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...t in all forms; • Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development; • Quality, Safety, Environment Management; • Economic rights, Labor law; • Gender, Diversity, Human Rights and the mechanisms for their...

Neus Pociello Cayuela

Fundació Aroa

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The foundation has a clear priority toward the fight for human rights, gender equality and women's rights, with over 12 years’ experience in giving specialized therapeutic services to women victims of Gen...

Dr Elizabeth Coombs

Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences, University of Malta

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'The Human Right to Privacy: A Gender Perspective', February 2019. This report of a The full report is at Annexe 2 of the Special Rapporteur's report to the Human Rights Council and can be found here...


Ghida Abdallah Anani

ABAAD, a global leader of the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Gender-Based Violence

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 6 days ago

...ality and all women’s and girls’ human rights. The Action Coalitions will...d violence, economic justice and rights, bodily autonomy and sexual...cing gender equality and women’s human rights and reflect the different exp...equality and women’s and girls’ human rights globally. This announc...

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EU guidelines on Violence Against Women and Girls and combating all forms of discrimination against them

Created by Foundation's Team 18 days ago

...irmation of the universality of human rights) a mark of the EU’s the subject of women’s rights as a priority and to take lo...action against one of the major human rights violations of today’s w...articles of the Conventions on human rights and international humanitaria...

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Let's name March 8 every day and everywhere!

Created by Foundation's Team 48 days ago

...Soroptimism (an international human rights organization focused on fema...rted in 2011, focusing on the rights for women and children, and h...t, and an activist on women’s rights. Her literary works put the her country.   Women in Humanitarian Aid   Aïcha Chenna (Mo...


Susana Cereijo

A film festival hosts our photo exhibition and a discussion on gender stereotypes

Created by Susana Cereijo 440 days ago

...Catalunya - CLAM 2019 (International Social Film Festival of Catalunya), dedicated to the promotion of films focused on human rights and solidarity. Women’s rights are not an exception in this...

Rachid Aboutaieb

National Symposium on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Casablanca

Created by Rachid Aboutaieb 494 days ago

...f Sexology and the University Centre of Education for Citizenship and Human Development, organizes a nati...ductive health including education on gender equality and respect for human rights in terms of sexual and reprod...

Susana Cereijo

Tribute to distinguished women in the fields of culture, sport and Human rights

Created by Susana Cereijo 497 days ago

The intercultural association Ibn Rochd which promotes the value and culture of dialogue, tolerance and non-discrimination with the aim of strengthening...

Shared practices

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Croatia: Lobbying in support of women survivors of wartime sexual violence

Created by Foundation's Team 245 days ago

...nbsp;  In 1992, a group of feminist anti-military women’s rights activists founded the Centre...These efforts, along with unremitting lobbying from other women and human rights organization, culminated in t...

Chérifa Kheddar

Project: Do not touch my rights!

Created by Chérifa Kheddar 1226 days ago

...ense and promotion of women's rights. Several activities have been...ciaries demonstrated a lot of human and technical qualities, being...omen to inform them about the rights that are guaranteed by law an...ion and protection of women's rights, the option for associations...

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Excision - Let's talk about it!

Created by Foundation's Team 1256 days ago

...cision of women’s external sexual organ is a violation of their rights and has serious physical and...nities concerned), and the different topics (sexual health, violence, human rights, psychology…) and impl...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for Papers - Gender Studies Conference 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 52 days ago for Epistemic Violence and Regressive end by the Name Women’s Rights Queering the future for...minist speculation Reclaiming Reproductive Futures Rethinking human-animal relations: imagining in...

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COVID-19 Microgrants for Media Work in Emerging Economies

Created by Foundation's Team 74 days ago

..., and examining digital surveillance and surveillance capitalism, civil rights, and violence against women...quality and equity of online information. We build software and design human-powered initiatives for newsro...

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Call for Papers UNESCO: Inequalities in the Arab region in light of Covid-19

Created by Foundation's Team 84 days ago

...loyment benefits, housing, women’s rights, etc. People around the regi...terface, which uses knowledge focused on human needs from the social and human sciences to promote a Rethinking the citizenship and human rights of vulnerable populations gro...


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COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 95 days ago

...quo; (French) Mobilising for Rights Associates (MRA), MOROCCO:&n...Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, EGYPT:  Repo...ent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, Grants:  COVID-19 Crisi...ed Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund, Call for Proposal...

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COVID-19 Resources: Women's Helplines in the Euro-Mediterranean Countries

Created by Foundation's Team 95 days ago

...risis counselling as well as legal support and human security for women and girls...norate:       PWWSD Women Rights - جمعية المرأة العاملة الفلسط...WAVE - WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE EUROPE EUROMED RIGHTS European Institute for Gende...

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Documentary - Equality: It's All in the Family

Created by Foundation's Team 663 days ago

This documentary by Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace (WLP)...s freedom, safety, and wellbeing. Drawing on expertise from prominent human rights activists and leaders, the fi...


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EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2019

Created by Foundation's Team 26 days ago

The 2019 EU annual report on human rights and democracy in the world mar...implementation of the EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy (2015-2019). It...ching upon economic, social and cultural rights, business and human rights, democratic governance,...

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Guide to integrate Gender Approach in organisations

Created by Foundation's Team 112 days ago

...association (associative project, governance, human resources, communication) and...tives: CLONG-Volontariat, Cnajep, Coordination Humanitaire et Dé, environmental protection, defence of human rights for underprivileged populatio...

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Turkey: Women and Domestic Violence

Created by Foundation's Team 236 days ago

...around the world, hundreds of thousands of women are daily victims of human rights violations. Between one-third...f violence by family members. On the subject of violations of women’s rights and discrimination against th...


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EU guidelines on Violence Against Women and Girls and combating all forms of discrimination against them / / Lignes directrices de l'UE sur la violence contre les femmes et les filles et la lutte contre toutes les formes de discrimination à leur égard

Created by Foundation's Team 18 days ago

June 19, 2020 The adoption of guidelines on violence against women and girls is (in addition to being a clear reaffirmation of the universality of human rights) a mark of the EU’s clear political will to treat the subject of women’s rights as a priority and to take long-t...

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Rapport annuel de l'UE sur les droits de l'homme et la démocratie dans le monde en 2019 / / EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2019

Created by Foundation's Team 26 days ago

Le Rapport annuel de l’UE sur les droits de l’homme et la démocratie dans le monde en 2019 marque la dernière étape de la mise en œuvre du plan d’action de l’UE en faveur des droits de l’homme et de la démocratie (2015-2019). Il présente les prog...

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Online Privacy Threats to Women and LGBTIQ Communities in Lebanon / تهديد خصوصية النساء ومجتمعات الميم على الإنترنت في لبنان / Les menaces sur la vie privée des femmes et des communautés LGBTIQ en ligne au Liban

Created by Foundation's Team 209 days ago

This research study documents the state of digital privacy for women and LGBTIQ individuals in Lebanon by cataloguing online threats reported in national media outlets over 5 years and using a series of interviews with NGO employees, who explain the severity of specific threats, such as...