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Advocacy for the Amendment of the Municipal Law

Created by Foundation's Team 2237 days ago

...he framework of the project “Increasing the representation of Lebanese women in local political life” which takes place in Mount Lebanon. It details the advocacy stra...

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The Future of Female Mobilization in Lebanon, Morocco, and Yemen after the Arab Spring

Created by Foundation's Team 2339 days ago

This study examines the propensity to vote among women, in Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen, after the Arab spring. It questions whether or not the impositions on women’s personal spa...

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Women's Participation and Leadership in Lebanon, Jordan and Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Moving from individual to collective change

Created by Foundation's Team 2387 days ago

The study aims to explore the role customary institutions play in maintaining gender inequality and how changes in individual perceptions and attitudes on gen...

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Strengthening Lebanon's Economy by Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Created by Foundation's Team 2392 days ago

...nine Lebanese microfinance institutions (MFIs) who partnered with the Lebanon Investment in Microfinance (LIM) Program to improve women’s access to finance in Lebanon. It highlights the impact of...

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‘I Want A Safe Place' Refugee Women from Syria Uprooted and Unprotected in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 2406 days ago

More than one million refugees from Syria lives in Lebanon, of which almost 26% are women above 18 years. and Palestinian women refugees, fleeing from the Syrian conflict to Lebanon, where many of them became br...

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General Awareness on Family Violence in Lebanon: Perceptions and Behaviours of the Lebanese Public

Created by Foundation's Team 2415 days ago

...e general public regarding family violence in Lebanon. It also assesses the public...hat included many interviews with people from Lebanon, taking into account their re...igures and numbers about domestic violence in Lebanon.  aiming at enhancing aw...

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Supporting Women´s Empowerment and Gender Equality in Fragile States -Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 2426 days ago

...greater empowerment, equality and inclusive development. The research was conducted through survey of 598 adult women, in nine localities around Lebanon....

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Women's Studies North and South

Created by Foundation's Team 2426 days ago

...cademic programs integrate feminist activism and policy work in their curricula. The report includes also examples from the Arab region, such as: Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. ...

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Protection of minors from early marriage: reality and aspiration

Created by Foundation's Team 2461 days ago of the national campaign to protect minors from early marriage in Lebanon, is to shed light on the real...y addresses the legal issues related to minor girl’s marriage in Lebanon, such as the various and mult...

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A guide to work inside women's prisons in Lebanon. Country concerned: Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 2461 days ago

This guide seeks to contribute to prison´s reform process in Lebanon, focusing on women's prisons. It...the reality of prisons in the Arab countries, with a specific focus on Lebanon. It provides detailed guidanc...