Nihal Sarah Ouadah

Association MINA's Talents

Member since 25 September 2017 @ 1:48pm

We organise very often (~once a month) personal development workshops (about negociation, leadership, public speaking, etc) to help women develop their skills. We also organise cultural outings so that women can exchange their experiences and support each-other.

ديبي السعدية

Elkhir Women's Association

Member since 18 July 2017 @ 12:03am

...selling allows women to choose what procedure they wish to initiate.); provision of medical and psychological support; vocational training; personal development workshops; awareness-raising...


Rabha Fathi

The Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers Implemented A Training Program for Journalists on Using New Media Means in Personal Status Law and its Amendments

Created by Rabha Fathi 184 days ago

...a training and institutional development consultant, and the media...Din Al Ameer, a training and development and community planning con...cacy campaign in amending the personal status law. The training program...gns through social media "the Personal Status Law as a Model", and intr...

Maria Alabdeh

10 Years Women Now

Created by Maria Alabdeh 526 days ago

...Ten years have passed since the establishment of Women Now for Development under exceptional circumst...ries. These achievements emphasize the importance of appreciating our personal efforts, which did not wane desp...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center holds 6 awareness sessions on digital rights and protection from electronic violence in North Gaza Governorate

Created by Andalib Adwan 637 days ago

...gram between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), UN-WOMAN,...nd how to enhance their safety. Personal online, forms and types of cy...the lawyer Samir Shiblak, media personality Zarifa Abu Qura, lawyer Alia...e, namely the Charitable Family Development Association, the Future Autho...


Foundation's Team

Teach Digital Migrant Women Focus Groups

Created by Foundation's Team 1008 days ago

...learning strategies and digital tools that will make learning digital more attractive. It also focuses on boosting their professional and personal development. The project is funded by the...

Helena González Fernández

Book presentation on bisexual resistance

Created by Helena González Fernández 1155 days ago

...ctor of the UNESCO Chair Women, Development and Culture. On February 2...a. Coll’s book is both a personal and a political approach to bise...UNESCO’s Chair Women, Development and Culture seeks to promote...ivities in the field of gender, development and cultures; and to facilita...

Foundation's Team

ONLINE DEBATE - Women in a men's world: how gender defines the path to success

Created by Foundation's Team 1178 days ago

...ion of balance between work and personal life. However, increasing fem...erferes in women’s career development and brings together women fro...Performance, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Higher Education...ors, French police, and African Development employees. Gabriela Bud&iacu...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 930 days ago

...project is funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation through its 20...omen in Nablus by accompanying them in their personal and collective empowerment solidarity and sisterhood. The development of the Tasharuk website is pa...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Consultant on contestations and backlashes to gender equality in the MENA

Created by Foundation's Team 946 days ago

.... In Egypt, a draft of the personal status law would deprive wome...rms of discriminations or inter-personal enactment of violence, though...ation on ongoing backlashes and developments in the region,  ...ers with an overall view of the developments in the region, including the...

Caroline Brummelhuis

Call for submissions: Tunisian Senior Women in Business

Created by Caroline Brummelhuis 1171 days ago

...em. It was developed following focus groups, personal interviews and questionnaires...willing to devote the necessary time to the development of their project during the i...e and deliver the documents required for the development of the start-up. State of mi...

Sana Afouaiz

Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program for Women during and after COVID19

Created by Sana Afouaiz 1436 days ago by putting women in the heart of the development agenda in Brussels; Provi...male leaders by boosting their career and personal development. What would you gain from...s by supporting women in their career and personal development through mentorship, support,...


Foundation's Team

The Doria Feminist Fund seeks to create a feminist ecosystem in the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 918 days ago

...has access to more and better funding and resources which enables the development and sustainability of, no bank accounts, difficult reporting requirements, minimal to no personal connections with donors, and lim...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 1470 days ago

..., Arabic) Jusoor Center for Studies and Development, LIBYA:    ...Movement & Jusoor Center for Studies and Development, LIBYA:    Ope...lidarity (French) Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, EGYPT: Tracking the i...

Foundation's Team

Women of Future in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 2612 days ago Sciences Po for young women from the southern shores of the Mediterranean. Its goal is to guide and train them in their professional and personal development. This programme offers the f...


Foundation's Team

Political Participation from an Intersectional Feminist Perspective: Practical Tools for Creating Transnational Feminist Political Movements

Created by Foundation's Team 1289 days ago

This toolkit, designed by the Centre for Transnational Development and Collaboration in cooperatio...political participation from the feminist standpoint that “the personal is the political”. Civil s...

Foundation's Team

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Understanding How Gender Norms in MNA Impact Female Employment Outcomes

Created by Foundation's Team 1296 days ago

...about working women in their family? To what extent do personal beliefs and societal expectat...’s decision to work and why should this matter in development interventions? The Jordanian government and development partners have invested heavil...

Foundation's Team

Women's Economic Empowerment in Selected MENA Countries: The Impact of Legal Frameworks in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 2114 days ago

...comparative analysis of the various rights set out in constitutions, personal status laws, labour laws, in...quo;s potential to boost growth, competitiveness and inclusive social development....


Foundation's Team

Course: Women of the Future in the Mediterranean / Cours: Femmes d’avenir en Méditerranée / الدورة: نساء المستقبل في المتوسط

Created by Foundation's Team 2536 days ago

A series of classes and workshops on gender and politics will take place in Paris and Strasbourg, France, in the framework of the 3rd "Women of the Future in the Mediterranean (FAM)" course, created by the research university Sciences Po and coordinated by PRESAGE, the Gender Research a...