal Research &Counselling and Protection

Member since 10 July 2018 @ 10:48am

1- Research and studies program: The program aims to conduct researches and studies of legal aspect to contribute to the harmonization of national legislations to international standers of human righ...

Lebanese Association of Women Researchers Bahithat

The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers - Bahithat

Member since 11 June 2018 @ 2:45pm

LAWR produces a yearly volume “Bahithat”. It holds monthly meetings in each of which a research project is introduced and/or discussed. Work-days around chosen topics are held three or...


Fairouz Habache

WIBA participates at a business Roadshow for inclusive development in the region

Created by Fairouz Habache 75 days ago Development" organized by the Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research (CAWTAR) within the framework...Business Leaders "SEVE", the Algerian Observatory of Women (OAF), the Research Center for Applied Economics...

Elizabeth Sfeir

Call for participation in a survey on Women's leadership in the Middle East

Created by Elizabeth Sfeir 110 days ago

...Antonine, Lebanon) is currently working on a research article on ‘’Soci...has launched an online survey to endorse her research. This survey is intended for...remains anonymous and all feedback is highly research. To participate in the survey...

Foundation's Team

Policy dialogues on violence against girls in Guelma Province

Created by Foundation's Team 125 days ago, several NGOs and activists, lawyers, trade unionists, a university researcher and two young women’s.... Involving the university to launch thematic scientific and academic research. To promote equal opportun...


Foundation's Team

The UfM organizes a regional dialogue on women empowerment

Created by Foundation's Team 83 days ago

...lent extremism» which it had commissioned to Barcelona Centre for International Affairs - CIDOB and which aims at providing policy-relevant research, evidence-based findings and...

Helena González Fernández

Scientific debate on gender, feminist theory and emotions, soon in Barcelona!

Created by Helena González Fernández 98 days ago

The research Centre on Theory, Gender and Sexuality – ADHUC in Barcelona launched the program of its 4th scientific debate on gender, feminist theory, vulnerabi...

Helena González Fernández

IX Arendtian Spring International Lecture Cycle. Hannah Arendt on violence

Created by Helena González Fernández 98 days ago

..."Hannah Arendt, la política y la cuestión hebrea" (Hannah Arendt, politics and the Hebrew question). This activity is part of the research project "Vulnerabilidad en el...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Created by Foundation's Team 109 days ago are female, and only 28% of all of the today´s world´s researchers are women, according to UN...professional activity in different fields such as academia, business, research or management. Through this...

Foundation's Team

On the equality path

Created by Foundation's Team 959 days ago in Toulouse has conducted a very uplifting research on social and professional in...The first results of the participatory action research have shown that short time tr...even organized after the program. The action research results are at the writing st...

Foundation's Team

WIKIGENDER: Online collaborative platform

Created by Foundation's Team 962 days ago

...ves (ODD) especially ODD5.  Wikigender is open for both French and English speakers, in order to discuss about current problems of relevant research and emergent questions on wom...

Calls and opportunities

Hedia Bel Haj Youssef

Call for proposals: Contest against GBV in universities

Created by Hedia Bel Haj Youssef 84 days ago

The Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) is launching a contest in Tunisia and Morocco entitled: "Best innovative advocacy campaigns initiatives for fighti...

Noha El Khouly

The ECWR is looking for Fundraising and Marketing Officer in Cairo

Created by Noha El Khouly 98 days ago

...potential donors. Candidates must have the ability to support women’s human rights and to develop a fundraising & development strategy, research and solicit new donors, while...

Foundation's Team

Call for abstract for the conference Women and Gender Studies in the Middle East

Created by Foundation's Team 168 days ago

...tober 2019. The conference aims to engage with scholars from multiple locations in and outside the region, on the cutting-edge topics propelling research on gender and women’s s...


Foundation's Team

Combatting media disinformation about women: femfacts

Created by Foundation's Team 115 days ago

...information has a negative effect on women’s health and safety around Europe as well as on their rights. The aim of #FemFacts is to reveal, research, comment and debunk the sourc...

Foundation's Team

Lessening gender inequalities on Wikipedia: Les sans pagEs Méditerranée

Created by Foundation's Team 203 days ago

...ops (on style, sources, neutrality or language) and meetings about other Wikimedia projects (free collaborative multimedia databases), as well as research and impact analysis and all k...

Foundation's Team

Each year For Women in Science programme offers several prizes and scholarships

Created by Foundation's Team 215 days ago

...tives to encourage women’s researchers talent. According to than 30% of the world’s researchers are women. With the aim Science Awards rewards women researchers who contribute with their...h world region to continue their research careers. These young women wo...


Foundation's Team

Can Gender-Fair Language Reduce Gender Stereotyping and Discrimination?

Created by Foundation's Team 41 days ago

...applicant... he or she instead of the applicant... he). By integrating research on (1) language structures, (...ereotyping and discrimination. This review provides a basis for future research and for scientifically based...

Nsreen Amer

Assessment of the status of women in Libya between reality and law - Part 4

Created by Nsreen Amer 88 days ago

...This study assesses Libya’s compliance with legal norms on women’s rights and gender equality. It is a complex legal and factual research on Libya’s efforts to e...

Nsreen Amer

Assessment of the status of women in Libya between reality and law - Part 3

Created by Nsreen Amer 88 days ago

...This study assesses Libya’s compliance with legal norms on women’s rights and gender equality. It is a complex legal and factual research on Libya’s efforts to e...


Foundation's Team

Call for papers focusing on media representations of gender roles in Europe / Appel à articles: Les représentations genderisées dans les médias en Europe / دعوة لاقتراح مقالات حول التصورات التنميطية والجندرية في وسائل الإعلام في أوروبا

Created by Foundation's Team 47 days ago

The journal Social Studies launched a call for papers for its upcoming monothematic issue “Media representations and narratives of masculinities across Europe”. This special issues aims to bring together critical analysis focusing on media representations, discourses, narrat...

Emilie Vidal

Fès accueille un forum sur les féminismes islamiques / فاس تستضيف منتدى حول النسويات الإسلامية / Fez hosts a forum on Islamic Feminisms

Created by Emilie Vidal 110 days ago

Tout au long l’histoire les voix des femmes ont été silenciées, les féminismes islamiques modernes ont néanmoins pavé la voie à un puissant mouvement social qui revendique l’égalité femmes-hommes dans les lois fa...

Helena González Fernández

Pre-doctoral seminar on Catalan Women Writers in Contemporaneity / Séminaire pré-doctoral sur les écrivaines catalanes contemporaines / ندوة لبحوث الدكتوراه التمهيدية حول الكاتبات الكتلانيات المعاصرات

Created by Helena González Fernández 117 days ago

On June 13th, a pre-doctoral seminar on Catalan Women Writers at Contemporaneity will take place at the University of Barcelona. The seminar is coordinated by Helena González from the Research Centre on Theory, Gender and Sexuality (ADHUC–Centre de Recerca Teoria...