Maha Khiralla

Gender Club in Upper Egypt

Created by Maha Khiralla 1791 days ago

...both men and women need to be involved. Equality between women and men must be seen both as a human rights issue and as a precondition for, and indicator of, sustainable development....


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Research seminar: "Restraints and obstacles to women' s economic empowerment”

Created by Foundation's Team 2445 days ago between the growing entrance of women graduates in the labour market and their access to employment. Women’s employment, an essential indicator of the achievement of real eq...

Shared practices

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WIKIGENDER: Online collaborative platform

Created by Foundation's Team 1811 days ago

...complementary to the data base “Genre institutions et développement” (Gender, institutions and development) (GID-DB) and the indicator “Institutions sociales...


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The Gender Equality Index in the EU

Created by Foundation's Team 1281 days ago

The Gender Equality Index is a composite indicator that measures the complex concept of gender equality and, based on the European Union (EU) policy framework, assists in mon...

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Wikigender. Data and statistics

Created by Foundation's Team 2440 days ago

...complementary to the data base “Genre institutions et développement” (Gender, institutions and development) (GID-DB) and the indicator “Institutions sociales...


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Inequality, Intergenerational Mobility of Women Educational Attainment and Inclusive Policies in Arab Countries

Created by Foundation's Team 1302 days ago

...ducation outcomes. While education inequality can be thought of as an indicator of equality of outcome, the intergenerational education mobility indicator can be thought of as an indic...

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Female Entrepreneurship in the South of the Mediterranean: A Challenge for Solidarity Progress

Created by Foundation's Team 1322 days ago

Female entrepreneurship is an indicator on both economic progress and ambition and the social orientation of a country. In European countries, local and national actions have...

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Women, Business and the Law 2014. Removing Restrictions to Enhance Gender Equality

Created by Foundation's Team 2444 days ago

...of the latter. The 2014 report analyses the trends through different indicators: access to institutions, and management of justice. The report also introduces a new pilot indicator on the protection of women ag...


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Gender equality indicators: what, why and how? / مؤشرات المساواة بين الجنسين: ماذا ولماذا وكيف؟ / Indicateurs d'égalité des genres: quoi, pourquoi et comment?

Created by Foundation's Team 1412 days ago

This practice note focuses on the use of gender equality indicators as a way of measuring change. It asks: what are indicators, and why should we develop indicators to measure gender equality?   It also addresses the often political issue of what we should be measuring,&nbs...