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...rms a part of broader gender relations and distinctions between men and women. It reflects on how this violence is articulated within other social power relations (racism, homophobia...


Wedad Sourani

SWG implemented the Gender-Based Violence workshop

Created by Wedad Sourani 234 days ago

...’s Program Center Association - Rafah, in partnership with the African Women Development Fund. The workshop is part of the “Women Have Power 2” project, which aims...

Andalib Adwan

CMC launched a training on digital marketing for women academics

Created by Andalib Adwan 235 days ago

...ness of university students and academics about women’s rights, empowering female academics, and inst...ine the best way to reach points of contact, and they learned about the power of social media as a tool. Ch...

Wedad Sourani

SWG launches the second phase of the Women Have Power project

Created by Wedad Sourani 296 days ago

...f Social Development. In her speech, Mrs. Wedad Al-Sourani, Director-General of the Society, welcomed the attendees and said that the "Women Have Power 2" project seeks to enhance w...


Foundation's Team

Transnational Feminist Practices Against War: 20 Years Later

Created by Foundation's Team 514 days ago

...ith Laura Fantone, Ombre Corte, 2015); Gender in the Hindu Nation (Women Unlimited, 2004); and Right-Wing Women (with Margaret Power, Routledge, 2002). She has pu...

Foundation's Team

The 2021 UfM Women Business Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 600 days ago

...tal transformation presents a major tool for empowering women to enable their incl...bsp;analyze how digitalisation can help empower women as entrepreneurs,...women-owned SMEs and women’s bargaining power. Why join? Learn how to&n...

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Gender and the Margins: A Webinar with Lila Abu-Lughod

Created by Foundation's Team 669 days ago

...led Do Muslim Women Need Saving? Abu-Lughod’s scholarship, mostly ethnographic and based on long-term fieldwork in Egypt, has focused on the power of cultural forms, from poetr...

Shared practices

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Inform, Educate, Debate. for a successful democratic transition!

Created by Foundation's Team 2501 days ago

...of justice”, “Islam and democracy”, “Diversity, power and democracy”, “...national Development, and the project “Developing women’s empowerment” labelled by The&nb...

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Strengthening the political participation of Palestinian women

Created by Foundation's Team 2535 days ago

...on the other side, there is a full monopoly of men for the sovereignty, power and decision making.For these...and International Development and the project “Developing Women Empowerment” labelled by the Un...

Calls and opportunities

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Embodied (un)certainties: Producing knowledge from the margin.

Created by Foundation's Team 472 days ago

...ative ways. As they believe knowledge can help to overcome hierarchical power asymmetries, in their aim to engage with critical epistemologies in order to deconstruct powerful binaries. A special focus...

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Call for Papers by an International Journal of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

Created by Foundation's Team 634 days ago latest research contributions that have the potential of transforming our collective understanding of gender and sexuality dynamics fluctuating power relations in global spaces, a...

Mozn Hassan

Nazra is hiring!

Created by Mozn Hassan 710 days ago

...pproaches to address opportunities to influence policy makers, Governments, legislators and other forms of agencies and institutions that have the power to contribute positively to t...


Ana Sofia Fernandes


Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 366 days ago

...this emancipatory logic or of understanding prostitution as a form of empowerment. On the contrary, many of the factors that motivate sex buyers is exactly the exercise of power over women. The practice of p...

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The Doria Feminist Fund seeks to create a feminist ecosystem in the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 479 days ago

...advance the rights of women & LGBTQ+ groups and to ensure that they are able to lead safe, healthy and happy lives. They are harnessing their power to create feminist and just r...

Ghida Abdallah Anani

Mapping Gender-Based Violence programmes, services and policies in Lebanon

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 558 days ago

...human rights abuses worldwide. It stems from gender disparity and patriarchal social structures that grant privilege to men, thus creating unequal power dynamics. This gender inequal...


Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 360 days ago

...velopment plan driving progress, development, gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in the...nternational organizations for monitoring SDGs. CSOs can thus be a true power of proposal for closing the g...

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Youth Toolkit: For Girls Get Equal

Created by Foundation's Team 522 days ago

...ement your own Girls Get Equal campaign for girls’ leadership and power in your own context. WHO IS...rld where girls, young women and other marginalised identities have the power, freedom and representation t...

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Tackling social norms a game changer for gender inequalities

Created by Foundation's Team 631 days ago

...ndex (GII)— a measure of women’s empowerment in health, education and...looking at gender equality and women’s empowerment. Social norms are centra...e same societies tend to block their access to power positions without giving them...


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Open Call: Support Program Reducing Inequalities Through Intersectional Practice

Created by Foundation's Team 925 days ago

The Robert Bosch Stiftung wants to learn with and from partner organizations that bring hands-on experience with applying intersectional approaches to challenge inequalities. Intersectional Practice Intersectionality is broadly understood as “the intersection between gender, rac...

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L'indice de l'égalité femmes-hommes dans l'EU / مؤشر المساواة بين الجنسين في الاتحاد الأوروبي / The Gender Equality Index in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 1662 days ago

L’indice d’égalité femmes-hommes est un indicateur composite qui mesure le concept complexe de l’égalité femmes-hommes et, sur la base du cadre politique de l’UE, aide à suivre les progrès de l’égalité dans l’Union européenn...

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Learning from Other Andalusian Women: the Path to Equality / Apprendre des autres femmes andalouses le chemin vers l'égalité / التعلم من نساء أندلسيات أخريات: الطريق نحو المساواة

Created by Foundation's Team 2808 days ago

This book was conceived as support material for equality education aimed at professionals from education centres, notably secondary schools. The work pays tribute to women who have achieved high level positions in the private and institutional sectors. The first chapter introduces the t...