Samar Zughool

Sama Goods

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 3:39pm

...the Feminist Foreign Policy in supporting women’s rights movements in the South and North of the Mediterranean: Projects: Online seminars: Feminists for the G...

فاطمة سيدي محمد الفيل

Mauritanian Council of Businesswomen – CMFA

Member since 16 November 2018 @ 11:11am

- Launching an online commercial platform for businesswomen - Organizing the 1st Business Women Exhibition in Mauritania in 2018 - Preparing training courses for businesswomen - Participating in training workshops organized by international organizations such as the World Bank


Mohamed Zaari

The Zakoura Foundation's 2020 annual report is online!

Created by Mohamed Zaari 32 days ago

In a spirit of transparency and sharing, the Zakoura Foundation presents its 2020 activity report and reports on the results and objectives achieved despite a...


The Scholarships programme for education on photography and photojournalism

Created by ARANTZA ARAMBURU 50 days ago

...The world needs more women visual storytellers! It will benefit women photographers coming from disadvantaged countries, thanks to a high-quality online programme delivered in partne...

Foundation's Team

Stop Violence Against Women: Statement by the European Commission and the High Representative

Created by Foundation's Team 53 days ago

...d cyber violence disproportionately often, which can affect democratic decision-making: they do not dare express political opinions due to fear of online targeting. [...] We wil...


Foundation's Team

Combating Violence Against Women and Girls: Human Dimension Seminar

Created by Foundation's Team 69 days ago

...heir co-operation and links with the OSCE in this field. Registration Online registration at https://...ns related to Covid-19, this meeting will take place both in-person and online. Please note that the number...

Sana Afouaiz

Women Entrepreneur Leadership Training by Zeina Habib

Created by Sana Afouaiz 81 days ago

...oin today: #WomenpreneurDigitalHub #BeWomenpreneur #SanadEntrepreneurshipAcademy #Women #OnlineCommunity #Online #ZeinaHabib #leadership #fema...

Foundation's Team

Conference - Gender and Media Matters

Created by Foundation's Team 99 days ago

...nder and the media, and giving prominence to research strands that are not always visible in the international arena. The conference will be held online and in person on October...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Campaign - Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it.

Created by Foundation's Team 249 days ago and men due to their ethnicity, age, disability, social origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or other factors. Its online platform (available in multip...

Foundation's Team

Manarat : Stories of inspiring women from the Middle East and North Africa

Created by Foundation's Team 1610 days ago

...ributed to the progress and advancement of their societies. The featured women were selected amongst hundreds of nominees that were crowd-sourced online. The selected profiles vary f...

Foundation's Team

Egal’actu: A news platform about gender equality

Created by Foundation's Team 1807 days ago

The Egae group has launched egal’actu, a news online platform about the equality between women and men.The main goal is to gather and disseminate all the news related...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Middle East Programme Officer at Euromed Rights

Created by Foundation's Team 69 days ago

...sp; The position is open solely to persons legally entitled to work in the EU/Belgium. Interviews will take place online on 10 and 13 December 2021. P...

Foundation's Team

Senior Trainer, Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 118 days ago

...ttee meeting chaired by the TA and gathering the 3 experts will be held online to share the results of the a...locations still to be determined – and possibility to conduct an online workshop depending on the Cov...

Maria Àngels Roque

Technical support of project and communication for CLUSTER

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 124 days ago skills in the Sustainable Economy sectors by using a trilingual online platform that IEMed manages a...mpact on its final beneficiaries throughout the Euromed region. Through online tools such as training course...


Foundation's Team

A free international directory of women gender experts

Created by Foundation's Team 259 days ago

Les Expertes has launched an online platform that is a free international directory of women experts on gender issues and gender equality. The aim of this website is to make...

Foundation's Team

GUIDE Domestic cyber-violence: Identifying, accompanying and referring victims

Created by Foundation's Team 371 days ago

Guide for professionals in contact with women victims of domestic violence  The aim of this tool is to help professionals to better understand domestic...

Foundation's Team

Support and Resources for Women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 447 days ago

...GBT/queer/refugee/migrant-led and -focused initiatives and contents in Lebanon for interested people follow, fund, and support.  It includes Online Resources, Journalists, Resea...


Foundation's Team

The effects of the Covid-19 crisis on increasing gender-based violence in the MENA region

Created by Foundation's Team 35 days ago

...ccasion, the European Institute of the Mediterranean, (IEMed) in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (EMWF), organized an online seminar on violence based on...

Foundation's Team

Unstereotype Alliance Annual Report: 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 145 days ago We saw a ‘shadow pandemic’ of reported increased violence against women at home during lockdowns, as well as in the streets and online. We are still facing a burden...

Foundation's Team

Fostering women's economic participation in the Western Mediterranean: Successful policies for in-depth transformations

Created by Foundation's Team 216 days ago

...rranean Women’s Foundation, organised an online conference entitled “Fo...Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, this online conference sought to contribu...quality and empower all women and girls), this online conference sought to present...


Foundation's Team

Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario For The MENA Region ? / / La Cyber violence basée sur le genre : Quel scénario pour la région MENA ?

Created by Foundation's Team 236 days ago

Euro-med rights issued the following piece of news on "Online Gender-Based Violence: What Scenario For The MENA Region ?" The 2011 Arab uprisings kicked off a decade of online activism in the MENA region. Blogs and social media became tools of resistance for marginalised people, such a...