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20-21 July 2022 UfM-UNIDO Women Business Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 60 days ago discuss gender-smart financing to empower women as entrepreneurs, traders, workers, and professionals, as well identify financial inequalities that remain gender-based. It...

Foundation's Team

A Feminist Lens on Migration and Trade

Created by Foundation's Team 500 days ago

...gender, trade and migration. At this critical juncture in the COVID pandemic, we explore how the pandemic, which made visible deep structural inequalities, offer the opportunity for a...

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Our Generation Equality - July 7, 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 775 days ago UN World Conference for Women in Beijing. If the Covid-19 crisis has had the effect of a shock wave across the planet, aggravating existing inequalities and disproportionately affect...

Maria Àngels Roque

Art and feminism in cities: A vital link for human rights

Created by Maria Àngels Roque 1445 days ago

...hts". It will be an opportunity to highlight the link between artists and activism in order to conquer the public space, to denounce the gender inequalities existing in the cultural and...

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Seminar The “making” of bodies and producing gender inequalities

Created by Foundation's Team 2091 days ago

...o public space, mobility, and abortion have demonstrated. In order to analyse the mechanisms of producing gender inequalities, the workshop "The bodies and producing gender inequalities" will gather academics, young...

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Research seminar: "Restraints and obstacles to women' s economic empowerment”

Created by Foundation's Team 2657 days ago

...ncreasing. Many studies show that women are mostly affected and that inequalities between women and men are wid...lection and process based on gender that hinders discriminations and inequalities that have an impact on women...