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Opening of the Generation Equality Forum: 100 feminist associations call for mobilisation for the universal rights of women

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Promoting parity, a necessary step towards achieving gender equality in Morocco

Created by Samira MUHEYA 539 days ago

...g gender equality, Morocco is far for reaching parity at institutional, political,...the constitution strengthened the principle of parity through articles 19 and 164,...quirements by clearly stating the principle of parity and creating the necessary le...

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Union for the Mediterranean launches new regional mechanism to monitor gender equality in the area

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...omen in 20 Euro-Mediterranean countries. Within the UfM region, gender parity is estimated at 76.7% in West...nbsp;the Global Gender Gap Report 2020.  In the UfM region, gender parity in Western Europe is estimate...

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Policy dialogue for more gender-sensitive municipal actions in Sfax

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Following its advocacy campaign for parity in municipal councils, which c...ce of applying specific measures so the gender parity law of 2017 becomes a reality...and talked about the difficulties of promoting parity in local governance.  ...

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FEM EU: feminist lobbying to prioritize gender equality during EU elections

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1281 days ago

...c and media arena will exchange views in an enriching dialogue. In the same line, other initiatives around Europe have been coordinated to ensure parity in democracy. Our network&rsq...

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Political dialogues to follow up on CSO WINS's 8 campaigns on women's rights

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...ciety, academics and several media will be involved in order to promote parity in local governance and reinf...experts and political leaders on measures and strategies to facilitate parity in Lebanon. Even if the numbe...

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FFEM contributes to the collective feminist debate at Paris-Nanterre University

Created by Foundation's Team 1437 days ago them to take their rightful place in public life through debates and awareness campaigns in the media. In Tunisia, the horizontal and vertical parity which was adopted during the...

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A seminar on gender diversity and governance for more equality in the public service

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...he public sector? What is the impact of gender parity in the public action? Between...nd measures that governments employ to achieve parity. Gender-based discrimination...sign of good governance. In fact, respect for parity fosters the emergence of more...

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Women and the associations defending them: the future of the Mediterranean

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...present at the Regional Dialogue and active in 12 different countries. While several constitutions of Southern Mediterranean countries recognize parity, behaviors are struggling to...

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Mouwatinet promotes women's participation in municipal elections in Sfax

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...which guarantees gender equality, and the recent modification of the electoral law by the Tunisian parliament who approved horizontal and vertical parity, their representation in lead...