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Art and feminism together: 10 illustrators that you should know

Created by Susana Cereijo 349 days ago

...oo subjects in his country and reclaiming feminist demands related to the family code and violence against women. [MORE ART] Egle Zvirblyte, Lithuania Egle, currently based in L...

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Reflection on women as vectors of dialogue and hope in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 874 days ago

...cipation of 12 other national networks from Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Tunisia. It br...

Shared practices

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Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education in six European countries

Created by Foundation's Team 197 days ago for a better access to the labour world. The project which was implemented in 6 European countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania and Spain) included internati...

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Equality for local development: gender mainstreaming in municipalities

Created by Foundation's Team 1679 days ago

...the project in Bulgaria, in partnership with the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson and the Ministry of Social Security and Labour (Lithuania) as well as the Gender Equali...


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European Institute for Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 1715 days ago

...policies, and the fight against discrimination based on sex, as well as to raise EU citizens’ awareness of gender equality. It is based in Lithuania. EIGE’s web offers a variety...

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Lithuania Ministry of Social Security and Labour Gender Equality Division

Created by Foundation's Team 1738 days ago

...on aims to ensure that equal opportunities for women and men are respected in a coherent, integrated and systematic way in all fields of life in Lithuania, as set out in the third Nati...


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A Review of Data on Prevalence of Sexual Violence and Harassment of Women Students in Higher Education in the European Union

Created by Foundation's Team 406 days ago

...rsquo;s Council of Ireland and its three partners, Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies Cyprus, The Women’s Issues Information Centre Lithuania, and Rape Crisis Scotland. Da...

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“I thought I was applying as a care giver” Combating trafficking in women for labour exploitation in domestic work

Created by Foundation's Team 1443 days ago

...labour exploitation in domestic work. It addresses the issue of trafficking in women for forced labour in Spain, Cyprus and Greece, focusing on Lithuania as a country of origin of mig...

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The policy on gender equality in Lithuania

Created by Foundation's Team 1594 days ago

This report reviews the most important legislation, institutional arrangements and policy programmes on gender equality in Lithuania. It covers six key thematic areas: equal economic i...


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Réintégrer les jeunes mères dans l'éducation dans six pays européens / إعادة دمج الأمهات الشابات في التعليم في ستة بلدان أوروبية / Bringing Young Mothers Back to Education in six European countries

Created by Foundation's Team 197 days ago

Le problème des jeunes mères qui abandonnent leurs études et qui rencontrent des difficultés pour reprendre des études ou une formation ou pour entrer sur le marché du travail avec un niveau de qualification peu élevé reste un prob...