Leandra Hettenbach

Kayan formed the Fada Coalition of Palestinian Women Against Violence

Created by Leandra Hettenbach 78 days ago

...Women Against Violence. The coalition was founded on a human rights and legal basis, which endorsed the fac...ealities that roughly 5,000 Palestinians face within the Israeli prison system. They also shared how they re...

Foundation's Team

The Generation Equality Forum concludes in Paris with announcement of commitments

Created by Foundation's Team 408 days ago

...ector of UN Women. “The Forum’s ecosystem of partners – and the...en and children under five years; and pursuing legal and social change to end gende...llel to significant investment in its own care system The Malala Fund’s comm...

Riham Faqih

MIFTAH caps off four training workshops within its protection and promotion of women's human rights project

Created by Riham Faqih 666 days ago including the need to develop the electoral system to guarantee women’s a...partnership with the Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling and suppor...eviously highlighted. These include social and legal protection and the meagre gove...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 320 days ago

...ough training in rights and violence prevention, psychosocial care, and legal advice for survivors of male...interaction between the Israeli occupation and the dominant patriarchal system in Palestine, and how this af...

Foundation's Team

Social awareness program on women's rights

Created by Foundation's Team 2590 days ago

...and doctors were made aware on: violence against women, the health care system of circumcised girls and the...omen be aware of their rights but also to create social awareness among legal organizations and the media in...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Consultant on contestations and backlashes to gender equality in the MENA

Created by Foundation's Team 336 days ago

...Egypt, a draft of the personal status law would deprive women of their legal status to conclude a marriage...s etc.). Readers will be able to quickly search through the map using a system of keywords.   The...


Foundation's Team

Machi Rojola - a Podcast that Questions Masculinities

Created by Foundation's Team 538 days ago on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube and other legal download platforms. Soufian...w can Feminism help us move from a patriarchal system to positive Masculinities? Do...w can Feminism help us move from a patriarchal system to positive Masculinities? Do...


Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 190 days ago

...disasters are threatening ecosystems and their related services...rifying whether ‘’legal frameworks are in place to pro...nce for the national planning systems, including the adoption of g...on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, goal 1 and goal 5, on one h...

Stephanie Willman Bordat

MARSADNISSA: Analyzing gender justice and judicial stereotypes in Tunisia

Created by Stephanie Willman Bordat 455 days ago

...rights; to facilitate the exchange of information and strategies among legal and justice sector profession...tions of transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the justice system’s treatment of women’s rights...

Foundation's Team

Women's access to the political sphere in Lebanon: an obstacle race

Created by Foundation's Team 945 days ago

...other areas in the country. This study revealed that the factors responsible for this problem lie in the social, economic and legal dimensions and in the political system itself. The latter, drowned i...


Foundation's Team

The situation of access to informal and formal justice systems for women and girls with disabilities in the Gaza Strip / دراسة عن وصول النساء و الفتيات ذوات الإعاقة إلى نظم العدالة غير الرسمية و الرسمية في قطاع غزة / La situation de l'accès aux systèmes de justice informel et informel pour les fe...

Created by Foundation's Team 1646 days ago

Women in the Gaza Strip, particularly women with disabilities, are facing great challenges to access informal and formal justice system at all levels. This research aims at identifying their real situation and revealing their knowledge with regard to the justice system, as well as their...

Foundation's Team

The marriage of underage girls in Morocco / Le mariage des filles mineures au Maroc / زواج الفتيات القاصرات في المغرب

Created by Foundation's Team 1693 days ago

This study focuses on the phenomenon of marriage of underage girls between legalization, jurisprudence and practice: the case of girls from the province of Azilal where it is customary to force marriage at girls at a very young age. The diagnosis finds that the problem of the marriage ...

Foundation's Team

Comprehensive Analysis for Gender Based Violence and the status of the National Referral System in the West Bank / Analyse globale de la violence basée sur le genre et de l'état du système national d'orientation des femmes victimes de violence en Cisjordanie / دراسة تحليلية شاملة للعنف المبني على...

Created by Foundation's Team 1700 days ago

The Palestinian Council of Ministers issued Decision No. 18 of 2013 on the national referral system (NRS) for women victims of violence and published it in the Palestinian Official Gazette on 5 January 2014. The System became effective and binding for all relevant institutions as of tha...