Foundation's Team

The Moroccan women's movement / تجربة الحركة النسائية المغربية / Le Mouvement féminin marocain

Created by Foundation's Team 2037 days ago

This research report sheds light on the emergence process of the components of the women’s movement in Morocco and its reasons that can interpreted by the awareness of the women’s elite of the deep contradiction between the progress achieved in education and the integration in the produ...

Halouani Bechira

Call for an advocacy campaign to ensure that municipal elections comply with the new constitution / Appel au plaidoyer pour que les élections municipales soient conformes à la nouvelle constitution! / دعوة للمناصرة من أجل توافق الإنتخابات البلدية مع الدستور الجديد !

Created by Halouani Bechira 2090 days ago

In the framework of the advocacy campaign ‘Women should hold half of the municipal council’s seats!’ which is leading Mouwatinet Association (Sfax, Tunisia) in favor of women’s political participation in local governance. The initiative is part of the CSO WI...

Foundation's Team

Politics of gender in transition : an analysis of changes in the area of gender politics in Tunisia during the democratization process (2011-2014) / السياسات الجندرية في المراحل الانتقالية: تحليل للتغيرات التي طرأت على السياسات الجندرية / La politique du genre en transition : une analyse des tran...

Created by Foundation's Team 2204 days ago

In this article, Eva Schmidt, a PhD Candidate at the Social and Political Science faculty of Freie Universität Berlin and Associate at IRMC, presents her research project where she analyzes how gender policies changed within the political transition in Tunisia. She analyzes these i...

Foundation's Team

In Their Own Words Features of the Struggle of Women Human Rights Defenders in Egypt / Avec leurs propres mots : la lutte des femmes œuvrant pour les Droits humains en Égypte / بكلماتهن. جوانب من نضال المدافعات عن حقوق الإنسان في مصر

Created by Foundation's Team 2232 days ago

This report highlights the struggle of women human rights´ defenders in Egypt, after the revolution of 2011. It features a few examples of Egyptian women with different backgrounds, explaining their experiences, and reasons behind their involvement in the public sphere, and the Human Rights...

Foundation's Team

Equality and the Economy: Why the Arab World Should Employ More Women / Égalité et économie : pourquoi le monde arabe devrait employer plus de femmes / المساواة و الإقتصاد: لماذا يجب على العالم العربي توظيف المزيد من النساء

Created by Foundation's Team 2283 days ago

Although the MENA region has achieved a lot of progress in the field of women´s education, a huge gender gap still persists in the field of women´s economic participation, and access to employment. This briefing argues that introducing diversity through gender parity will benefit econ...

Foundation's Team

In Egypt, we remove the veil / En Egypte, le voile se lève / في مصر, تخلع النساء الحجاب

Created by Foundation's Team 2305 days ago

Despite the repressive climate placed by the regime of Al-Sissi un Egypt, the fever for change, which was evident 5 years ago at Tahrir square, has not disappeared, particularly among young Egyptians women whose number is growing and who are longing for the emancipation. These young women are eq...

Foundation's Team

Women in Emerging Syrian Media- 2011-2016 / Les femmes dans les médias émergents de Syrie / النساء في وسائل الإعلام الناشئة 2011-2016

Created by Foundation's Team 2317 days ago

After the Syrian uprising, different types of media emerged, basically as an alternative to the state´s media.This report addresses the issue of gender equality in Emerging Syrian Media (ESM) and investigates whether the dominant discourse and social practice exacerbate existing levels of i...

Foundation's Team

Five Years after the Arab Spring: What's Next for Women in the MENA Region? / Cinq ans après le printemps arabe : quelles nouveautés pour les femmes de la région MENA ? / خمس سنوات بعد الربيع العربي: ما هي الخطوة التالية للمرأة في منطقة الشرق الأوسط؟

Created by Foundation's Team 2351 days ago

This report was prepared on the occasion of the International Women´s Day for the year 2016, by the Wilson Center. It gathers the opinions and aspirations of different women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the United States. Covering a wide geographic region, and wide ...

Foundation's Team

Women´s Political Participation in Egypt (Their voting patterns after the revolution of January 25, 2011) / : La participation des femmes en Égypte (leur modèle de vote depuis la révolution du 25 janvier 2011) / المشاركة السياسية للنساء في مصر(أنماط تصويتهن في المرحلة اللاحقة على ثورة 25 يناير 20...

Created by Foundation's Team 2422 days ago

This study focuses on the political participation of women as voters, it aims at identifying the change in the participation of women in political life, the obstacles they face, and the reasons for their participation or not in the voting process. The study was carried out through field research ...

Foundation's Team

Between Art and Activism: Egyptian Women and the Revolution / Entre art et activisme : les femmes égyptiennes et la révolution / بين الفن و النشاط: المرأة المصرية و الثورة

Created by Foundation's Team 2428 days ago

After the revolution of 2011 in Egypt, many Egyptian feminist groups, movements, and NGOs consolidated their efforts in order to promote women’s rights. This paper sheds light on the role of Egyptian women artists, through analysing the cultural production of some of the activists who parti...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Women's Center AlThouri Silwan
Association Marocaine des Femmes Progressistes (AMFP)
Mouwatinet Association
League of Female Executives of the National Union of Tunisian Women
Egyptian Center for Women'  s Rights (ECWR)
Business Women Forum-Palestine (BWF)
Women Helping Women Network-Jordan
Jordanian Journalist Association
Association Anaouat pour la femme et l'enfant
University of Naples  L'Orientale
Women Media and Development (TAM)
The Libyan Network to Support and Empower Women
Mohammed V University- Agdal Rabat
Development Association of South Gafsa -  DGSC
Service for Women's Rights and Gender Equality (SDFE)
Center for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue
Cyprus University
Al-Thoria Studies Center
Almidan Association for Development and Human Rights
Sama Goods
La Presse
Women in Business of Algeria
Journalists Without Borders (JWB)
ISIS Center for Women and Development
Development Association ‘Rawafed’
Mor Masa Ritüeli
NGOs Today
Community Development and Caring Children with Special Needs Association (SCDA)
Association Karama of Arab Family (AKFA)
Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms M.A.L.I.
Jerusalem Center for Women
Aix Marseille Université
AWSA-Be, Arab Women's Solidarity Association-Belgium
Rede Portuguesa de Jovens para a Igualdade de Oportunidades entre Mulheres e Homens
Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration
Thenextwomen tunisie

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