Maria Àngels Roque

Art and feminism together: 10 illustrators that you should know

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1872 days ago

...cs such as women’s body image, LGTBI and queer relationships, new family mod...rt goes hand in hand with social and political activism: she intends to shed light...ty. With a strong influence of the female and queer alternative movements, she has w...


Maria Àngels Roque

Conference on queer activism, intersectional feminism and national struggles in Palestine

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1098 days ago who dedicates her work and activism to the cause of Palestinian queer women and to promoting a grea...causes. Through her work and activism, Ghadir endeavours to make th...le and to unite the feminist, queer and Palestine liberation movemen...

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Feminist Anti-Racist Activisms: Intersections of Feminist and Anti-Racist Activisms in the MENA

Created by Foundation's Team 1108 days ago

...his webinar will explore the intersections of feminist and anti-racist activism in the Middle East and Nor...thing has changed recently? How do younger generations of feminist and queer activists approach racism? How h...

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Call for Papers - Gender Studies Conference 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 1429 days ago feminist research, art as feminist activism Creative methods for research, activism and change with young peop...cs of Futures Feminist, trans and queer perspectives on environmental the Name Women’s Rights Queering the future for law? Recl...