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Gender, Tutoring and Track in Egyptian Education / Genre, tutorat et cursus de l'éducation égyptienne / النوع الإجتماعي, التدريس والمسار في التعليم المصري

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This article discusses whether girls, especially those from poor families in Egypt, will be disadvantaged in terms of school expenditures and the transitions to secondary and higher education. The article debates that girls, even those from poor families, are not disadvantaged in terms of expendi...

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A guide to work inside women's prisons in Lebanon. Country concerned: Lebanon / Manuel pour travailler dans les prisons de femmes du Liban / دليل للعمل داخل سجون النساء في لبنان

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This guide seeks to contribute to prison´s reform process in Lebanon, focusing on women's prisons. It aims to instruct male and female specialists and workers inside women's prisons, to the best approaches to adopt, that respect the rights of women prisoners, the development of their skills...

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EFA Global Monitoring Report 2013-2014. Teaching and learning: achieving quality for all / Rapport mondial de suivi sur l'EPT 2013-2014, Enseigner et apprendre : atteindre la qualité pour tous / تقرير رصد التعليم للجميع العالمي 2013-2014. التعليم والتعلم: تحقيق الجودة للجميع

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The 11th Education for All (EFA) Monitoring Global Report is divided into three parts. The first section analyses the progress made in achieving the six EFA world goals adopted in 2000. The second part establishes, based on evidence, that the progress on education is crucial to achieving the deve...