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Violence Against Women: Protection and Prevention Through International Law

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This collection of articles focuses on the diverse types of violence against women a...eristics, notably trafficking in women, the treatment of male and female migrant domestic workers, and violence against women i...


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Crushed Hopes: Underemployment and deskilling among skilled migrant women / Espoirs anéantis : sous-emploi et déqualification des femmes migrantes qualifiées / آمال محطمة: التوظيف في مراكز دنيا و نزع المهارات من النساء المهاجرات من ذوات الكفاءة

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This report consists of a review of international literature on the subject of migrant deskilling and underemployment from a gender perspective, and three empirical case studies from Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom. It explores the difficulties skilled migrant women can face in transfe...