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MIFTAH promotes women and youth in decision-making positions in Palestine / مفتاح تدعو لوصول النساء و الشباب إلى مواقع صنع القرار في فلسطين / MIFTAH plaide pour l'accès des femmes et des jeunes à la prise de décision

Created by Foundation's Team 739 days ago

The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy – MIFTAH recently concluded a project advocating for the inclusion of women and youth in high decision-making positions within the Palestinian political system, especially within the Palestine Liberation...

Foundation's Team

The road to reform: Women's political voice in Morocco / La voie de la réforme: la voix politique des femmes au Maroc / الطريق إلى الإصلاح: الصوت السياسي للنساء في المغرب

Created by Foundation's Team 753 days ago

This report examines women’s political mobilisation in Morocco and illustrates how excluded and adversely incorporated groups can achieve greater political voice, even in the face of considerable obstacles. Morocco’s active and effective women’s movement originall...

Foundation's Team

Strengthening Women's Participation through Effective Training Programs - A Guide to Best Practices and Lessons Learned / Renforcer la participation des femmes à travers des programmes de formations efficaces - Guide des meilleurs pratiques et leçons appris / تعزيز مشاركة المرأة من خلال برامج الت...

Created by Foundation's Team 766 days ago

This guide is based on a research conducted by NDI in eight countries in three regions of the world: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia in March 2012, and in Jordan, Tunisia, Uganda and South Sudan in October 2012. This research identified the most urgent training needs for women and...

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Euro-Mediterranean Regional Dialogue on Advocacy in the Field of Gender Equality / Dialogue régional euro-méditerranéen sur le plaidoyer dans le domaine de l'égalité femmes-hommes / الحوار الإقليمي الأورومتوسطي حول المناصرة في مجال المساواة بين الجنسين

Created by Foundation's Team 773 days ago

This document presents the visions, priorities, challenges and recommendations resulting from the “Euro – Mediterranean Regional Dialogue on Advocacy in the Field of Gender Equality’’ which took place between 24 and 26 October 2017 in Casablanca (Morocco)&nb...

Foundation's Team

Politics, Progress, and Parliament in 2018: Can Lebanese Women Make Headway? / السياسة و التقدّم و البرلمان في العام 2018: هل تستطيع المرأة اللبنانية المضي قدماً؟ / Politique, progrès et parlement en 2018: les femmes libanaises peuvent-elles progresser?

Created by Foundation's Team 773 days ago

Lebanon may witness a remarkable rise in the number of women serving in Parliament come May 2018 due to initiatives from women’s groups, “civil society” activists, and the substantial number of female candidates – 113 at the start of the election period. However,...

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Le quota fémininau Liban: une solution temporaire à un problème politique chronique / "الكوتا النسائية"في لبنان: حل مؤقت لإشكالية مزمنة / The Female Quota in Lebanon: A Temporary Solution to a Chronic Political Problem

Created by Foundation's Team 773 days ago

’’Les femmes ont longtemps été soumises à la marginalisation politique et sociale au pays des Cèdres. Depuis 1952, année où les femmes ont obtenu le droit de vote au Liban, la proportion de femmes occupant des sièges au parlement est rest...

Foundation's Team

Enhancing women's access to decision making at local level in Ma'an / Accélérer l'accès des femmes à la prise de décision à Ma'an / تعزيز وصول النساء إلى صنع القرار على المستوى المحلي في معان

Created by Foundation's Team 774 days ago

Women in the governorate of Ma’an (Jordan) experience vulnerability and marginalization due to male domination within the family but also in decision-making. The clans -groups of interrelated families- support men’s nomination to leadership positions even if they are not eff...

Foundation's Team

Rural women's perception of their participation in the decision-making process / تصور المرأة الريفية لمشاركتها في عملية صنع القرار / Perception de la femme rurale sur sa participation dans le processus de prise de décision

Created by Foundation's Team 775 days ago

This survey was conducted as part of a project by I WATCH to involve Tunisian women, including women in rural areas, in the political process by raising their awareness regarding the available opportunities for their political participation to improve their lives, as wel as by building ...

Foundation's Team

Présence des femmes dans la fonction publique er accès aux postes de décision / وجود المرأة في الخدمة العامة والوصول إلى مواقع القرار / Women's presence in the public service and access to the decision making

Created by Foundation's Team 775 days ago

Ce rapport présente les résultats d’une analyse exploratoire des inégalités professionnelles entre les hommes et les femmes dans la fonction publique en Tunisie. Les résultats de l’étude nous permettent d’identifier les facteurs profonds s...

Association TAZGHART

How to advance the role of female elected in local authorities in Ifrane / Comment avancer le rôle des élues dans les collectivités territoriales d'Ifrane / كيفية النهوض بدور المرأة المنتخبة في الجماعات المحلية في إفران

Created by Association TAZGHART 775 days ago

On the 14th and the 15th of April 2018, Tazghart Association organized two workshops to scrutinize and analyse available data and the views of number of female elected of different  local authorities on how to advance women’s role within these local authorities known as &lsqu...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Isha L'Isha - Haifa Feminist Center
Women Empowerment Unit in Jerash Municipality
Women Media and Development (TAM)
CIHEAM Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo
Association Femme et Citoyenneté
Libyan Women's Union – Tripoli
Inclusión, Ciudadanía, Diversidad y Educación
Psycho Social Counseling Center for Women (PSCCW)
Tunisian National League of Policewomen
Hassine Karim Glaied
Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality
Adina Mocanu
Racha Ramadan
Morocco Volunteers
Ramzi Nouisser
Forsaan Al-Ghad Youth Association
Pertinence Sa Dynamisme Qualite
CREAD – Research center applied economics for development
Center for Research in Applied Economics for Development-CREAD
Faize Foundation
Assemblée des Femmes Paris Ile-de-France
Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW)
Committee for the Follow-Up on women' s Issues (CFUWI)
Mauritanian Council of Businesswomen – CMFA
Forum on Festivals in the Arab Countries
Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences, University of Malta
Arij Khamis Al Zawi
Femmes-Education Arts-Médiation (FEDAM)
University of Sousse
Why Me for Women’s Rights
Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (PYALARA)
Radio Hawa FM
Khadija Zizi
Amman Center for Human Rights Studies
Association 100% Mamans
Association for the Development & Enhancement of Women (ADEW)

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