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Our Generation Equality: 7 thematic events within the framework of the Generation Equality Forum

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...vate sector to define a series of concrete actions to advance gender equality and dedicated to the six coalitions of action of the Forum. These are multi...e Agenda for Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action, which will also be launched...

Ghida Abdallah Anani

ABAAD Launches a Humanitarian Call to Action Lebanon

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 1443 days ago

The massive explosion at the National Port of Beirut, which occurred on Tuesday 4th of August, has services to the affected people. ABAAD has launched an emergency humani...

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EU guidelines on Violence Against Women and Girls and combating all forms of discrimination against them

Created by Foundation's Team 1490 days ago

...;s rights as a priority and to take long-term action in that field. In focusing on the i...en and girls, the EU will be taking effective action against one of the major huma...Conventions on human rights and international humanitarian law and the Rome Statut...


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Conversation Circle: Anti-Racism

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"Let’s talk about Anti-Racism" is a place to raise issues a...rsation will present a specific topic related to the Generation Equality Action Coalitions, Compact ...

Calls and opportunities

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UN WOMEN Programme Associate in Jerusalem, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES - Job Offer

Created by Foundation's Team 1589 days ago

...of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security. Placing wom...strategic goals: Engendering humanitarian action and increasing t...h as the Beijing Platform for Action, Enhancing the implementation...uo; Monitoring and Evaluation Actions through organizing meetings/...

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UN WOMEN is looking for a Communications Specialist in Cairo, EGYPT

Created by Foundation's Team 1597 days ago

...beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security. &nbs...Development Goals, the Beijing Platform for Action, the Convention on the Elimin...te and social media channels; Regular interactions with mass media, as shown by...


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COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

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...lence against Women in Morocco - Action research report (June 2020; English...mission: 31 May 2020 Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human...d Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund, Call for Proposal...resources, English) Genre en Action: Genre et COVID (list of a...

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Twelve Small Actions with big impact for Generation Equality - UN Women

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...blish the list of 12 everyday actions proposed by UN women to engage peo...imate change. Climate-induced humanitarian disasters often worsen...; For more tips on climate action, check out the UN’...girls everywhere. Collective action can operate at every scale. N...


Monia Braham

Implementing the 2030 Agenda in the Arab Region with a Gender and Green Local Development perspective

Created by Monia Braham 897 days ago

...AW) and the Beijing platform for Action, women have made significant stride...ions’ intervention and the humanitarian aid as the unique windo...level. The Beijing platform for Action has already recognized that &...ce and security, and its related action plan. However, it is unfortu...

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Guide to integrate Gender Approach in organisations

Created by Foundation's Team 1584 days ago stock of the situation by identifying the levers and courses of action that will enable a concrete, cross-..., Crid, Forim, Groupe Initiatives. Member NGOs carry out emergency humanitarian actions, development aid, environmen...

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The gender handbook for humanitarian action

Created by Foundation's Team 2171 days ago

Humanitarian action provides lifesaving services and facilitates recovery...omplex emergencies. The responsibility of humanitarian actors to promote gender equa...nale for integrating gender equality into humanitarian action and provides practical guidan...


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Social norms and beliefs about gender based violence scale: a measure for use with gender based violence prevention programs in low-resource and humanitarian settings / Les normes et les croyances sociales relatives à la violence basée sur le genre (VGB): outil de mesure à utiliser par les progra...

Created by Foundation's Team 1730 days ago

Gender-based violence (GBV) primary prevention programs seek to facilitate change by addressing the underlying causes and drivers of violence against women and girls at a population level. Social norms are contextually and socially derived collective expectations of appropriate behaviou...

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Interagency Gender Based Violence Case Management Guidelines / Lignes directrices interinstitutionnelles sur la gestion des cas de violence fondée sur le genre / المبادئ التوجيهية لإدارة القضايا المتعلقة بالعنف القائم على النوع الاجتماعي

Created by Foundation's Team 2121 days ago

There is growing recognition that populations affected by conflict and natural disaster experience various forms of GBV during crisis and displacement, and during and following return. In particular, intimate partner violence is increasingly recognized as a critical concern in humanitar...

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The gender handbook for humanitarian action / دليل النوع الاجتماعي في مجال العمل الإنساني / Le guide des genres pour les actions humanitaires

Created by Foundation's Team 2171 days ago

Humanitarian action provides lifesaving services and facilitates recovery for communities affected by armed conflict, natural disasters and other complex emergencies. The responsibility of humanitarian actors to promote gender equality is supported by a normative framework validated by ...