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...uality) by creating a platform which includes content on gender education addressed to primary school students. This project i...nal orientation program to support young migrant women. - The educational programme ´´Europarents´´ o...


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Updates of the W7: urging G7 governments to tackle gender inequality worldwide

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...jor global challenges including development, education, health, the environment an...May), health (16-17 May), Labour (6-7 June), education and training for development...ables; ensuring adolescents’ access to primary healthcare services and Sexual...

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Fighting against female school dropouts in Areas C in Bethlehem and Hebron

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Education is considered as an important factor in enhanci...rates of dropout in secondary education are even higher-, the purpose...cipals, parents and students (primary and secondary education) were c...rsquo;t complete their school education. However, while men could fin...

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Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

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...ile this number went down to 26% in 2014 and to 18% in 2017. In higher education, only 35% of all students e...ce, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) are promoted among primary school students with a specific...

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Functional Literacy Programme for Women of the Argan Cooperative

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...e these skills are relatively few and far between. Despite the lack of education opportunities, rural women...ake in the preservation of the Argan forest Making women aware of the primary importance of cooperative and s...


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Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

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...cant strides in achieving equality in health, education and employment in the Arab...nity, while recognizing that each country has primary responsibility for its own ec...otes policies aimed at achieving justice as a primary goal of development policy&rsqu...

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Girls on the Move: Adolescent Girls and Migration in the Developing World

Created by Foundation's Team 2174 days ago identify the links between migration, risk, and opportunity. With a primary focus on internal migration,...ors enable girls to take advantage of new opportunities in employment, education, and health. It finally recom...

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The Millennium Development Goals: Prospects for Gender Equality in the Arab World

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...Development Goals (MDG) in the Arab countries, with Egypt as a case study. The study focuses particularly on efforts for achieving universal primary education, and promoting gender equalit...


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Fighting against female school dropouts in Areas C in Bethlehem and Hebron / النضال لإيقاف تسرب الفتيات من المدارس في المنطقة (ج) في بيت لحم والخليل / Lutter contre l'abandon scolaire des filles à Bethléem et Hébron

Created by Foundation's Team 2121 days ago

Education is considered as an important factor in enhancing a person’s opportunities in social and economic mobility. However, leaving school at an early age remains a problem, to which poverty and being female are generally associated with. To further analyze this issue, the Psyc...

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Gender Gap in Basic Education in Egypt / Écart entre les femmes et les hommes sur le plan de l'éducation en Égypte / فجوة النوع الإجتماعي في التعليم الأساسي في مصر

Created by Foundation's Team 2847 days ago

This study focuses on the socio-economic indicators that cause gender discrimination (inequality) in enrolment in basic education in Egypt.It aims at enhancing the findings of previous studies on narrowing education gender gap, and suggests further research on the possible socio-economi...

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Gender, Tutoring and Track in Egyptian Education / Genre, tutorat et cursus de l'éducation égyptienne / النوع الإجتماعي, التدريس والمسار في التعليم المصري

Created by Foundation's Team 2972 days ago

This article discusses whether girls, especially those from poor families in Egypt, will be disadvantaged in terms of school expenditures and the transitions to secondary and higher education. The article debates that girls, even those from poor families, are not disadvantaged in terms of expendi...