Paloma Criado

EMUI_ EuroMed University

Member since 15 December 2021 @ 4:12pm

The Department of Equality and Women Studies EWS focuses its activity not only on a university curriculum...of Continuing Education. The resulting Specialization in Equality and Gender guarantees, according to the l...

Amal AlShawahneh

Social and Economic Forum for Women Association

Member since 10 December 2020 @ 2:07pm

...d alliances and organize advocacy campaigns to promote the concepts of gender equality in society. • Impro...and cultural services, care and protection. • Conducting research and studies needed to assess the status o...


Andalib Adwan

The Community Media and Development Center inaugurates the activities of the project: Guiding the community towards safe digital spaces by promoting digital literacy in the Gaza Strip

Created by Andalib Adwan 307 days ago

.... The project aims to combat all forms of electronic violence based on gender, in addition to promoting awa...op our directions and tools according to the needs of groups, official studies, and developments in the digi...

Foundation's Team

Casa Mediterráneo in collaboration with IEMed celebrated 8 of March with a conference on female leadership in the Mediterranean

Created by Foundation's Team 383 days ago

...quo;s rights and the promotion of gender equality are key to the devel...roject manager of the Division of Gender Equality, Social and Civil Af...r in the area of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Alicante...-founder of the Jusoor Center for Studies and Development in Libya. The...

Wedad Sourani

Report on the compatibility of Palestinian labour law with the needs of working women on the Gaza Strip

Created by Wedad Sourani 403 days ago

...s’ organizations to promote gender equality and women’s ri...a shed light on women’s and gender issues, violations in the lab...forms of discrimination based on gender in the work environment. The...with the Center for Civil Society Studies (Civitas) and the Arab World...


Foundation's Team

Trencant barreres: la transformació feminista a la Mediterrània

Created by Foundation's Team 491 days ago

...D) Maria Àngels Roque, Director of the IEMed’s Department of Mediterranean Cultures, Gender and Civil Society Sonia Ben Djemia, Director of Studies and Research at CREDIF and the Gender and Equal Opportunities Observ...

Foundation's Team

20-21 July 2022 UfM-UNIDO Women Business Forum

Created by Foundation's Team 669 days ago

...rates, is particularly affected.  Several global and regional studies show that women in the MENA...n accessing productive and financial resources. Behind this funding gender gap, gender bias seems to play a role in m...

Foundation's Team

CAWTAR and WFP organize a Webinar on Resilience of rural women, an asset for post Covid-19 recovery: Data from the field

Created by Foundation's Team 774 days ago

...s Day, CAWTAR and WFP and their partners - the Francophone Network for Gender Equality of OIF and EMWF- wit...discuss recent surveys related to the subject, as well as case/country studies and future projects around th...

Shared practices

Foundation's Team

Tasharuk: Gender, Culture and Resistance in Palestine

Created by Foundation's Team 932 days ago

...èlia, Sodepau, Women’s Studies Centre (WSC), Family Defense...mmunities and institutions in gender equality. The ultimate goal supported in its internal gender mainstreaming process initiat...reness about Palestine from a gender perspective....

Foundation's Team

Soap making to support unemployed women in Lebanon

Created by Foundation's Team 1613 days ago

Women make up only 28% of the total labour force in Lebanon According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2018, many studies attribute this huge gap in economic particip...

Foundation's Team

Inspira STEAM: pioneer project from Spain for more girls in science and tech

Created by Foundation's Team 1780 days ago

Various studies show that the number of women enrolling in science,, according to the European Commission. Other gender segregated data is even more...AM’ working sessions cover topics such as gender stereotypes, women...

Calls and opportunities

Foundation's Team

Consultant on contestations and backlashes to gender equality in the MENA

Created by Foundation's Team 948 days ago

...a reassertion of traditional gender roles, in other parts of the&...egislative and political gender-based contestations of rights...f contestations/backlashes to gender equality will be categorised...academic background in gender studies and/or social scien...

Foundation's Team

Traineeships for Gender Equality at EIGE

Created by Foundation's Team 997 days ago

...dge acquired in the course of studies or working life;provide prac...ical or religious conviction, gender or sexual orientation and reg...ts and conclusions drawn from studies and research on gender equali...e either in issues related to gender equality obtained either throu...

Foundation's Team

Call for Papers by an International Journal of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

Created by Foundation's Team 1075 days ago

...anuscripts that speak to the major issues in Gender Studies. The journal considers publishing highly selective research in gender theory and practice. The scho...transforming our collective understanding of gender and sexuality dynamics fluctua...


Foundation's Team

Decolonising Women and Gender in Middle East Studies - podcast interview Nicola Pratt - ArabSouth

Created by Foundation's Team 1276 days ago

...ationship between feminist/women’s studies and Middle East studies has been as much promising a...pproach to Middle East women’s and gender studies? How are scholars of the Middle East decolonising women and gender studies? LISTEN TO THE PODCAS...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Initiatives, Campaigns, Statements, Calls and Opportunities

Created by Foundation's Team 1472 days ago

..., ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality) (English) Kaya...rabic) Jusoor Center for Studies and Development, LIBYA: ...r by Libyan CSOs to Recommend Gender Sensitive Policy to the Govern...n - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment o...

Foundation's Team

COVID-19 Resources: Articles, Essays, News and Press Releases

Created by Foundation's Team 1472 days ago

...ed’s yearbook): Unequal Gender Relations and the Subordinati...CWA: The Impact of COVD-19 on Gender Equality in the Arab Region Nazra for Feminist Studies, Egypt: Violence against wom...2020. Nuray Özbay, The gendered impact of Covid-19: Why the...


Foundation's Team

Alert 2021! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding

Created by Foundation's Team 992 days ago

...t and peacebuilding basedon three main axes: armed conflict, tensions, gender and peace and security. The a..., the contents of this report mainly draw on a qualitative analysis of studies and information made availabl...

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Peace Talks in Focus 2020. Report on Trends and Scenarios

Created by Foundation's Team 992 days ago

...thodologically, the report draws mainly on the qualitative analysis of studies and information from many so...during field research. The report also cross-cuttingly incorporates a gender perspective in the study and a...

Foundation's Team

Guidelines on how to include the gender perspective in the analysis of migration narratives

Created by Foundation's Team 1020 days ago

...e migration narratives from a gender perspective? These are some o...mework for the inclusion of a gender and intersectional perspective in migration studies, and in the analysis of migr...idance on how to adopt a gender perspective when defining samp...


Foundation's Team

Call for Papers - Gender Studies Conference 2020 / Appel à communications - Conférence d'études de genre 2020 / دعوة لتقديم ورقات: مؤتمر دراسات النوع الاجتماعي 2020

Created by Foundation's Team 1429 days ago

Gender Studies Conference 2020: Reclaiming Futures - Tampere University 12-13 November 2020   Reclaiming Futures The 2020 Gender Studies conference explores futures as matters of intense politics, imaginings and debates from feminist and intersectional perspectives. The confer...

Foundation's Team

PRESAGE : promouvoir une approche pluridisciplinaire des études de genre / برنامج البحث والتعليم حول الجندر: لتعزيز نهج متعدد التخصصات في دراسات النوع / PRESAGE: A program to promote a multidisciplinary approach of gender studies

Created by Foundation's Team 1891 days ago

Le Programme de Recherche et d’Enseignement des SAvoirs sur le GEnre (PRESAGE) a été créé en 2010 par les deux économistes Hélène Périvier et Françoise Milewski. Développé conjointement par l’Ob...

Foundation's Team

AG About Gender / AG About Gender / إي جي عن الجندر

Created by Foundation's Team 2033 days ago

AG About Gender is an international journal of Gender Studies with a six-monthly publication that aims to stimulate debate and promote the international dissemination of published contributions on gender issues. It publishes original academic articles in English and Italian. Access to c...