Mahmoud Farag

Social Association for Media Profession

Member since 10 April 2018 @ 6:01pm

...igns to train women on personal and public hygiene and their impact on health • Conducting radio workshops with juvenile centres and shelters for girls • Presenting a radio program...

Amal Ben Salah

The School Girls of Azaghar Foundation

Member since 22 March 2018 @ 12:51pm

...ion was founded on 1 January 2011 with the aim of guiding the Azaghar’s girls from their village school El Jebha. The foundation covers the financial and other needs of the girls for a period of one year, as...

Najat Hassni

Women and Leadership

Member since 26 January 2018 @ 5:11pm

...raftswomen to send establish projects and access the structured sector • Yizi Project: Prevention of sexual violence against children, especially girls • We organize conferences, s...


Emilie Vidal

Libyan women fight for their civil and political rights

Created by Emilie Vidal 73 days ago

...cently launched an intensive campaign against the marriage of under-age girls which has become a widespread...luded awareness raising activities to combat violence against women and girls. On the other hand, the assoc...

Noha El Khouly

Voices from CSW62

Created by Noha El Khouly 88 days ago

...ty.” she added. More than 4,300 civil society representatives from 130 countries participated in the CSW62 which focused on rural women and girls. In the link below, you can...

Foundation's Team

The Foundation at the 62nd session Commission on the Status of Women

Created by Foundation's Team 108 days ago

...nder the theme of the empowerment of women and girls in rural areas. The event was...nce "The Impact of Climate Change on Women and Girls in Rural Areas" organized by...dquo;The Impact of Climate Change on Women and Girls in Rural Areas”, our Fo...


جهاد سبوبه

Empowering Palestinian girls and women through art

Created by جهاد سبوبه 11 days ago

...ivities aimed at addressing the problems and unfair situations faced by girls and women in Tulkarem in Within this context, the Center provided painting classes to girls aged between 12 and 16 years...

Foundation's Team

Workshops on Women, Agriculture, Climate and Empowerment at the CSW62

Created by Foundation's Team 151 days ago

...s and opportunities of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in rural areas. The event is...14 at 4pm in the conference "The Impact of Climate Change on Women and Girls in Rural Areas".The Foundatio...

Emilie Vidal

International Women's Rights Day: Migrant and Refugee Women

Created by Emilie Vidal 500 days ago

...ized by Casa Turca Barcelona. The conference's theme will be migrant and refugee women, in order to highlight the difficult situation of women and girls in the humanitarian migratory...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

AFIF: Literacy, Training and Employment for Women in Algeria

Created by Foundation's Team 172 days ago

...ployment for Women. The programme has made a significant contribution to combating illiteracy and improving the socioeconomic status of women and girls in Algeria. Each year, more t...

Foundation's Team

SheFighter, inspiring initiative to end violence against women and girls

Created by Foundation's Team 241 days ago

...hters. And in less than two years she managed to train 12,000 women and girls in Jordan and the Middle East...nizations to empower female refugees and end violence against women and girls (eVAWG). This short document...

Foundation's Team

Functional Literacy Programme for Women of the Argan Cooperative

Created by Foundation's Team 311 days ago

...en participating in it. The programme is implemented in five provinces of the region Souss Massa Draa in central Morocco. Each year 240 women and girls from rural areas participate...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Writing fellowships for Arab scholars and activists on Gendered resistance

Created by Foundation's Team 3 days ago

...mpact on gender relations and identities? How is the conceptual framing of resistance shaped by hegemonic paradigms? How do the ways that women, girls and gender-non conforming peo...

Foundation's Team

UN Women launches a new call for grants to eliminate violence against women

Created by Foundation's Team 249 days ago

...ort organizations that aim at: (1) Improving access for women and girls to essential, safe and adequate multi-sectoral services to end violence against women and girls; (2) Increasing effecti...

Foundation's Team

Apply to our call for the mobilization of gender equality actors!

Created by Foundation's Team 364 days ago and men to participate in the political, economic, civil and social life Combating all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls Changing attitudes and behav...


Foundation's Team

UNSCR 1325'National Action Plan Map

Created by Foundation's Team 94 days ago

...quo;s rights, to support women’s participation in peace negotiations and in post-conflict reconstruction, and to protect women and girls from sexual and gender-b...

Foundation's Team

UN Women's Training Center

Created by Foundation's Team 118 days ago are "Women’s economic empowerment"; Violence against women and girls"; "Gender equality and education", or "Understanding masculinities and violence against women and girls: An Introduction". ...

Foundation's Team

The UIS launches a new edition of the eAtlas of Gender Inequality in Education

Created by Foundation's Team 185 days ago

...w edition of the eAtlas of Gender Inequality in Education to show where girls and women are making progress...ts and engaged citizens striving to take down the barriers that prevent girls and women from tapping into t...


Foundation's Team

Cyber violence against women and girls

Created by Foundation's Team 5 days ago

..., the rapid spread of mobile information, and the widespread use of social media, coupled with the existing pandemic of violence against women and girls (VAWG), has led to the emerge...

Foundation's Team

Challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls

Created by Foundation's Team 7 days ago

...isive measures for gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls living in rural areas. It als...and for the implementation of laws that protect the rights of women and girls, strengthen their role in pea...

Foundation's Team

Improving Access to Women's Land Rights Data for Policy Decisions: Lessons Learnt and Opportunities linked to SDGs

Created by Foundation's Team 12 days ago

...ta gathering methods are crucial for the empowerment of rural women and girls. Gender disparities in pover...the direct impacts of the many unfavourable policies on rural women and girls is scanty especially where it...


Foundation's Team

Girl power in education: The case of high school students in El Jadida / Le pouvoir des filles dans l'éducation: Le cas des lycéennes d'El Jadida / قوة الفتيات في التعليم: حالة طالبات المدارس الثانوية في الجديدة

Created by Foundation's Team 16 days ago

Education today is increasingly being feminized with girls accounting for the large majority of the student population at all levels. This feminization is happening not only in terms of number of girls but also in terms of performance. The present paper reports on a comparative study th...

Foundation's Team

Girls's Rights are Human Rights / Les droits des filles sont des droits humains / حقوق الفتيات هي من حقوق الإنسان

Created by Foundation's Team 19 days ago

Girls continue to be the largest excluded group in the world. They face discrimination and abuse simply for being young and female. At all stages of their early lives up to adulthood, girls face distinct disadvantages that are directly related to this double discrimination. This report ...

Foundation's Team

Gender differences in poverty and household compositions through life-cycle - A global perspective / Différences de genre dans la pauvreté et la composition des ménages à travers le cycle de vie - Une perspective globale / منظور عالمي للفروق الجندرية في الفقر والتركيبات الأسرية خلال دورة الحياة

Created by Foundation's Team 24 days ago

This paper uses household surveys from 89 countries to look at gender differences in poverty in the developing world. The paper focuses on the relationship between age, sex and poverty, and finds that, girls and women of reproductive age are more likely to live in poor households (below...