Foundation's Team

Tracing aspects of the Greek crisis in Athens: Putting women in the picture

Created by Foundation's Team 2267 days ago

...draws upon research in a low-income neighbourhood of Athens and focuses on changes in women’s everyday lives, which have to do with job precarity and job loss, destruction of social s...

Foundation's Team

Women, business and the law 2018

Created by Foundation's Team 2300 days ago

...ic activity around the world. The analysis draws on newly-collected data across seven indicators: accessing institutions, using property, getting a job, providing incentives to work...

Foundation's Team

Promoting youth employment and empowerment of young women in Jordan - An assessment of active labour market policies

Created by Foundation's Team 2333 days ago

...evidence-based active labour market policies (ALMPs) in promoting decent jobs for youth and empowerment of...dan more effective at reducing youth unemployment and mismatches between jobs and skills. The goal is to e...

Foundation's Team

Part-time employment, the gender wage gap and the role of wage-setting institutions

Created by Foundation's Team 2383 days ago

...xamines the extent to which the overrepresentation of women in part-time jobs can explain the gender gap i...occurs mainly through vertical (and horizontal) segregation of part-time jobs. The gender pay gap between...

Hala Bugaighis

Women in the Libyan Job Market: Reality and Challenges

Created by Hala Bugaighis 2387 days ago

...nd the current situation of women in the Libyan job market and the most important...s to women’s effective involvement in the job market and the factors encouragement and support women to enter the job market....

Foundation's Team

Climate Change and Migration: Evidence from the Middle East and North Africa

Created by Foundation's Team 2439 days ago

...overwhelmingly male, so that women are left to assume the burden of increased workload at the place of origin. And for those women who do migrate, job opportunities tend to be less...

Foundation's Team

Feminization and firms’economic and social performance

Created by Foundation's Team 2567 days ago

...ry of Labor (Dares) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in the United Kingdom. The segregation between women and men in terms of jobs and hierarchical positions e...

Foundation's Team

Snapshot of the 2015 job market

Created by Foundation's Team 2616 days ago

...mpared with 12.9% for men), while men are more often workers (31.7%, compared to 8.4% for women). In general, women are actively engaged in another job). Underemployment mainly affe...

Foundation's Team

Final Report on Access and Retention of Women in Quality Employment in Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey

Created by Foundation's Team 2692 days ago

...ngs of a study on "Improving access to and retention of women in quality jobs in the Mediterranean region"...bating gender inequalities in education, access and retention of quality jobs....

Foundation's Team

Study on female entrepreneurship in popular neighbourhoods

Created by Foundation's Team 2798 days ago

...ed as a relevant way to fight unemployment and the worsening condition of salaried employment. Women who are affected by underemployment (part-time jobs) and are paid less than sala...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Women'  s Studies Center (WSC)
Saba Hamlet for Gender Equality
Women'  s Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE)
Juzoor for Health and Social Development (Juzoor)
Kings Road Association
Association MINA's Talents
Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech
Voix de la Femme Jemmeliya (VFJ)
Association Joussour de Citoyenneté (AJC)
Union de l'Action Feministe (UAF)
Amal Wazan for women football
Ministry of Women , Family and Children
Palestinian Bar Association (PBA)
Kasdi Merbah Ouragla University
Hiwar Center for youth and women's empowerment
Forsaan Al-Ghad Youth Association
Women in Morocco
Office for Gender Equality
Women’s House for Development
Libya Women's Forum
Université Antonine
Khadija Ben Hassine
Association du Docteur Fatiha (ADF)
Fadilia Foundation
Fédération des Ligues des Droits des Femmes
Wafa Association for Awareness
Femmes-Education Arts-Médiation (FEDAM)
Amal Association for Women and Development
Soroptimist Club Marrakech
Women Against Violence (WAV)
Permanent Peace Movement (PPM)
Children of Female Prisoners Association
The Individual Initiative for Human Rights  - Masir
Youth Today Association for Development
Future Association for Development - Batna

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Shared practices

Valuation of our intangible heritage, the rose fragrance, as a tool to combat discrimination against women in the valleys of Dadès and Mgoun.

This successful practice aims to accompany women to integrate themselves to local economic activities, particularly in the area...

Palestinian women through the eyes of their youth

Gender based violence (GBV) is still considered a taboo in Palestinian society. This topic needs to be in everyday...

Campaign - Sexism: See it. Name it. Stop it.

In partnership with several organisations, the Council of Europe has put together a series of recommendations and documents to...

Excision - Let's talk about it!

The excision of women’s external sexual organ is a violation of their rights and has serious physical and psychological...

WIKIGENDER: Online collaborative platform

Wikigender is a collaborative platform addressed to political decision makers and experts in both developing and developed...

Video contest to recognize women's contribution to the blue economy!

“One in every two seafood workers is a woman, yet women are over-represented in lowest paid and lowest valued positions,...

I am unbeatable Campaign

MARCH took part in the Women’s Race on May 4th 2014 in more ways than one; fighting against domestic violence, the team ran...

Croatia: Lobbying in support of women survivors of wartime sexual violence

In many armed conflicts and throughout history, rape and sexual violence were used as a weapon of war, as a tool to terrorize,...

Women in armed conflicts and disappearances

The successful practice targets Palestinian women who experience violence of the occupation and its repressive practices. They...

Young Women as Job Creator - Phase I

The practice was structured around seminars by promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship. Around 800 students have...