Sana Afouaiz

Womenpreneur Initiative

Member since 29 November 2019 @ 4:56pm

...oint initiative of SANAD’s Entrepreneurship Academy and Womenpreneur, mapping female entrepreneurs in technology, digital and innovation. We travel through different MENA countries...

Ikrame Moucharik

Assiouar collective

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 1:01pm and girls; - Raise awareness of inequalities, discrimination and gender-based violence; - The promotion of feminist reflections and practices through cultural activities; - O...


Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator (WEAccelerator)

Member since 21 October 2019 @ 12:51pm

...ams and one to one coaching in several domains: Business, marketing, management, communication... 2. Mentoring 3. Supporting women entrepreneurs through networks of women entrepr...


Ghida Abdallah Anani

The Real Test: Lebanon's anti-stigma campaign

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 28 days ago

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) through the National Mental Health Programme, ABAAD, United Nations D...lTest”, a national campaign was launched on several TV outlets with a synchronized introduction of primeti...

Ghida Abdallah Anani

ABAAD, a global leader of the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Gender-Based Violence

Created by Ghida Abdallah Anani 28 days ago

...eminist and women’s rights organizations, youth-led organizations, philanthropic entities, UN agencies and...ity Forum and Action Coalitions are important and urgently needed to get through this pandemic, to recover...

Foundation's Team

EU guidelines on Violence Against Women and Girls and combating all forms of discrimination against them

Created by Foundation's Team 40 days ago

June 19, 2020 The adoption of guidelines on violence against women and girls is (in addition to being a clear reaffirmation of the universality of human...


Foundation's Team

International Online Conference: Women in Industry and Innovation

Created by Foundation's Team 22 days ago

...e potential of women-led entrepreneurship and self-employment in value chain development Realizing the opportunities for women’s empowerment through ICTs and digital technolo...

Foundation's Team

Our Generation Equality - July 7, 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 29 days ago

...e women’s rights. "Our Generation Equality" bears witness to a redoubled mobilization in favour of gender equality and women’s rights: through some thirty testimonies,...

Esther Fouchier

Writing Workshop: Exiled and Confined women

Created by Esther Fouchier 82 days ago

Within the framework of the ACJM Days, the Mediterranean Women’s Forum (Marseille-France) and the Circle of Rabat - ACM Foundation invite you to parti...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Soap making to support unemployed women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 258 days ago

...g oils recycled by other women in need of jobs. The project also aimed at contributing to environmental awareness about the importance of recycling through workshops and school visi...

Foundation's Team

Croatia: Lobbying in support of women survivors of wartime sexual violence

Created by Foundation's Team 267 days ago

In many armed conflicts and throughout history, rape and sexual violence were used as a weapon o...o enabled women survivors to file criminal charges against perpetrators, through providing legal consultat...

Foundation's Team

Video contest to recognize women's contribution to the blue economy!

Created by Foundation's Team 330 days ago

“One in every two seafood workers is a woman, yet women are over-represented in lowest paid and lowest valued positions, and very few at leadership po...

Calls and opportunities

Mozn Hassan

Task Based Researcher Vacancies - Feminist Research Consultancy

Created by Mozn Hassan 5 days ago is opening its call to receive CVs regarding three vacancies to hire task base...d of a New CEDAW? Are we in need of a CEDAW for WHRDs? Do WHRDs need a convention...After COVID-19 The paper will tackle the issue through monitoring different gove...

Foundation's Team

Open Call: Support Program Reducing Inequalities Through Intersectional Practice

Created by Foundation's Team 11 days ago

...intersectionality provides a powerful framework through which to both understand...oss different contexts, at different scales and through a range of approaches, wi...tion, and to sharing this knowledge with others through wider stakeholder engagem...

Foundation's Team

Call for Submissions: Tunisian associations working in crafts and design

Created by Foundation's Team 42 days ago up service centres to improve the competitiveness of the sector throughout the country. Three calls for proposals will be...ncrease in income or living conditions) for vulnerable populations through artisanal activity. To p...


Foundation's Team

European Institute for Gender Equality Index 2019 Reports

Created by Foundation's Team 85 days ago

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) offers new in depth publications and reports for the 2019 analysing the Gender Equality Index in every EU...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 117 days ago

Organisations’ Resources, Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls & Opportunities on COVID-19  Our Members Nazra for Feminist Studies,...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Articles, Essays, News and Press Releases

Created by Foundation's Team 117 days ago

Here is a growing list of different resources disseminated in the media that provide in-depth considerations on the short- and long-term consequences of the...


Foundation's Team

Middle East, Topics and Arguments (META), vol. 14: Gender

Created by Foundation's Team 15 days ago

The protests and upheavals that erupted in the Arab world since 2010 were the starting point in 2019 to look at issues of gender in political and social cri...

Foundation's Team

Women, Business and the Law 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 47 days ago

...d around women’s interactions with the law as they begin, progress through, and end their careers&md...nd employment. By examining the economic decisions women make as they go through different stages of their...

Foundation's Team

EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2019

Created by Foundation's Team 48 days ago

The 2019 EU annual report on human rights and democracy in the world marks the final phase of implementation of the EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democ...


Foundation's Team

Guide to integrate Gender Approach in organisations / Guide d'Appui pour l'intégration de l'Approche Genre dans les organisations / الدليل حول كيفية دمج نهج النوع الاجتماعي في المنظمات

Created by Foundation's Team 134 days ago

Gender inequalities persist. Associations are not exempt from this reproduction of social and cultural norms. To respond to these observations, Coordination SUD proposes - in March 2020 - a new support guide aimed at integrating the gender approach into 3 essential components of organiz...



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