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Women's Rights in Western Balkans

Created by Foundation's Team 1761 days ago

...d Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and LGBTI rights. The study shows that the countries in question, while sharing a part of their recent history, and hope for the better futu...

Foundation's Team

Gender and (Military) Conflicts in Eastern-European Countries through Feminist Lenses

Created by Foundation's Team 1894 days ago

...s tackle several subjects ranging from UNSCR1325, to gender and nationalism, displacement, war and sexual violence, women’s contribution to history writing, gender and militaris...

Foundation's Team

Where are the women in the positions of leadership within Arab Parties?

Created by Foundation's Team 2023 days ago

...The number of women who have been in the political arena and managed to lead parties and intellectual currents does not exceed dozens throughout history. In most societies, women are...

Foundation's Team

Arab Women and the 2030 Strategy for Sustainable Development in the Local Media -Executive Summary

Created by Foundation's Team 2054 days ago

...lopment in the Local Media" raises new problems and questions imposed by the challenges experienced by the Arab world at a different stage of its history at the political, economic, c...

Foundation's Team

The Role of Academia in Promoting Gender and Women's Rights Issues in the Arab World and Southern and Central Europe

Created by Foundation's Team 2139 days ago

...also reveals the challenges which the academic institutions face to deal with gender, feminism and women’s rights issues according to their history and context. Moreover, it hig...

Foundation's Team

Gender, term and significance

Created by Foundation's Team 2167 days ago

...r also considers that gender means that social and class divisions all go back to the oppression and the injustice that women suffered throughout history. This injustice is made by hu...

Foundation's Team

What is Ecofeminism?

Created by Foundation's Team 2172 days ago

In this article, Gitte Pedersen explains the history, philosophy and politics of socialist ecofeminism. Environmental and ecological movements and even Eco socialism tend t...

Foundation's Team

Trends of feminism in the Arab spring uprisings - The Syrian case 2011 - 2015

Created by Foundation's Team 2189 days ago

...port Program, funded by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Open Society Foundation. The paper presents a brief account of the history of the intellectual and polit...

Foundation's Team

Feminist movements in Lebanon: A brief overview of the book by Ambar Salam

Created by Foundation's Team 2295 days ago

In this article, Lebanese writer Nelly Jazra reminds us of a few chapters of the history of the feminist movement in Lebanon at the beginning of the last century, highlighti...

Foundation's Team

How Knowledge of Ancient Egyptian Women Can Influence Today's Gender Role: Does History Matter in Gender Psychology?

Created by Foundation's Team 2320 days ago

A gender role is a set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviors are considered desirable or appropriate for a person based on their sex. However, s...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Social Association  Active Woman  of the Tizi-Ouzou Wilaya
Challenge Association of Sustainable Development (A.C.D.D.)
Movimento per l'Autosviluppo, l'Interscambio e la Solidarietà (M.A.I.S.)
Union Nationale de la Femme Tunisienne (UNFT)
Association Khmir Environnement et Développement
European Observatory on Femicide
Kazan Federal University
Isha L'Isha - Haifa Feminist Center
Nansen Dialogue Montenegro
MAAT for Peace, Development and Human Rights
Association Entrelles Entrepreneures SM
The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers - Bahithat
Jawhara Association
Association Feminine de Lutte contre le Violence à l'Egard de la Femme et de l'Enfant (AFLCVF)
The Moroccan Human Rights Forum
Moroccan Association of Reproductive Health
Gender equality and parity commission - Municipality of Enfidha
Faculty of Humanities-Martil, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University
Association féminine pour la protection de la famille
Amal Association for the family and the child
Mor Masa Ritüeli
Sihem Benallal Benrahou
Centre for Women's Legal Research &Counselling and Protection
Master genre et droits des femmes des deux rives de la meditérranée
SEMNID Association for Social Development
Abou Fadhl Mohamad Bahlouli
Tunisian Association for Cultural Action
Savera Liverpool
Carmen Garraton
United Religions Initiative
Orbital Endowment Fund
National Association for Youth Exchange
Association Generation Challenge for Development and Culture

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Mouwatinet promotes women's participation in municipal elections in Sfax

Although Tunisian women have always been active in political life and despite the Tunisian constitution which guarantees gender...

Policy dialogues on violence against girls in Guelma Province

In April 2019, the Information and communication among the youth of Guelma Association (INFO-COM Jeunes de Guelma) organized...

CMC Launches Kalam Reham Play on Combating Gender-Based Violence, Performed in UNRWA Schools

As part of the 16-day global campaign, the Community Media Center (CMC) launches the play 'Kalam Reham' on combating gender-based...

Council of Europe calls member States to change their legal definitions of rape based on lack of consent

Communication of the Council of EuropeAhead of International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March 2020, Council of Europe...

Academics Enjoy Equal Rights and Opportunities, an entertainment day held by the Community Media Center in cooperation with Al-Aqsa University

The Community Media Center held the meeting in the village of Al-Aqsa University in Gaza in Mawasi Khan Yunis in the southern...

Female entrepreneurship progress in Setif

The wilaya (region) of Setif, Algeria, has a strong economic and commercial potential, it is distinguished by a large offer of...

Junior and senior researchers debate on masculinities and gender roles

On the 29th and 30th of June, the Mediterranean House of Human Science, in Aix- en-Provence city in France, hosted a...

Visit our touring photo exhibition now in Vic: Women breaking barriers. Transforming Mediterranean cities

From 9 October to 24 October 2023,Centre Cívic Montseny, Av. Montseny, 16 hosts the...

Jordan: CLUSTER Cross-Border Workshop gathers 48 stakeholder to develop training materials for young people

On 21 July 2022, the Business Development Center (BDC), in cooperation with National Agricultural Research Center (NARC),...

AEFL concluded the training for media personnel about women's rights in Conventions and MAPUTO Protocol

The Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL) has concluded the activities of the training for media personnel which was...