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Ibtissame Betty Lachgar

Male Violence and Coronavirus

Created by Ibtissame Betty Lachgar 1090 days ago

...victims of violence see their safety endangered. How to respond to the distress caused by confinement?   Solutions exist:   Since money is the sinews of war: a budge...

Foundation's Team

Nanterre Congress: RUSEMEG's contributions to the collective feminist debate

Created by Foundation's Team 1625 days ago

...iterranean Region: Accounts, Bodies, Violence, Money" in the presence of several e...29th at 10:40 am and addressed "Women’s Money". The workshop focused on ana...nt women and prostituted women), women’s money is both an opportunity for ec...

Foundation's Team

FFEM contributes to the collective feminist debate at Paris-Nanterre University

Created by Foundation's Team 1660 days ago

...of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region: accounts, bodies, violence, money" "in the presence of several...ic policies in Morocco; the image of the self and the other in Tunisia; money in urban families in Algeria...

Nawal Mustafa

60 deputies support a bill to help imprisoned female debtors in Egypt

Created by Nawal Mustafa 1761 days ago

...ty, 25% of the total number of prisoners in Egypt are female debtors. These debtors are women who were overwhelmed by poverty and forced to borrow money but were unable to pay their...

Foundation's Team

Female entrepreneurs from all the Mediterranean join forces at the IX Meda Women Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 1938 days ago

...of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), provided the interesting detail that women are 20% less likely than men to borrow money from financial institutions f...

Foundation's Team

Advocacy campaign to support women’s right to inheritance in Sohag

Created by Foundation's Team 2177 days ago

...there are a lot of discriminatory prejudices related to women’s inheritance (“It is better to give women a « lump sum » of money instead of their legal inheri...

Ramon Vila

Towards gender equality through mobile pones

Created by Ramon Vila 2218 days ago

...countries. In Kenya, for example, 53% of men say they have sent mobile money in the past, whereas only far less likely to access services such as mobile Internet or mobile money, services that would clearly...

Khulud Khamis

Urgent help for women without status

Created by Khulud Khamis 2220 days ago

...r these two women from individual friends. We are asking for donations in order to help us maintain a support infrastructure for these women. The money will go through a specific fu...


Foundation's Team

Conference: Stories and woes of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Created by Foundation's Team 1744 days ago

...of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region: accounts, bodies, violence, money" on the occasion of the Inter...Women and violence", and at 10:40 session 4 will address "Women’s money". Researchers and professors...

Tala Harb

Panel Discussion on Estimating the Cost of Violence in the Arab Region

Created by Tala Harb 2282 days ago

...o identify the need for capacity building and to develop an economic model suited for the region. Ms. El Awady stated that rather than spending money on vast social services and...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Rehabilitation and reintegration of former women prisoners in the provinces of Al Sharqia, Ismailia, Port Said and Alexandria

Created by Foundation's Team 2865 days ago

...actors of society. The employment support enables women to lead their lives and gives them financial security with no need to resort to crime for money. The dynamic of cooperation...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Call for abstracts: International Conference on Organized Crime and Gender

Created by Foundation's Team 1857 days ago

...ning the gender dynamics present in organized criminal activities. Empirical research examining the gender dynamics present in but not limited to money laundering, corruption, obstr...


Ana Sofia Fernandes


Created by Ana Sofia Fernandes 412 days ago

...ons are restricted and all the possibilities denied: a heinous violation of women’s human rights, mostly perpetrated by men and where “money coerces the sex rather than g...

Foundation's Team

European Institute for Gender Equality Index 2019 Reports

Created by Foundation's Team 1045 days ago

...quality and 100 is for total equality. The scores are based on the gaps between women and men and levels of achievement in six core domains: work, money, knowledge, time, power and h...

Foundation's Team

Gender Perspectives on COVID-19 in the Euro-Mediterranean Region: Resources and Information

Created by Foundation's Team 1077 days ago

...Articles, Essays, News & Press Releases Women’s Helplines in the Euro-Mediterranean Countries Image credit: “Money is Changing” (illustrat...

Foundation's Team

Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

Created by Foundation's Team 1108 days ago

...from women to advance their careers, earn more money and enjoy leisure activities....n also make an impact by donating your time or money. Help get the word out with m...n expected to devote far more time, energy and money to their appearances than the...

Foundation's Team

The Gender Equality Index in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 1708 days ago

...of gender equality across the EU over time. It measures gender gaps between women and men, and it consists of eight domains. The six domains work, money, knowledge, time, power, heal...


Foundation's Team

What can be done about the persistence of child marriage in Morocco?

Created by Foundation's Team 924 days ago

...of children known as "Orfi" or "Al Fatiha" marriages or the so-called "contract marriages" between men often living abroad and fathers for sums of money do not appear in any of the o...

Foundation's Team

Only one percent of gender equality funding is going to women's organisations - why?

Created by Foundation's Team 1338 days ago promises made by the countries of the world during the last two years to support gender equality, and briefly shows how and why only 1% of this money goes to women’s and feminist...

Foundation's Team

Bibliography: Stories and woes of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region: Narrative, body, violence, money

Created by Foundation's Team 1626 days ago

...thin the framework of the Research conference ‘’Stories and woes of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region: Narrative, body, violence, money’’ which took plac...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality Index 2017: Measuring gender equality in the European Union 2005-2015

Created by Foundation's Team 1892 days ago

...gender gaps and takes into account the context and different levels of achievement of Member States within a range of relevant policy areas: work, money, knowledge, time, power and h...

Foundation's Team

Fund Raising for Change

Created by Foundation's Team 1988 days ago

...around defending women’s human rights has been building, and more money than ever is being given towa...nbsp; the Global Fund for Women who offers some key ideas about raising money to fund women’s rights...

Foundation's Team

Where is the money for women's rights? An alarming call

Created by Foundation's Team 2133 days ago

This report provides an overview on public and private funding for initiatives for gender equality in France. It highlights their underfunding in comparison...

Foundation's Team

Tracking the money for women’s economic empowerment: Still a drop in the ocean

Created by Foundation's Team 2206 days ago

This brief produced by the OECD-DAC Network on Gender Equality (GENDERNET) and the DAC Working Party on Development Finance Statistics (WP-STAT), provides an...

Foundation's Team

Report: Women, Peace and Security Financing Workshop

Created by Foundation's Team 2382 days ago

..., and peace researchers from the development and security sectors to share good practice and lessons learned on how to join up efforts to move the money from war to peace.


Foundation's Team

RECUEIL BIBLIOGRAPHIQUE : Mots et maux des femmes en Euro-méditerranée : récit, corps, violence, argent / قائمة مرجعية: كلمات و هموم النساء في الأورومتوسط: قصص و جسد و عنف و مال / Bibliography: Stories and woes of women in the Euro-Mediterranean region: Narrative, body, violence, money

Created by Foundation's Team 1626 days ago

Ce recueil bibliographique a été élaboré par le Reseau Universitaire et Scientifique Euro-Mediterraneen sur les Femmes et le Genre (RUSEMEG) dans le cadre du Colloque de recherche « Mots et maux des femmes en Euro-méditerranée : ...

Foundation's Team

L'indice de l'égalité femmes-hommes dans l'EU / مؤشر المساواة بين الجنسين في الاتحاد الأوروبي / The Gender Equality Index in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 1708 days ago

L’indice d’égalité femmes-hommes est un indicateur composite qui mesure le concept complexe de l’égalité femmes-hommes et, sur la base du cadre politique de l’UE, aide à suivre les progrès de l’égalité dans l’Union européenn...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Gender Equality Unit
Peace and friendship international organization. P4all
Cooperation for Community Development Association
Independent Researcher
Aswat Nissa
Libya Women's Forum
Association El Ghaith
Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator (WEAccelerator)
Association Féminine pour le Développement de la Famille (AFDF)
Organisation TAMAYNUT
Ankara University
Civic Forum Institute (CFI)
Institute for gender equality
Programme d'Appui à la Société Civile (PASC-TUNISIE)
Mauritanian Council of Businesswomen – CMFA
Regional Center for Dialogue and Mediation (RCMD)
Albanian Journalists Group (AJG)
Journalists Without Borders (JWB)
Building Bridge Association (BBA)
Lebanese League for Women in Business
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
Association Neama for Development
Yala Academy
Bint Bladi Association
Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS)
Thenextwomen tunisie
I & P Image & Paroles
League for Lebanese Women's Rights (LLWR)
Amal Wazan for women football
For You Libya Group
Donia for Sutsainable Development
Bochra Laghssais
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
International therapeutic Attorneys Centre (ICAR)
Cairo Center for Development (CCD)

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