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Project "Art and masculinities" which aims to sensitize young artists on issues related to gender and gender equality and encourage them to mainstream gender in their artistic activities to change the stereotypical representations based on the genre.


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Junior and senior researchers debate on masculinities and gender roles

Created by Foundation's Team 656 days ago Science, in Aix- en-Provence city in France, hosted a seminar on masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean Tunisia and Morocco, tackling thus the hegemonic and subordinate masculinities, as well as images that chara...


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Masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean area

Created by Foundation's Team 847 days ago

Masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean area is the...or force. That is what we call ‘masculinities’. The existence of these masculinities involves a double discriminat...ther hand, the daily exercise of these masculinities is only the perpetuation of a...


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UN Women's Training Center

Created by Foundation's Team 456 days ago

...’ themes are "Women’s economic empowerment"; Violence against women and girls"; "Gender equality and education", or "Understanding masculinities and violence against women an...

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Cahiers du Genre

Created by Foundation's Team 1359 days ago

...iers du Genre publishes thematic issues. Recent topics include work, the body, equality, migration, the family, sexualities, post-colonialism, masculinities, feminisms, science and techn...


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IMAGES survey on men and gender equality in the Rabat - Salé - Kenitra region in Morocco

Created by Foundation's Team 321 days ago

...gender relations in order to identify the factors determining egalitarian opinions, the empowering factors for women, and men’s perceptions of masculinities....

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Bibliographic recompilation on Masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Created by Foundation's Team 502 days ago

...urs, languages, tastes and practices must have men, normally related to concepts such as power or strength. This is called masculinities. On 29 and 30 June 2017, masculinities were the subject of the RUSEM...

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Images MENA: Qualitative study on war, masculinities and gender relations with Lebanese and Syrian refugees

Created by Foundation's Team 690 days ago

This study aims to contribute to a greater understanding of how masculinities and gender relations are affected by the post-conflict setting and by the impact of conflict-relat...


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Masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean area / Les masculinités dans l’espace euro-méditerranéen / الرجولة في المنطقة الأورو-متوسطية هو عنوان الندوة البحثية القادمة للـ RUSEMEG في إيكس أون بروفانس, فرنسا.

Created by Foundation's Team 847 days ago

Masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean area is the topic of the next research seminar of RUSEMENG. Male chauvinism does not only provide stereotyped roles for women. Men are also the object of a gender-based categorization, which indicates what kind of behavior, oral and physical lang...

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Women and Football in Turkey / Femmes et football en Turquie / النساء و كرة القدم في تركيا

Created by Foundation's Team 1121 days ago

Football was considered a "the sport of men" for a long time in Turkey. This led women to be alienated from this field, excluding a number of women football players, spectators, managers, referees and football coaches — who might have taken place in both women football and football in Turke...