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Let's name March 8 every day and everywhere!

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...ember of Tunisia’s political transformation, lawyer Yosra Frawes is the president of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women. She focuses on heritage rights for women and children...

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Intensive efforts in Alexandria to engage men in the fight against VAW

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...y in densely-populated neighbourhoods that are marked by poverty, illiteracy, the spread of erroneous religious concepts, male-dominated cultural heritage, and family disintegration. T...

Susana Cereijo

Mar de Paraules Literary Contest: Women's Empowerment in the Spotlight

Created by Susana Cereijo 627 days ago

...of the 2018 edition was held as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and was entitled "Memory and Identity: Rethinking Cultural Heritage". Whether tangible or intangi...


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Seminar on Women's experience in cities in conflict

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...  Thus, wars and their repercussions will be apprehended from the point of view of the women who lived them or live, study, accompany their heritage through art, urbanism, educat...

Shared practices

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Valuation of our intangible heritage, the rose fragrance, as a tool to combat discrimination against women in the valleys of Dadès and Mgoun.

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This successful practice aims to accompany women to integrate themselves to local economic activities, particularly in the area of the valuation of the rose fr...

Calls and opportunities

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Call for Submissions: Tunisian associations working in crafts and design

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...sign sector To support the development of design skills and collaboration between designers and craftspeople To promote the Tunisian handicraft heritage through national and internat...

Susana Cereijo

Memory and Identity: Rethinking Cultural Heritage

Created by Susana Cereijo 836 days ago year’s contest seeks to provide a forum for youths to tell us about their own experiences and emotions in relation to cultural heritage. Cultural heritage, whether tangible or intangib...


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Institut de recherche sur le Maghreb contemporain. IRMC's Library

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...earch on the other. For the conduct of its programs, the Institute has a research library in humanities and social sciences. It has a historical heritage of the resources of the Tunis...

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Atria - Institute on Gender Equality and Women's History

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...and equal opportunities for girls and women in all their social and cultural diversity. The Foundation has a library that manages and shares the heritage of women’s movements. A...


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Observatory of Gender Equality in Culture and Communication - 2019

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...of gender equality in culture and communication presents data covering the diversity of sectors that form the field of culture and communication: heritage, artistic creation, cinema, a...

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Gender equality Observatory in culture and communication

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...s under the Ministry of Culture and Communication, it covers the diversity of the sectors that constitute the field of culture and communication: heritage, artistic creation, Cinema an...

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Feminism in Egypt and Tunisia before and after the Arab Spring: Reproduction of old frameworks or new prospects for participation

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...t important structural factors, legislation and laws that affected the feminist issue in Egypt and Tunisia through history and the impact of this heritage on the situation of women in...


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Climate change and Tunisia's Tozeur oases: an opportunity to boost women's leadership and economic activity / Le changement climatique et les oasis tunisiennes de Tozeur: une opportunité pour renforcer le leadership et l'activité économique des femmes / التغير المناخي وواحات توزر في تونس: فرصة لت...

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Despite the disproportionate impact of climate change on women and scientists alarm bells, these risks must be faced with hope and seen as an opportunity to empower women and increase their contributions to finding sustainable alternatives and solutions to environmental problems and the...

Carmen Garraton

Attitudes and values of young students in Algiers and in Kabylie: their perception of women's rights / Attitudes et valeurs des jeunes étudiants à Alger et en Kabylie : leur perception des droits des femmes / مواقف وقيم الطلاب الشباب في الجزائر العاصمة ومنطقة القبائل: تصورهم لحقوق المرأة

Created by Carmen Garraton 318 days ago

In Algeria, where Islam is the State religion, coexist several political and religious divergent trends in which the presence of youth is increasingly noticed. However, the weight of traditions seems to play a strongly rooted role, in religious practice and in private of family life mat...

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When the economy advocates in favour of gender equality in inheritance / Quand l'économie plaide en faveur de l'égalité dans l'héritage / عندما يناصر الاقتصادُ المساواةَ في الميراث

Created by Foundation's Team 585 days ago

This article reflects on 20 arguments made by the Tunisian Association of Women Democrats in favour of gender equality in inheritance, especially after Tunisian Cabinet approved, on November 23rd 2018, a law that would allow men and women to inherit equally, contrary to what is stipulat...