Alia Arasoughly


Member since 20 June 2022 @ 2:00pm

...and operation, Shashat has created a meaningful presence in marginalized areas with its films s a centerpiece throughout villages, towns, cities, refugee camps, Bedouin communities an...

Sumeyye Koman

Kadın ve Demokrasi Derneği - KADEM - Women and Democracy Association

Member since 15 December 2021 @ 4:00pm

KADEM mainly focuses on women’s empowerment, gender-based violence, refugee women and women’s participation in politics. We conduct projects, provide trainings, organize workshops and...


Humanity Diaspo

Member since 23 May 2019 @ 6:15pm

The organization supports a project in Morocco. It is a local structure that supports migrant, refugee and Moroccan women in vulnerable situations, without any distinction with the me...


Maria Alabdeh

16 Days of Activism: What is Violence to Me?

Created by Maria Alabdeh 917 days ago

...ferent types of violence in the context of war, displacement, and other issues. This includes: the violence of nostalgia, the violence of holding refugee status, the violence of displ...

Rabha Fathi

AEFL starts events of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign

Created by Rabha Fathi 939 days ago Learning and Results" organized by Child Protection Hub to show the findings of the research "Understanding girl-child marriage amongst Syrian refugee communities in Jordan and Leb...

Foundation's Team

Let's name March 8 every day and everywhere!

Created by Foundation's Team 1491 days ago

...icipalities and elected positions, and has contributed to generate critical material seeking to promote gender equality. Muhreiz works to involve refugee women in the initiatives of t...


Foundation's Team

Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Girls

Created by Foundation's Team 952 days ago

...his includes women with disabilities, women deprived of their liberty, women from minority backgrounds, such as Roma and Sinti women, migrant and refugee women or women affected by co...

Foundation's Team

Combating Violence Against Women and Girls: Human Dimension Seminar

Created by Foundation's Team 958 days ago

...n from minority backgrounds, such as Roma and Sinti women, migrant and refugee women or women affected by co...against women belonging to vulnerable groups, in particular migrants, refugees and displaced people, and pe...

Foundation's Team

Celebrating CEDAW: Demystifying International Bill of Women's rights for Young Migrant Women

Created by Foundation's Team 1104 days ago

...form Women Forward International, developed a toolkit intended to demystify the CEDAW for one of the most disadvantaged groups, young migrant and refugee women and girls, and guide pr...

Shared practices

Stefania Di Campli

Video capsules - wee.can! women's economic empowerment

Created by Stefania Di Campli 1300 days ago

The project Wee.Can implemented by M.A.I.S. NGO aims to promote the social and economic empowerment of Syrian refugee women and vulnerable women in host communities in Egypt...

Foundation's Team

Social Change through Women's Cinema

Created by Foundation's Team 3268 days ago

...ter of Culture and dignitaries to promote the films and the filmmakers; 4. A touring national screening and a discussion program in universities, refugee camps, cities, villages and t...

Foundation's Team

Partnership, advice, support and training services in domestic abuse and harmful practices

Created by Foundation's Team 3268 days ago

...harmful practices, such as forced marriage, honour based violence and Female Genital Mutilation, within BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee) communities. The main aspect...

Calls and opportunities

Maria Àngels Roque

Volunteering opportunity in Brussels with the European Network of Migrant Women

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2169 days ago

...unity consists in supporting the ENoMW’s Brussels office in project and administrative tasks. Priority among applicants will be given to migrant, refugee and ethnic minority women....


Foundation's Team

Support and Resources for Women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1336 days ago

During summer 2020, the Arab Institute for Women has put together a list of women/LGBT/queer/refugee/migrant-led and -focused initiatives and contents in Lebanon for interes...

Foundation's Team

From where I stand...

Created by Foundation's Team 2386 days ago

...groecology in Morocco. She was awarded 1st prize at the Terre de Femmes Maroc ceremony in 2016. Zaad Al-khair, 17, is a Syrian refugee living in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, home to appro...

Foundation's Team

Najdeh Association

Created by Foundation's Team 3196 days ago

...l norms - Promote human rights values ​​and practices for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. - Contribute to...vides direct and indirect services through 29 centers in 9 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and in 6 oth...


Foundation's Team

Youth, Women and Employment in the Mediterranean Region: Continuity and Change

Created by Foundation's Team 657 days ago

...refore shed light on how Euro-Mediterranean cooperation adapts itself and reacts to shocks such as the 2008 economic crisis, the Arab Spring, the refugee crisis and, most recently, th...

Foundation's Team

Sahrawi refugee camps and Sahrawi refugee women: a unique phenomenon in North Africa

Created by Foundation's Team 776 days ago

...roduction to the Sahrawi conflict, the author of the report on Sahrawi refugee camps, Inès Daoudi, fo...e political will to integrate these women and their empowerment in the refugee camps. In the end, she offer...

Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 868 days ago

...rst responsible for ensuring livelihoods within hosting communities or refugee camps. Under failed states, for enhancing resilience of internally displaced people and refugees need to be explored at the l...


Foundation's Team

Reaching Refugee Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Evaluation of a Mobile Approach to Service Delivery in Lebanon / / Atteindre les réfugiés survivants de violence sexiste : Évaluation d'une approche mobile de la prestation de services au Liban

Created by Foundation's Team 1149 days ago

In October 2014, the International Rescue Committee (IRC)’s Women’s Protection and Empowerment Lebanon program began implementing an innovative mobile approach to gender-based violence response and mitigation service delivery in Akkar district. The IRC’s approach aims ...

Foundation's Team

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices form Beirut / / Adolescentes en crise : des voix de Beyrouth

Created by Foundation's Team 1345 days ago

Within the urban refugee communities of Lebanon, hosting the largest number of refugees per capita in the world, adolescent girls are impacted by the surrounding crisis in ways that are not only different from adolescent boys and women, but also are often overlooked. This report explore...

Foundation's Team

Women and the Industry of Peace in Lebanon / Les femmes et l'industrie de la paix au Liban / المرأة وصناعة السلام في لبنان

Created by Foundation's Team 1701 days ago

This supplement presents national and international perspectives to better understand the work of women in peace building in Lebanon: their missions, struggles, sacrifices, hopes and aspirations. It also showcases—through the lives of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian women peace b...