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Women's role in protecting the environment in Lebanon: Focus on Tripoli

Created by Foundation's Team 1194 days ago

...mainly on a diagnosis produced by Donia for Sustainable Development Association, which met with ministries, members of municipal councils, El Fajr radio and students from the Faculty...

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The role of Egyptian radio stations in supporting women's small projects

Created by Foundation's Team 1500 days ago

...s study is to monitor the interest of Egyptian radio stations in women’s sma...activities, and the support they receive from radio stations that are considered...The study also examines the media content that radio stations employ to encourage...

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Women's Representation on Television and Radio - 2017 Report

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...n the representation of women and men in the programs of television and radio channels in France. Presented...s taken by the CSA to monitor the actions implemented by television and radio stations in favor of a fair r...

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Training manual for trainers of Gender in the Media

Created by Foundation's Team 1793 days ago

...edia and Development Association (TAM) in Palestine put together this toolkit which consists of various tools and materials such as films, videos, radio and photographic materials, a...

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Radio morning shows 2015: Who is missing?

Created by Foundation's Team 1865 days ago

In 2015, the Ina analyzed morning broadcasts of French principal radio stations for the year of 2014. The study compares the structure of the grids of the channels, accordi...

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Women’s image in the media

Created by Foundation's Team 1906 days ago

According to the report, despite progress, women are often "invisible" or "secondary" in many French media (radio, television, press, internet). The report highlights the e...

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Where are the women?

Created by Foundation's Team 2082 days ago

...ns, and professionals on the under-representation of women in the operas, the theatres, and well as in the audio-visual sector  (i.e. cinema, radio and television). It also cont...

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Where are the Women? A Practical Guide for Media Professionals Covering the Political Transitions in the Arab World

Created by Foundation's Team 2500 days ago

...series of questions to verify whether women's concerns have been taken into account. Each of these lists is preceded by suggestions for articles, radio and television debate program...

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Who Makes the News? The Global Media Monitoring Project 2010

Created by Foundation's Team 2625 days ago

...(GMMP) has documented the trends in women' s and men' s portrayal in the news media. Since the 4th GMMP, on 10 November 2009, 1281 newspapers and radio and television stations have...

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Portrayal of Women in the Media

Created by Foundation's Team 2632 days ago

...led by the media does not correspond to the actual place of women in society. Along with the analysis and responsibility of the media (television, radio, press), it examines three fu...