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Opening of the Generation Equality Forum: 100 feminist associations call for mobilisation for the universal rights of women

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...rsity. Solemnly alert the President of the Republic, the States, institutions and...r Women’s Rights (PPDM) INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC UTILITY FEMINIST ORGANIZATION...H FEMINIST ASSOCIATIONS Adequations, Modern Administration, Association of Women Graduat...

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The Gender Diversity and Governance Network recognized as an actor of change

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1479 days ago

...women and the skills of women leaders in the public sphere. The meeting, which w...aboration with the French National School of administration (ENA). The event account in the future, such as discussing public policies themes at regional and natio...

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A seminar on gender diversity and governance for more equality in the public service

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...professional equality in the public sector? What is the impact of gender parity in the public action? Between the 14th ...s the role of women in public administration and the importance of gender diversity in public decision-making processes. It...


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Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of Administration Moderne!

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1474 days ago

...n 1998 and with 150 members, "Administration Moderne" (Modern Administration) is a French intermin...he Minister of the action and public accounts, and the women’s networks of the administration. Administration Moderne is...n makes proposals to national public decision-makers regarding the moderni...

Aswat Nissa

Study on the place of gender in the security sector reform in Tunisia

Created by Aswat Nissa 1508 days ago

...rogram”, Aswat Nissa, who advocates for gender mainstreaming in public policies, organized a confere...nference, along with recommendations for legislators and the security administration. The purpose of this event wa...

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UN Women meeting on women's access to leadership positions

Created by Foundation's Team 1628 days ago

...n the representation of women in public sector positions in Morocco,...event to the 2018 United Nations Public Service Forum (21-23 June)....roccan Ministry of Reform of the Administration and Public Service, a...he 2018 United Nations Forum for Public Service. More information on the prog...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for Papers “Women, Religions and Gender Relations” (9-11 November 2016, Turin, Italy)

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 2306 days ago

...he following themes: • The (often ambivalent) role of women in the administration of the sacred • Female religious agency • The relationship between body and (public and private) space, not forgetting th...


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European Gender Statistics Database on decision-making

Created by Foundation's Team 789 days ago

...Herzegovina and Kosovo) and the remaining three EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). The domains covered include: politics; public administration; judiciary; business and fina...

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Romania: Ministry of Labour, Family Affairs, Social Protection and Senior Citizens. Department for Equal Gender Opportunities

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...toring the application of equal opportunities in the different sectoral policies of the ministries, as well as gender mainstreaming in the public administration policies and programmes....


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Place of Women Employees in Public Administration Positions in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 1439 days ago and challenges of women’s access to decision-making positions in public administration in the MENA region. I...cific characteristics of women’s access to governance bodies in the Public Service of the four target countries,...

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Place of women civil servants in positions of responsibility in public administration in Morocco

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Ce présent rapport mesure l’ampleur des inégalités entre les sexes dans l’administration publique marocaine en g&eacut...

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Gender Equality in Public Administration

Created by Foundation's Team 1619 days ago

...onal data and presents an analysis of barriers to the equitable representation of women and their presence in decision-making positions in public administration. It also highlights examples...


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Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Public Administration - Morocco Case Study / Egalité des sexes et autonomisation des femmes dans l'administration publique -Etude de cas sur le Maroc / المساواة بين الجنسين وتمكين المرأة في الإدارة العامة - المغرب كدراسة حالة

Created by Foundation's Team 1644 days ago

The main objective of this study is to determine the position of Moroccan women in public administration, particularly in positions of responsibility. It also examines the factors that promote or serve the representation of women. Morocco is one of three countries in the UNDP Arab Stat...

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Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Public Administration - Romania case study / Égalité femmes-hommes et autonomisation des femmes dans l'administration publique - Roumanie comme étude de cas / المساواة بين الجنسين وتمكين المرأة في الإدارة العامة - دراسة حالة رومانيا

Created by Foundation's Team 1668 days ago

This study was conducted within the framework of UNDP Global Initiative on Gender Equality in Public Administration (GEPA) which focuses on (i) Supporting women’s empowerment and expanded participation and leadership in the executive branch of the state; and (ii) Contributing to t...

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Gender Equality and Women's Employment in Public Administration - Jordan case study / Égalité entre les sexes et emploi des femmes dans l'administration publique - Étude de cas sur la Jordanie / المساواة الجندرية و توظيف النساء في قطاع الإدارة العامة – دراسة حالة الأردن

Created by Foundation's Team 1794 days ago

The report is based on a combination of desk review and interviews with key informants and focus groups in Jordan. The selection of interviewees and participants of focus groups from certain ministries and public departments was on a sampling basis in order to fill the significant gap i...