Foundation's Team

Woman Business Forum 2019 Conference Report

Created by Foundation's Team 1309 days ago

...tive and successful business models. This year’s forum focused on promoting the role of women in the circular economy and in tech and innovation. This report tackles all...

Foundation's Team

Global Gender Gap Report 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 1316 days ago

...s, the 2020 edition focuses on labour market segregation along gender lines into differentiated sectors and analyses its consequences in term of innovation levels and gender pay gaps. &...

Foundation's Team

Making innovation and technology work for women

Created by Foundation's Team 1878 days ago

...ds creating and sustaining the gender gap in innovation and technology, including the limited market awarenss and investment in innovations that meet the needs of women...igh risk, low reward profile of investing in innovations for women and girls. The pap...

Foundation's Team

Gender Equality and Big Data

Created by Foundation's Team 1941 days ago

...girls”. It examines successes and challenges in the use of big data to improve the lives of women and girls, and identifies concrete data innovation projects that have considered...

Foundation's Team

Feminization and firms’economic and social performance

Created by Foundation's Team 2263 days ago l’Animation de la Recherche et des Études Statistiques of the French Ministry of Labor (Dares) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in the United King...

Foundation's Team

Results of the study on gender scan 2016

Created by Foundation's Team 2275 days ago

The results of the Gender scan show that the gender mix is a vector of performance and increased satisfaction in the innovation trades. This study is fully involved in deconst...

Foundation's Team

Women, Design and Democracy. What future for the Mediterranean?

Created by Foundation's Team 2786 days ago

...that can detect social changes.The article focuses on female designers and their role in cultural and economic development. It emphasizes female innovation, reasserting women’s cr...

Foundation's Team

Public Consultation on the Future of Gender and Innovation in Europe: Summary Report

Created by Foundation's Team 3039 days ago

...portunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding". This report summari...consultation: Enhancing Research Quality; Advancing Effectiveness and Innovation; and Promoting Structural Cha...

Foundation's Team

Structural change in research institutions: Enhancing excellence, gender equality and efficiency in research and innovation

Created by Foundation's Team 3052 days ago

...n by certain research institutions to attract women into research and innovation. It analyses the progress ach...other related actors to make gender equality advance in research and innovation. Thus, the report identifies...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Soroptimist Club Marrakech
Association Anaouat pour la femme et l'enfant
Association Citoyens Acteurs
The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH)
Nelly Jazra
Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development  (ARDD - Legal Aid)
Women'    s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC)
Sana Hafsa Consulting Office
Association Irtikaa
The School Girls of Azaghar Foundation
Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT)
Tunisian League of Women's Political Rights
Genre Culture Diversité et Développement (GCDD)
Trajectories for Peace and Development
The committee of vigilance for democracy in Tunisia (CDVT)
AWARE Services & Consulting
Pertinence Sa Dynamisme Qualite
Africa Women's Forum (AWF)
Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation
United Religions Initiative
Silvia Gagliardi
Isha L'Isha - Haifa Feminist Center
Mohammed V University- Agdal Rabat
Urban Community of Marrakech
TAMETTUT - Amazigh Women's Association for Culture and Development
Souad Slaoui
AWSA-Be, Arab Women's Solidarity Association-Belgium
Association Tawaza pour le plaidoyer de la femme
Association Tunisienne de la Santé de la Reproduction (ATSR)
Action et Promotion Sociale et Culturelle
Orbital Endowment Fund
Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech
Observatori Cultural de Gènere
União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta

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Promoting parity, a necessary step towards achieving gender equality in Morocco

In Morocco, preparations are under way for the elections that will be held in 2021. This year, all elected national, local and...

A training course in leading the community initiative to promote and implement women's rights in Tunisia and Morocco

March 20, 2023 marks the conclusion of the training course in leading the community initiative to promote and implement women’s...

The Community Media Center in Gaza holds a youth training camp for the promotion of women's rights using puppets

Gaza - Community Media Center - August 2022The Community Media Center in Gaza opened an intensive training camp on the making and...

The Catalan society and the women’s promotion in the Mediterranean area

The European Institute of the Mediterranean - IEMed hosted the event entitled “The Catalan society and the women’s promotion in...

Online platform to support young Turkish female entrepreneurs

The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) established a new training platform named ‘’My dream...

SWG develops training to enhance digital skills for women

The Society of Women Graduates continues to implement e-marketing training for participants whose project ideas have been...

Women-friendly cities and gender perspectives on urban policies

What is women’s reconquest of the city? What is the place of women in the urban space and the transformation of cities?...

Women participation in local councils in Irbid governorate/in Qasaba, Korah and Bani Kinana districts

This project is the result of the mobilization pilot action of local actors 'Strengthening the capacity of gender equality...

The Community Media Center inaugurates the activities of the project: Encouraging Interventions to Promote Women's Rights in the Gaza Strip

Gaza - Community Media Center - May 2023The Community Media Center (CMC) inaugurated the activities of the project...

"Qahwetnah" Cultural Café in Tripoli

After the resounding success of 'Love and War on the Rooftop', MARCH felt the need to keep up the momentum of this conflict...