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'The Human Right to Privacy: A Gender Perspective', February 2019. This r...part of the work of the Thematic Taskforce on 'Privacy and Personality' established...ited Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy. The full report is at Annexe...


Ramon Vila

The Complex Relationship Between the Telecomm Sector and Gender Equality

Created by Ramon Vila 907 days ago

...Next Element. Attendees could discover everything from automated cars, virtual reality, and ingenious app ideas, to 3D printing capabilities and privacy protection. But as the teleco...


Dr Elizabeth Coombs

The Human Right to Privacy: A Gender Perspective

Created by Dr Elizabeth Coombs 110 days ago

...arising in the digital era from the perspective of the human right to privacy, and their impacts on women,...of the Human Rights Council by the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy. The full ’Privacy and...

Foundation's Team

I protect my privacy online - digital guide

Created by Foundation's Team 242 days ago

In order to enable women to protect themselves from cyber-violence, the Hubertine Auclert Center has launched this guide which provides simple and handy advic...

Foundation's Team

Women's sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 619 days ago health and rights. It provides examples of shortcomings that European states must address in particular as regards the rights to life, health, privacy, non-discrimination as well a...


Dr Elizabeth Coombs

Le droit humain à la vie privée: une perspective de genre / حق الإنسان في الخصوصية: منظور جندري / The Human Right to Privacy: A Gender Perspective

Created by Dr Elizabeth Coombs 110 days ago

Le rapport aborde les questions de genre soulevées à l’ère numérique du point de vue du droit humain à la vie privée, et leurs impacts sur les femmes, les hommes et les individus de diverses orientations sexuelles, identités et expr...