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Sama Goods

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...ation-of-gender-inequalities/ 3. The role of the Feminist Foreign Policy in supporting women’s rights movements in the South and North of the Mediterranean: Proje...

أحلام النصيري

Tunisian Mediterranean Center - TUMED

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- Awareness campaigns targeting marginalized groups on the importance of the exercise of the right to vote. - The project "Women Ambassadors for civic education of illite...

Aicha Ayari

Actions in the Mediterranean - AIM

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AIM has adopted a cross-cutting approach to gender equality since it is a founding value of our association. This allows to address this question in all our activities and...


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FFEM takes part in Morocco's Business Social Responsibility Awards Ceremony

Created by Foundation's Team 9 days ago

...ounding members participated: Fouzia Assouli, President of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation ( and President of the Gender Diversity and Governance around the Mediterranean Network (Réseau Mixit&...

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The winners of our illustration contest discuss about art and feminism in a successful dialogue

Created by Foundation's Team 38 days ago

...uth creators transforming the Mediterranean”, which brought roles on both sides of the Mediterranean” and “A...Foundation and the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFE...sp;unity and diversity of the Mediterranean region, and stressed the ...

Emilie Vidal

IEMed's Gender Equality Programme is now a member of the CNDC

Created by Emilie Vidal 123 days ago

...alunya - CNDC) formally approved the membership of the Euro – Mediterranean gender Equality Programme of the European Institute of the Mediterranean, along with 24 other entity (...


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Our art exhibition moves to Tarragona Province!

Created by Foundation's Team 15 days ago

...llenging gender roles on both sides of the Mediterranean" will move on to Tarrago...ding member, the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed). 270 artist, amateur...on youth role in social change across the Mediterranean, and a workshop on artistic c...

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International Conference: More Women for More Peace

Created by Foundation's Team 52 days ago

...who will explain the crucial and indispensable role of women in the establishment of a lasting peace. Two members of the network of the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (EMW...

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Inauguration of our illustration exhibition on gender roles 'Drawing 4 Equality'

Created by Foundation's Team 59 days ago

...llenging gender roles on both sides of the Mediterranean" will be inaugurated in Barce...of “Youth creators transforming the Mediterranean”, organized by our foun...llenging gender roles on both sides of the Mediterranean", launched last January. More...

Shared practices

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Empowering Nefta's women artisans through cloth recycling

Created by Foundation's Team 413 days ago

...equality actors" project, funded by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and coordinated by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed). ...

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Success Stories following visits to companies run by women in Setif

Created by Foundation's Team 471 days ago

...ign Affairs (MEAE) and coordinated by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed). This action is also...Developing women’s empowerment", labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). ...

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Short stories international competition

Created by Foundation's Team 1010 days ago

...t or electronically, women from around the Mediterranean. To have women write, is to a...ished women living in countries around the Mediterranean, this short stories competiti...title. Papers may be written in any of the Mediterranean languages....

Calls and opportunities

Emilie Vidal

Paid internship at the IEMed's Gender Programme - Apply now!

Created by Emilie Vidal 17 days ago

The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) opened a call for e...n several fields of action, including Euro-Mediterranean policies, Arab and Mediterran...e opportunity to collaborate with the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation whos...

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Apply for ARLEM Award on young local entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 24 days ago

...impacting people life? Apply for the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (...romote Young Local Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean, especially female entreprene...tives from the European Union and its Mediterranean partners. It was set up in 20...

Emilie Vidal

Call for applications for youth forum: incorporating feminist contributions

Created by Emilie Vidal 225 days ago

...The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), founding member of the Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFE...lding Bridges Across the Euro-Mediterranean" in Barcelona on the 16th and...Social Movements in the Euro-Mediterranean Region”, to be held on...


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Gender equality in the audio-visual sector: Arab women in films

Created by Foundation's Team 170 days ago

...dience as well as to film-making producers.    As part of the project “Enhancing a gender responsive film sector in the South Mediterranean Region” the database se...

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Lessening gender inequalities on Wikipedia: Les sans pagEs Méditerranée

Created by Foundation's Team 255 days ago

...Since 2018 a group of women has been dedicated exclusively to the Mediterranean region in view of its diversi...idea of the project Les sans pagEs/Méditerranée (the Mediterranean without pages) is to increase...

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Arab Knowledge Platform on Gender Based Violence

Created by Foundation's Team 457 days ago

...nal Office for the Arab States and the Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research (CAWTAR), which is a founding member of the Euro – Mediterranean Women’s Foundation, the...


Emilie Vidal

MeToo and the History of 'Hashtag Feminism'in the MENA Region

Created by Emilie Vidal yesterday

...ty on the wrongdoers. A look at the MENA region provides an opportunity to examine this global realization. This article is part of the IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2019....

Emilie Vidal

Women's Economic Empowerment: An Overview for the MENA Region

Created by Emilie Vidal yesterday

...ntifying specific areas where gender inequalities persist, and hence where policy interventions are needed. This article is part of the IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2019.  ...

Emilie Vidal

Social Transformation in a Digital Age: Women's Participation in a Civil and Political Domains in the MENA Region

Created by Emilie Vidal yesterday

...and lobbying to increase women’s access and participation in the public and political life.   This article is part of the IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2019....


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Our photo expo arrives to Marseille! / Notre expo photos arrive à Marseille! / معرضنا للصور الضوئية يصل إلى مرسيليا!

Created by Foundation's Team 87 days ago

The Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFEM)’s photo expo "Women in action: Breaking Stereotypes in the Euro-Mediterranean Region" continues its journey in Europe after having visited Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona and Tarragona! This time, it will be organized within the fra...

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FFEM to participate at the largest women entrepreneurs meeting in the region! / La FFEM participe à la plus grande rencontre de femmes entrepreneures de la région / مؤسسة نساء الأورومتوسط تشارك قريباً في أكبر اجتماع لسيدات الأعمال في المنطقة!

Created by Foundation's Team 129 days ago

On November 22nd, Barcelona (Spain) will be hosting the XI edition of the MEDA Women Entrepreneurs Forum which is considered as one of the largest events where business women, female entrepreneurs, senior officials and other relevant actors meet up to exchange ideas, share experiences a...

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L'UpM organise un dialogue régional sur l'autonomisation des femmes / الاتحاد من أجل المتوسط يُنظم حواراً إقليمياً حول تمكين المرأة / The UfM organizes a regional dialogue on women empowerment

Created by Foundation's Team 135 days ago

Des représentant-e-s des ministères chargés de l’égalité femmes-hommes et des questions relatives aux femmes, des instituts nationaux de statistique, des organisations régionales et internationales concernées, des réseaux ré...