Belen Gonzalez Alvarez

Libyan Women ORG

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:02pm

...tegic priorities: • Leadership. • Training courses: • Empowering the Libyan women and girls to be what they want to be. • Vindicate the role of Libyan women. • Employment and migr...

راضية محمد على المعدانى

Kenzy Associacion for Development

Member since 19 February 2019 @ 11:35am's participation in the economic development. During this training Kenzi Association presented a working paper entitled "Impact of the Libyan Economy on Libyan Women – Al Aziziya as a case...

سوزان حمي

The Libyan Network to Support and Empower Women

Member since 11 October 2018 @ 2:24pm

...gional and local conferences and seminars to highlight the situation of Libyan women and increase their poli...rticipation - Participate and organize campaigns to demand a quota for Libyan women in parliament and elect...


Foundation's Team

Libyan women have the right to more than just a seat at the table in their country's peace process

Created by Foundation's Team 600 days ago

...Delegation supports the efforts of UNSMIL to include women in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum. Wo...Women activists have been strong voices for peace in Libya since 2011. Libyan women networks have courageou...

Hala Bugaighis

Open Letter by Libyan CSOs to Recommend Gender Sensitive Policy to the Government's COVID-19 Crisis Response Plan

Created by Hala Bugaighis 791 days ago

On April 11th 2020 fourteen Libyan NGOs working on women’s rights issues from various perspective co-signed an open letter led by Jusoor, Haaki and Tamazight Women Mov...

سليمة مصباح الفاخري

We Can Be: An Illustrated Guide to Combat Gender Stereotypes in Libya

Created by سليمة مصباح الفاخري 949 days ago

...ion of 8 organizations: the Southern Women’s Union, the Libyan Organization for Development, the ‘’I am a Libyan Woman and My Child Is a Forei...eeks to highlight the achievements and contributions of Libyan women in various fields throu...

Calls and opportunities

Hala Bugaighis

Call for expression of interest from Libyan women civil society organisations

Created by Hala Bugaighis 416 days ago

...Call for Expression of Interest from Libyan Women CSOs to take part in th...and are supported by respected and influential Libyan figures, then these women CSO...Fa’ela project team is pleased to invite Libyan women’s organisations t...

Foundation's Team

Training Programme for Strenghtening Female Leadership in Public Service - Libya

Created by Foundation's Team 424 days ago

The Vienna School of International Studies is organizing a full time online special course exclusively for Libyan female diplomats, civil servants (in ministries and other p...

Belen Gonzalez Alvarez

Open registration for a series of talks on Empowerment

Created by Belen Gonzalez Alvarez 502 days ago

Libyan Women ORG wants to create spaces where women can come together to discuss th...information on how to take part in this initiative, send an e-mail to:


Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 808 days ago

...ts Women in Libya (English) Tamazight Women Movement & Jusoor Center for Studies and Development, LIBYA:    Open Letter by Libyan CSOs to Recommend Gender Sens...

Foundation's Team

From where I stand...

Created by Foundation's Team 1656 days ago

...joined one of the advocacy campaigns that the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation supported in Libya. She is currently collaborating with Libyan women’s Radio Network P...


Foundation's Team

Gender Equality and Violent Extremism: a Research Agenda for Libya

Created by Foundation's Team 570 days ago

...rorist groups, and how gender inequality and discrimination within Libyan society interact with other e...ntrol. As well as these gender dynamics, the research investigates Libyan women’s responses ; how...

Foundation's Team

A study on combating discrimination in Libyan legislation

Created by Foundation's Team 646 days ago sheds light on the issue of Libyan women’s rights, approach, by analysing the Libyan legislation. The report has...large a database on the rights of Libyan women; to look into the most...tivities, needs and challenges of Libyan civil society institutions wo...

Hala Bugaighis

Libyan Businesswomen: Reality and Prospects

Created by Hala Bugaighis 768 days ago

...: they have had to face many difficulties and overcome a series of barriers. They have had to confront discrimination and resist the scepticism of Libyan society, having to make great...