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CLUSTER produces a Compilation of identified efficient practices aimed at tackling youth unemployment in 7 Mediterranean countries

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...nally their relation with the CLUSTER Capitalisation strategy. The...sociates, together with other local actors, participated in the&nbs...outputs to be capitalised for CLUSTER. In detail, these are th...ies, approaches into the CLUSTER actions....

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CLUSTER met to discuss the production of trainings on sustainable economy and their dissemination

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...On 3 June 2022, the CLUSTER consortium met to deba...4 sustainable economy sectors of CLUSTER (blue, green, circular econom...ent, or Training), whether within CLUSTER or in their own training agen...iew was given on the planned Local and Regional Awareness-Rai...

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CLUSTER conducts Focus Groups to create inclusive training materials for young people and women

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...kills of youth and women in the Mediterranean, CLUSTER is developing Curricula to...;Palestinian context and the needs of the local market, particularly highligh...more than thirty representatives of local public and private actors in th...


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Framework regional dialogue for preparing pilot mobilization actions in 2015

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...etween men and women. These actions, called "local clusters" will be conducted in seve...s charged with implementing pilot actions at local level in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan...themes and methodologies used by each local cluster in order to bring together eq...

Calls and opportunities

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UN WOMEN is looking for a Communications Specialist in Cairo, EGYPT

Created by Foundation's Team 1004 days ago Egypt, the State of Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and conflict cluster Country Offices in Tunisia/...d prepare reports; Launch in-country UN Women/ UN system corporate and local/regional campaigns and special...

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Apply to our call for the mobilization of gender equality actors!

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...l constitute and coordinate a local cluster of gender equality actors© in 2017. A local cluster of gender equality actors&c...ion of a field diagnosis at a local level on the issue of interest...gnoses made by previous local clusters click here. The pilot...


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Gender Equality in Jordan: local perceptions and obstacles to political participation

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...osis entitled "Women in Leadership Positions: Local Perceptions and obstacles in Ma’an Governorate" as leader of the local cluster of actors for gender equali...lights the policy recommendations proposed by local associations to address the low...

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Women's Political Representation in Egypt: the 2020 Senate Elections

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...nt (ACT) carried out the field diagnosis entitled "Women’s Political Participation in Egypt: Perspectives from Giza", as the leader of a local cluster of gender equality actors &co...

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Advocacy for the Amendment of the Municipal Law

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...the project “Increasing the representation of Lebanese women in local political life” which in Mount Lebanon. It details the advocacy strategy of the local cluster´s project, which calls...


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Gender Equality in Morocco: Local Perspectives about the Constraints on Political Participation / Égalité de genre au Maroc : perspectives locales autour des limites à la participation politique / المساواة بين الجنسين في المغرب: وجهات نظر محلية حول القيود المفروضة على المشاركة السياسية

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Through the field diagnosis "Women’s access to positions of responsibility in the Souss-Massa region", the Tamaynut association has studied the legal, socio-economic, cultural and individual factors that hinder the access of women and girls to positions of responsibility in M...