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Badr Association concludes its campaign to defend women's right to inheritance

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...26 women in filing inheritance claims. The Association also mobilized civil society organizations and a number of influential community figures, in addition to Muslim and Christian religious figures,...


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...ched in the framework of the project MAGIC (Muslim women and communities Against...ndered Islamophobia and stereotypes against Muslim women. The campaigns can be p...asion tomeet European experts (journalists, Muslim women community leaders…) and to benef...


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Arab Queer Women and Transgenders Confronting Diverse Religious Fundamentalisms: The Case of Meem in Lebanon / Femmes arabes queers et transgenres confrontées à divers fondamentalismes religieux. Le cas de Meem au Liban / العنوان: ثنائيات الميول و المتحولين جنسياً العرب في مواجهة أصوليات متعددة: ...

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“Religious fundamentalism” has become one of those scary terms that evokes a range of intimidating images in people’s heads. Some imagine it as the threat of anger and violence and destruction, driven by a religion that we don’t understand. When these people happ...

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Girl’s veiling: a major health and development risk / Le voilement des fillettes risque majeur pour leur développement et leur santé / تحجيب الفتيات: خطر على الصحة و النمو

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Societal indifference regarding this abuse is unacceptable. Is it with the argument of tolerance or cultural relativism, by cowardice or racism, that little girls of Muslim descent would not be untitled the right to State protection? Regards de femmes denounces the abuse of those with a...

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Perspectives of women decision-makers over the particıpation and recreational events in sports: a Turkish perspective / Perspectives des décideuses sur la participation et les manifestations sportives : la perspective turque / وجهات نظر صانعات القرار النساء حول المشاركة و الفعاليات الترفيهية الري...

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This paper focuses on the role of the leisure and recreation events and the effects of women decision-makers on their fellow women. The research is expected to give new ideas to the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), academic ınstitutions, local governments and private sectors who are in the aim...