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Amal Association for the family and the child

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.../ Psychological support: listening, psychological support, monitoring children’s of psychomotor development/ Provision of legal orientation: follow-up of patronymic recognition cases and alimony / Professio...


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The Generation Equality Forum concludes in Paris with announcement of commitments

Created by Foundation's Team 818 days ago care for pregnant women and children under five years; and pursuing legal and social change to end gend...uo;s commitment to collaborate with Caribbean NGOs to advocate for the recognition of the LGBTQI+ community and...

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First-ever strategy on LGBTIQ equality in the EU

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...r of targeted actions, including legal and funding measures, for the...rd the legislation on the mutual recognition of parenthood in cross...Fighting discrimination: Legal protection against discrimination i...slative initiative on the mutual recognition of parenthood and explore pos...

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Let's name March 8 every day and everywhere!

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...ritage rights for women and children, and her legal expertise took her to partici...entrepreneurship has earned her international recognition. In 2016, together with...ting Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration and Trafficking in Person...


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Union of Equality: LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025

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...ion against LGBTI people. At national level, 21 Member States have legally recognised same-gender couples, while four have introduced legal gender-recognition procedures without any medica...

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Legal gender recognition in the EU The journeys of trans people towards full equality

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..., employment and later life, as well as their interactions with Legal Gender Recognition (LGR) procedures and th...a positive correlation between inclusive policies allowing for Legal Gender Recognition (LGR) and the well-being of t...

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How Could the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) be implemented in the EU legal framework?

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...Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is the main international legal instrument to make recognition of the exercise of to accelerate the full implementation of CEDAW within the EU legal and political framework.


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Legal gender recognition in the EU The journeys of trans people towards full equality / / Reconnaissance juridique du genre dans l'UE, Les voyages des personnes trans vers la pleine égalité

Created by Foundation's Team 914 days ago

This study would not have been possible without the contributions of trans individuals living across the EU, who played a crucial role in the study, as reviewers, researchers and participants in the consultation activities. The research for this study was coordinated by Wester Meijdam a...

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L Etat décide qui je suis / الدولة تقرر من أكون! / The state decides who I am

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Les pays européens violent les droits fondamentaux des personnes qui tentent d’obtenir un changement de genre juridique, écrit Amnesty International dans ce rapport qui décrit de manière détaillée la façon dont les personnes transge...