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Women's organizations laid out strong relationships for future actions

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...ampaigns on different issues (women’s rights to inheritance; women’s harassment, etc.). So...elopment & Enhancement of Women - ADEW (Egypt). Anaouat had in order to change the portrayal of women in them. Both as...ivil society organizations on women’s inheritance. Badr and...

Sahar AlKawasmeh

A dialogue meeting with the Deputy Minister of Labor about the services provided to the Bedouin community in Umm al-Khair

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...vities of the project "Empowering Women in Decision-Making and Accountabi...Local Government, the Ministry of Women's Affairs, the General Federa...was to raise the voice of Bedouin women and to explain their nee...change the negative stereotypical portrayal of the role of traditiona...


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The Portrayal of Women as a Social Construction of Reality in the Press of Mediterranean Countries

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Based on two pieces of research carried out at the...avorable states of opinion about issues related to women. Both research projects focus...013 in relation to the treatment of the subject of women. According to what has been o...

نزهة المضمض

Women in the service of the land to counter landmines and explosive remnants of war

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In recent decades, women’s issues have gained prominence in international...ork and the alteration of the stereotypical portrayal of women as victims. The article furth...ations system not only to meet the needs of women in times of war but also to r...

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Act no. 2014-873 of 4 August 2014 for real equality between women and men

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...arliament on 23 July 2014 and it enacted on 4 August 2014. The measure concerns, among others, gender equality in professional life, women's portrayal in the media, the protect...


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Gender Equality and Turkey's 2023 Goals / Égalité entre les hommes et les femmes et objectifs de la Turquie pour 2023 / المساواة بين الجنسين في أهداف تركيا لعام 2023

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This article provides an overview of Turkey’s recent developments in combating violence against women, as well as in gender equality in education, labour force participation, and politics. It presents a set of suggestions related to legislation and implementation for each topic addressed. I...

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Fighting Back Tears… Clinging to Dreams: Syrian Women in their Own Words / Refouler ses larmes... S'accrocher à ses rêves : les femmes syriennes à travers leurs propres mots / مغالبة الدموع و التمسك بالأحلام: النساء السوريات بكلماتهن

Created by Foundation's Team 2866 days ago

This report aims to amplify the voices of Syrian women, and add new texture to the portrait of their lives inside Syria and in neighbouring countries. It casts light on women survivors of the conflict, through sharing their stories and using their own words. The report explains their new roles as...

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Reporting on Gender-Based Violence in the Syrian Crisis: Good Practices in the Media / Rapporter la violence fondée sur le genre dans la crise syrienne : meilleures pratiques pour les médias / تقرير العنف الجندري في الأزمة السورية: ممارسات جيدة في مجال الإعلام

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This best practices guide is designed for journalists and media professionals, with the objective of enhancing the quality of reporting on gender-based violence in the Syrian crisis. Its approach focuses on women´s rights and dignity, which can contribute to opening opportunities for Syrian...