Aicha Ayari

Actions in the Mediterranean - AIM

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...because we are talking about promoting access to women in the political sphere as is the case for men. We do this with the help of women whose path and / or public / political / activist / citi...


Mozn Hassan

Launching the campaign Their Journey: Why We Became Feminists

Created by Mozn Hassan 548 days ago

...n documenting the journey of young feminists from the personal to the public sphere and their awareness developme...roughout the years. The documentation will be based on Nazra’s publication "Why We Became Feminists...

Ana Sofia Fernandes

Portuguese Platform for Women's Rights (PpDM) presents Council of Europe's initiative to prevent and combat sexism

Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 581 days ago

...zenship and Gender Equality (CIG) public body, dependent on the Presid...cil of Ministers, responsible for public policies for equality between...ccurring in the public or private sphere". It also establishes the rel...of that Recommendation, promoting public debate on the prevalence of s...

Mozn Hassan

Mozn Hassan Receives the Hrant Dink Award 2020

Created by Mozn Hassan 617 days ago for attacking Turkish values since he was publicly showing support for Armenia...mbating sexual violence against women in the public sphere and provision of various supp...squo;s right to participate in the political sphere and guaranteeing the inclusio...


Foundation's Team

Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Girls

Created by Foundation's Team 192 days ago

...ring violence in a domestic setting, women experience violence in the public sphere, preventing their meaningful participation in political and public life, as well as in the secur...

Foundation's Team

Combating Violence Against Women and Girls: Human Dimension Seminar

Created by Foundation's Team 198 days ago

...ic setting, women experience violence in the public sphere, preventing their meaningful participation in political and public life, as well as in the secur...bsp; Violence against women in political and public life; -   &nb...

Maria Àngels Roque

Female management to be discussed by Gender Diversity and Governance Network

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1313 days ago

...about the management of women and the skills of women leaders in the public sphere. The opening session will wel...adership. Some of the sessions are closed and others are open to the public. For more information, visit...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Transformative Political Identities for Gender Equality-LANA

Created by Foundation's Team 2060 days ago

LANA project aims to increase women’s participation in decision making within the private and public sphere. LANA approach reflects a move from individual to collective action, wh...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for Proposals: Promoting Women's Productive Participation in Jordan

Created by Foundation's Team 416 days ago

...;Promoting Women’s Productive Participation in the Public Sphere – Triple P (Productive, Participation, Public)” UN Women in Jordan&nb...rting on women and work and on GBV in the socio-economic spheres. The project will work with...

Foundation's Team

Call for Entries - Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia

Created by Foundation's Team 795 days ago through tenacity and perseverance face up to the forces that suck our blood, poison the earth or want us to shut up and submit, both in the public sphere and in the privacy of close c...


Foundation's Team

Request a Woman Scientist: a platform to amplify women's voices in the public sphere

Created by Foundation's Team 942 days ago

Even though women are a huge part of the scientific community and make up have been historically low or entirely absent in public spaces. These imbalances ulti...l in science; increases scientific literacy through public...

Foundation's Team

Poland: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Gender Equality Department

Created by Foundation's Team 2567 days ago

...The Gender Equality Department works on raising awareness in terms of gender equality, particularly in the labour market but also in the public sphere. Poland actively addresses th...


Foundation's Team

A phone of my own. Gender, religion and technology

Created by Foundation's Team 401 days ago from different origins and different religions, which was complemented with six in-depth interviews. Women’s empowerment in the public sphere and their resulting visibilit...

Maria Alabdeh

The disproportionate impact of Covid 19 crisis on women and adolescent girls in middle Bekaa and Women Now for Development's response

Created by Maria Alabdeh 508 days ago

...realities. Shortly after many women overcame hardships and joined the public sphere with new gender roles, they were forced back into the private sphere, confined with no adequate su...

Foundation's Team

Writing the history of Muslim women in south-eastern Europe. Voluntary organization archives and trajectories of engagement in Bosnia in the first half of the twentieth century

Created by Foundation's Team 540 days ago

...scrutiny is Yugoslavia, and more precisely Bosnia-Herzegovina, where public archives hold almost no ego-d...aluable tool for the history of women and their relationship with the public sphere. In doing so, the article wil...


Foundation's Team

La participation des femmes à la vie publique et politique en Tunisie au niveau local / مشاركة المرأة في الحياة العامة والسياسية في تونس على المستوى المحلي / Women's participation in public and political life in Tunisia at the local level

Created by Foundation's Team 1240 days ago

Il existe encore à l’échelle mondiale une sous-représentation structurelle des femmes dans le champ politique traditionnel, y compris dans les postes à responsabilité. En Tunisie, malgré un engagement de longue date des femmes au sein de m...

Foundation's Team

Enhancing Women's Participation in Turkey through Digital Storytelling / Renforcer la participation des femmes en Turquie grâce à la narration numérique / تعزيز مشاركة المرأة في تركيا من خلال القصص الرقمية

Created by Foundation's Team 1282 days ago

This paper explores the process of introducing Digital Storytelling (DST) workshop practice to Turkey through a project called “Digital Stories from Amargi Women”, which was part of the author’s Ph.D. research in the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University o...