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International Non-Binary Day 2021

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International Non-Binary Day, celebrated around when it comes to securing full protections and rights for our non-binary siblings, more on the topic at the platform of Human Rights Campaign. ...

Calls and opportunities

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The Call for Submissions for the Generation Equality Forum in Paris is now open

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Inclusive, multi-stakeholder and intergenerational, the Generation Equ...for gender equality and other types of activism (anti-racism, LGBTQ+ rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, rural women, disability acti...


Silvia Gagliardi

Violence Against Women: The Stark Reality between Morocco's Human Rights Progress

Created by Silvia Gagliardi 1821 days ago

Abstract While the dominant narrative...iographic narrative on women’s rights and gender equality is proble...against women (VAW) by women’s rights groups on one hand and the vi...een the government and women’s rights groups, which perpetuates ina...


Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 185 days ago

Since the adoption of the international convention on the elimination of all fo...resources with regard to the gendered dimensions of the 2030 Agenda. A human rights based approach to sustainable...

Silvia Gagliardi

The Human Rights of Minority and Indigenous Women

Created by Silvia Gagliardi 1128 days ago

This chapter is part of the International Human Rights book series (IHR). It examines and critiques the human rights project through the existing...ecifically focuses on women’s rights and minority and indigenous p...approaches that defend group rights as a way to secure rights for...

Silvia Gagliardi

Indigenous peoples'rights in Morocco: subaltern narratives by Amazigh women

Created by Silvia Gagliardi 1248 days ago

Morocco’s 2011 Constitution affirmed...oups’ and indigenous peoples’ rights and gender equality, Amazigh women’s rights continue to be violated both...minant approaches to the study of Amazigh rights for failing to take into acco...


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Violence contre les femmes: la réalité derrière le progrès Maroquin des droits de l'homme / العنف الموجه ضد النساء: الواقع الحقيقي خلف التقدم المغربي في مجال حقوق الإنسان / Violence Against Women: The Stark Reality behind Morocco's Human Rights Progress

Created by Foundation's Team 1815 days ago

Alors que le récit dominant suggère que le Maroc est un champion de la stabilité et de la modération dans le «monde arabe», cet article conteste ce discours et affirme que le récit hagiographique de l’État sur les droits des fe...