Foundation's Team

Arab spring or Arab autumn? Women's political participation in the uprisings and beyond: Implications for international donor policy

Created by Foundation's Team 2347 days ago

...orocco, the occupied Palestinian territory and Yemen, in addition to a regional synthesis.The study explains the main trends concerning women´s rights in MENA region, as well as the challenges an...

Foundation's Team

Women in Democratic Transitions in the MENA Region

Created by Foundation's Team 2359 days ago

...decision making in the post-Arab spring context and highlights the struggles and successes of women in public service in the MENA region. The papers are written by the regional experts who took part in th...

Foundation's Team

Waiting for the bloom: Correcting policy biases against Arab women's economic rights

Created by Foundation's Team 2360 days ago

...women‘s economic participation, in the transition period in the MENA region, following the Arab uprisings...of indicators related to women’s´ labor force in the Arab region, as well as elements for a ge...

Foundation's Team

Opening doors: gender equality and development in the Middle East and North Africa: Main report

Created by Foundation's Team 2362 days ago

During the last decade, countries in the MENA region have made a progress in gender equality and women´s rights, still, these achievement haven´t ensured an equal role for w...

Foundation's Team

The Integration of Women's Rights in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Women's Rights in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 2445 days ago

...e development of women's rights in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It synthesises the existing information on discrimination and violence against women in the MENA region and highlights the national,...

Foundation's Team

The Integration of Women's Rights into the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Women's Rights in Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 2458 days ago

...s rights in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in the framework of the Euro-...tices related to women’s rights in this region. The second part introduces t...ther help improve women’s rights in the region.

Foundation's Team

The Environment for Women' s Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Region

Created by Foundation's Team 2582 days ago

...economic and social development of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It assesses the existence of...ort provides an overview of the characteristics of enterprises in the region owned by women and it analyse...

Foundation's Team

Women and Work in Egypt: Case Study of Tourism and ICT Sectors

Created by Foundation's Team 2584 days ago

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has the lowest female labour force participation rates in the world. This report analyses the situation of women in Egypt, emphasizing the...

Foundation's Team

Women Entrepreneurs in Tunisia

Created by Foundation's Team 2585 days ago

...prises with a registered activity in Tunisia and compares them to the profiles of entrepreneurial women from four Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) countries: Bahrain, Jordan,...

Foundation's Team

Gender and Development in the Middle East and North Africa: Women in the Public Sphere

Created by Foundation's Team 2585 days ago

...lenge of the economies of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). While gender inequality i...contribution by women could have on the development of the region. Thanks to numerous examples from the MENA region and elsewhere (notably,...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Office for Gender Equality
Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development
Femmes et Leadership
Ensan Aid
Nansen Dialogue Montenegro
Association Tazghart
Jerusalem Center for Women
Women Helping Women Network-Jordan
Association Beity
Women in Morocco
Youth Today Association for Development
Gender equality and parity commission - Municipality of Enfidha
National Broadcasting and Television Society - SNRT
Sana Hafsa Consulting Office
Tunisian Association of Development Law - ATDD
Volunteering association  Touiza  of the wilaya of Algiers
Try Center for Training and Education
RIHAN ASSOCIATION for Youth and Development
Faculty Affiliate, PHRGE, Northeastern College of Law
Women Programs Centre - Rafah
Fundació Aroa
Assocaition des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises du Maroc (AFEM)
Morocco Volunteers
Amel Association International
Albanian Journalists Group (AJG)
Cork Feminista
Abou Fadhl Mohamad Bahlouli
Women'    s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC)
Wojoud for Empowering Civil Society
Association Citoyens Acteurs
French Coordination for the European Women's Lobby (C.L.E.F.)
Future Association for Development - Batna
Apid Imprenditorialità Donna
Arab Women Media Center (AWMC)
Voix de la Femme Jemmeliya (VFJ)
Socio-cultural centre for women in action

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Shared practices

«Accompagnement des femmes à la création d'activités génératrices de revenus (AGR)» Création et Développement de Microentreprises

Le projet est mené à Tanger, Il s'agit de former des femmes ayant déjà une activité dans le but et de les aider à sortir de...

Right to Inheritance

The main objective of the practice is the improvement of economic empowerment and the respect of economic women’s rights in...

Girls’ Dreams Program

A research conducted by ADEW Chairperson, Dr. Iman Bibars, revealed that an alarming 30% of daughters of ADEW beneficiaries...

Stories of Nihad: A TV program discussing women's issues

'Hikayat Nihad' is a TV program broadcast on Cairo and the people channel, presented by Nihad Abul-Qumsan in a simple and easy...

SheFighter, inspiring initiative to end violence against women and girls

An estimated 80% of women in Jordan have faced street harassment, and 1 in 3 women in this country are survivors of physical...

Empowering Nefta's women artisans through cloth recycling

Co-founded in 2016, SHANTI is a social enterprise whose mission is to promote the design of innovative and creative solutions to...

Campaign - Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it.

In partnership with several organisations, the Council of Europe has put together a series of recommendations and documents to...

Scholarship program for girls in school failure

Many girls from the villages of Upper Egypt are deprived of education and, therefore, they cannot improve their situation or...

Soulaliyates women' s right to ownership and enhancing their role in local governance.

Despite the problem of illiteracy among Soulaliyates women, the Fédération de la Ligue Démocratique des...

AFIF: Literacy, Training and Employment for Women in Algeria

In 1962, when Algeria became independent, it set up a huge literacy programme. More than 85 percent of the population was...