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Guidelines on how to include the gender perspective in the analysis of migration narratives

Created by Foundation's Team 1113 days ago

How is gender involved in the migration process? What are the effects of migration on gender relations? And h...mework for the inclusion of a gender and intersectional perspectiv...idance on how to adopt a gender perspective when defining sam...

Foundation's Team

Women's Political Presence in the Arab Mediterranean Region: Governance, Contentious Politics, and Agency

Created by Foundation's Team 1350 days ago

...with the capacity to influence legislation, and the adoption of gender quotas and proportional representation electoral systems has...and emerging forms of governance. It highlights demands for new gendered social contracts, more resp...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality in Jordan: local perceptions and obstacles to political participation

Created by Foundation's Team 1354 days ago

...n Governorate" as leader of the local cluster of actors for gender equality© (third cycle) in Jorda...southern Jordan identified as one of the factors preventing gender equality in terms of political representation and highlights the po...

Foundation's Team

Protesting gender discrimination from within: women's political representation on behalf of Islamic parties

Created by Foundation's Team 1375 days ago

...ic party women in challenging the gender discriminatory attitudes and behaviou...ress women’s political underrepresentation in formal politics. Women&rsq...le: Mona Tajali (2017) Protesting gender discrimination from within: women’s political representation on behalf of Islamic...

Foundation's Team

Women's Political Representation in Egypt: the 2020 Senate Elections

Created by Foundation's Team 1420 days ago

...ies. Over the last two decades, the level of representation has remained either below 3%...m Giza", as the leader of a local cluster of gender equality actors © in Egy...provide an instrument for understanding the gender dimension within the electora...

Foundation's Team

Observatory of Gender Equality in Culture and Communication - 2019

Created by Foundation's Team 1945 days ago

In this report, the Observatory of gender equality in culture and communication presents data covering t...xt on which parity is based: legislation on civil service provisions, representation of women on the board...

Foundation's Team

Making innovation and technology work for women

Created by Foundation's Team 2182 days ago

...riers that contribute towards creating and sustaining the gender gap in innovation and technology, inc...vestment in innovations that meet the needs of women; the gender-blind approach to innovation; the under-representation of women as innovator...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality in Public Administration

Created by Foundation's Team 2221 days ago

Gender equality is both an essential development goal and a driver of human development. Achieving equitable representation of women, especially in decis...sents an analysis of barriers to the equitable representation o...

Foundation's Team

Strategy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (2018-2021)

Created by Foundation's Team 2309 days ago

...The present Strategy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women...Strategy seeks to ensure that gender equality and the empowerment...y 2021-to be workplaces where gender equality and the empowerment...environment and improving the representation of women at all level...

Foundation's Team

Feminism in morocco: between the local and the global

Created by Foundation's Team 2382 days ago

...wever, that now a supplementary question has been added - that of the representation and the political participati..., especially in rural areas, and discusses an alternative ideology of gender justice, which predates the 2...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Al Karam
Center for Women's Studies in Islam (CERFI)
Association of Women in Green Economy (AFEV)
Committee for the Follow-Up on women' s Issues (CFUWI)
Soumia Boutkhil
Moroccan Youth Association for Development AMDJ
Aman Society Centre for counseling, development and community health
Global Forum for Religions and Humanity (GFRH)
Réseau Algérien des Femmes d'Affaires (RAFA)
Aya Al Khawalda - Independent journalist
Thenextwomen tunisie
Women & Cinema
Mixité et Gouvernance en Méditerranée
Centre for Women's Legal Research &Counselling and Protection
Hassène Kassar
Fédération de la Ligue Démocratique des Droits des Femmes (FLDDF) de Ouarzazate
Amal Wazan for women football
League of Female Executives of the National Union of Tunisian Women
Jyhene Kebsi
Assemblée des Femmes Paris Ile-de-France
Yala Academy
Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle (HACA)
Urban Community of Marrakech
Association Karama of Arab Family (AKFA)
Inclusión, Ciudadanía, Diversidad y Educación
Association BALODIREN
Adina Mocanu
Mauritanian Council of Businesswomen – CMFA
Ntic et Citoyennete - Maurifemme
Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya
Future Foundation for Media and Culture
Association Tazghart
United Religions Initiative

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Shared practices

Egal’actu: A news platform about gender equality

The Egae group has launched egal’actu, a news online platform about the equality between women and men. The main goal is...

Inviting children with their mothers for breakfast to raise awareness among mothers

In 2011, it was nearly impossible to mobilize women in rural areas, especially with  the absence of a meeting place for...

Support for women's empowerment in the North-East of Morocco

The project aims at the emancipation of women living in the rural environment in the province of Berkane. To strengthen the...

Manarat : Stories of inspiring women from the Middle East and North Africa

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, Oxfam Great Britain’s Regional Gender Justice Programme is launching...

Educational exhibition 'Women-men equality in the work place'

This new educational exhibition for the general public is meant to raise awareness and combat sexist stereotypes in professional...

How to report a harassment, simplified guide to fight sexual harassment in Egypt

In the recent years, the magnitude of sexual violence in Egypt increased significantly, especially following the 2011 popular...

Transnational Campaigning - European Women's Lobby 5050 campaign across Europe

The 5050 campaign, which was launched in 2012, is one of the most successful practices among the projects organized together with...

Transformative Political Identities for Gender Equality-LANA

LANA project aims to increase women’s participation in decision making within the private and public sphere. LANA approach...

Video contest to recognize women's contribution to the blue economy!

“One in every two seafood workers is a woman, yet women are over-represented in lowest paid and lowest valued positions,...

Valuation of our intangible heritage, the rose fragrance, as a tool to combat discrimination against women in the valleys of Dadès and Mgoun.

This successful practice aims to accompany women to integrate themselves to local economic activities, particularly in the area...