Sumeyye Koman

Kadın ve Demokrasi Derneği - KADEM - Women and Democracy Association

Member since 15 December 2021 @ 4:00pm

KADEM mainly focuses on women’s empowerment, gender-based violence, refugee women and women’s participation in politics. We conduct projects, provide trainings, organize workshops and...

Nada Anid


Member since 17 December 2019 @ 12:39pm

•Conducting a National survey to understand why the lack of interest in politics is so widespread among women and what is the public perception about their role in public life •Gather...


RIHAN ASSOCIATION for Youth and Development

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 1:44pm

1: Fighting violence against women. 2: Readings of the law 103.13 regarding the fight against gender-based violence. 3: Youth and public policies. 4: Gender equality in politics. 5: Fighting domestic violence. 6: Non-exclusion.

Lorraine Spiteri

Malta Confederation of Women's Organisations - MCWO

Member since 11 October 2018 @ 1:22pm

...ganisations (MCWO) is involved in many activities related to gender equality and women's rights and topics such as: • Women in Decision Making / Politics • Violence Against Women (VA...

Irina Alexieva

Bulgarian School of Politics "Dimitry Panitza"

Member since 22 November 2016 @ 2:58pm

Leandra Hettenbach

Kayan Feminist Organization

Member since 20 July 2016 @ 1:10pm We raise awareness within our society and advance Palestinian women’s causes. Some of these causes are promoting women's participation in politics, ending sexual and gender-bas...

Elisabet Puigdollers Mas

Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya

Member since 5 February 2016 @ 5:08pm

SCI locally raises awareness within the population about gender inequalities in different spheres (media, politics etc.). For that purpose, it has a feminist local group of activists t...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

The Individual Initiative for Human Rights  - Masir
Jusoor Center for Studies and Development
Association Femmes en Communication (FEC)
Bulgarian School of Politics  Dimitry Panitza
Right and Democracy Organization
Women'  s Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE)
The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers - Bahithat
Associació Catalana de Dones Directives i Empresaries
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
Lebanese League for Women in Business
Blanquerna Observatory on Media, Religion and Culture
March Lebanon Association
European Observatory on Femicide
Mediterraneo Sociale
Zhour Bouzidi
Nisreen Alami
Aix Marseille Université
International Journal of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies: Contemporary Medusa
Union Nationale de la Femme Tunisienne (UNFT)
Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT)
Mother's School Association
Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences
Nezha El Medhmed
Portuguese Platform for Women'   s Rights - PpDM (Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres)
Libya Women's Forum
Cooperation Association
Anouar Association
Association Neama for Development
Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR)
Women in Business of Algeria
Association Irtikaa
Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW)
Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development Center (ACT)
Sciences Po
Union de l'Action Feministe (UAF)

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