Andalib Adwan

The CMC Community Media Center targets 100 students from universities in the Gaza Strip to raise awareness about women's rights in Palestinian laws

Created by Andalib Adwan 634 days ago

...f peer education between young people, as part of the activities of the seco...- Respect it” implemented by CMC in partnership with the German Heinri...cted the attention and interaction of the participants, as it was the first time during which they became acqu...

Andalib Adwan

The Community Media Center (Gaza) holds orientation sessions on combating gender-based violence

Created by Andalib Adwan 716 days ago

...nder-based violence, with the participation of 20 lawyers and media professionals who participated in the Our Safe Space...raining methods, distributing time, training material, and deali...acilitated and managed by the participants in the orientation se...

Wedad Sourani

The Society of Women Graduates in the Gaza Strip Implements Life Skills Training

Created by Wedad Sourani 857 days ago implement life skills training for female participants as part of the activities of the proj..., which is implemented by the Association in partnership with Partners in Susta...g skills and effective communication skills, time management ability, and creat...



Madame Leila TOUBEL will bring to the stage YAKOUTA, a powerful plea for all women who are victims of violence

Created by Hend M’HAMDI 882 days ago

Dear partners, and friends + As part of the "Tunisie en Mouvements" program supported by Wallonia...o death by her companion. Beatings, insults and injuries are part of her daily life, but this time he has sworn to end her life,...


WEBINAR - Women's inheritance and economic rights: between discrimination and equality

Created by Samira MUHEYA 1116 days ago

As part of the countdown events of the Generation...ce on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 2:30 p.m Rabat time (3:30 p.m. Paris time). Fouzia Assouli, presiden...o-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation, will participate in the event. ...

Foundation's Team

Fighting Gender Stereotypes: EuroMed Women for Dialogue

Created by Foundation's Team 1122 days ago

...program of civil society and partner-led activities, a series o...Date: 23/06/21 Time: 3pm – 5pm CET Du...ypes that hamper women’s full participation and potential in the...s This event is organized as part of a series of events in the...

Shared practices

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Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 1022 days ago

Tasharuk is part of the project "Improving the resil...ivors of male violence. At the same time, the Nablus municipality will...elopment of the Tasharuk website is part of these efforts. Finally, t...ects Palestinian women and girls in particular, who are denied their r...

Calls and opportunities

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Traineeships for Gender Equality at EIGE

Created by Foundation's Team 1087 days ago

...stance to EU institutions, in particular the European Commission...e the smooth functioning of a particular area of the Institute&r...her through specialisation as part of the applicant’s stud...than 13:30, Eastern European Time (EET) on 9 September 2021. Th...

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Promoting a Culture of Equality, Female Empowerment and Employability

Created by Foundation's Team 1197 days ago

...h a budget of 3.8 million euros as part of the Moussawat program to 19 May 2021 at 12:00 (Brussels time). An information session wil...l 15, 2021, at 3.30 p.m. (Brussels time). The general objective: Pr...n’s perceptions and economic participation, responding to the p...

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PhD Opportunities : Gender and the Politics of Shame

Created by Foundation's Team 1242 days ago

The Queen’s University of Belfast proposes some funded PhD positions at...g on long-standing critical work on the emotions. As part of this, there has been a nas...nducted under the supervision of Dr Clara Fischer as part...


Ana Sofia Fernandes


Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 897 days ago

...t for sale” was developed as part of the project EXIT: Women&rs...met girls younger than me at that time, who had entered prostitution...mber organisations, that have been particularly involved in the proje...uts on these matters. At the same time, the documentary reinforces t...

Ikrame Moucharik

What is feminist self-defense?

Created by Ikrame Moucharik 1248 days ago

...violence even if this has sometimes been ignored by official his...f the aggressors. This is all part of the teachings of feminist...norms. This is what sets it apart from martial arts and traditi...rk on oneself and at the same time a transformation and a collec...

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Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

Created by Foundation's Team 1593 days ago

...he world—is an inherent part of gender equality. ( an impact by donating your time or money. Help get the word o...n expected to devote far more time, energy and money to their ap...rances than their male counterparts. This kind of double standar...


Maria Àngels Roque

Women's Economic Empowerment: An Overview for the MENA Region

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1710 days ago

...labour markets; second, following the evolution of those indicators over time; and third, providing a guide...rsist, and hence where policy interventions are needed. This article is part of the IEMed Mediterranean Ye...

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The state of play of gender equality in the social and solidarity economy

Created by Foundation's Team 1943 days ago

...omen work in social service), the glass ceiling persists (1 woman is 2 times less likely than a man to have access to a managerial or senior position), part-time work weighs more on women (41...

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Women and tourism: designing for inclusion

Created by Foundation's Team 2132 days ago

...o be paid less and are underrepresented in certain tourism occupations and management levels. Women in tourism are more likely to be undertaking part-time, informal, seasonal, agency,...


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A purple economy: The Case for placing the economics of care at the heart of sustainable development / اقتصاد بنفسجي: مسألة وضع اقتصاديات الرعاية في صميم التنمية المستدامة / Une économie pourpre: la question de mettre l'économie du care (services à la personne) au cœur du développement durable

Created by Foundation's Team 2366 days ago

In the current financialised capitalism, under which many women entered the labour market, reproductive activities such as child care, care of the elderly, and house cleaning are organised to a large extent via paid labour and are continuously commodified. These changes are primarily a ...

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Part-time employment, the gender wage gap and the role of wage-setting institutions / Travail à temps partiel et écart de salaires entre hommes et femmes en Europe: le rôle des institutions / العمالة بدوام جزئي، والفجوة في الأجور بين الجنسين ودور مؤسسات تحديد الأجور

Created by Foundation's Team 2381 days ago

This article examines the extent to which the overrepresentation of women in part-time jobs can explain the gender gap in hourly earnings in eleven European countries. It also investigates the extent to which some wage-setting institutions are correlated with the overall gender wage gap...

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Women at Work: Trends 2016 / Le travail des femmes : tendances 2016 / النساء و العمل: اتجاهات 2016

Created by Foundation's Team 2702 days ago

The report provides a picture of where women stand today in the world of work and how they have progressed over the past 20 years. It examines the global and regional labour market trend and gaps, including in labour force participation rates, employment-to-population rates and unemployment rates...