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How Hungary and Poland have silenced women and stifled human rights

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...n’s “black protest” – where women across the country went on strike and dressed in black to mourn the loss of their reproductive rights – one troubling questio...

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INTERNATIONAL CALL: For the recognition of sexual and reproductive rights as universal and inalienable and respect for the physical integrity of women

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In this manifesto, CLEF calls for all women to freely own their bodies and live in dignity and respect of their physical integrity, away from violence everywh...

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White paper: Rights on the Move – Rainbow Families in Europe

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...families, it questions different issues such as: their rights to family reunification under EU laws; parental rights; the recognition of a member...on of relationship and divorce, immigration, adoption, reproductive rights, children’s rights and...

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Women and Health: Todays’ Challenges

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The Women’s Rights Delegation at the French Senate published this report as part of the "bill to...ia. The report also addresses the consolidation of gains in sexual and reproductive health....

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Sexual and Reproductive Rights

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Women’s bodies have regularly been the central target of conservative and fundamentalist ideology and praxis. Alth...orms and legal frameworks, it is currently being determined more than ever by reprod...

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RECLAIMING & REDEFINDING RIGHTS: ICPD+20: Status of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Middle East and North Africa

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...d religious discourses still play a major role in holding back sexual rights for young people, especially women....maternal health, abortion, population policies, and contraception and reproductive cancers, in addition to...

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Shelter from the storm: A transformative agenda for women and girls in a crisis-prone world

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...s, such as: sexually transmitted diseases; child and forced marriage; Reproductive health problems; Sexual and G...eeds and vulnerabilities of girls and women, in order to ensure their rights. It gives recommendations for...

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The Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Undocumented Migrants: Narrowing the Gap between Their Rights and the Reality in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 1524 days ago

This study focuses on the sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) for undocumented migrants in the European Union. It high...legislation and policies that deny or limit access to sexual and reproductive health services on the...

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Women´s Watch 2012-2013

Created by Foundation's Team 1571 days ago

 This report offers a feminist overview of women’s rights and gender equality in Europe, both in p...onomic status, violence against women and women’s sexual and reproductive rights

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Hidden casualties: Sexual and reproductive health and rights and sexual violence in conflict

Created by Foundation's Team 1571 days ago focuses on the urgent need for sexual and reproductive healthcare services in these...sexual assaults. It emphasizes the need to a reproductive health information and humanitarian response and to fulfil human rights obligations.